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Incident of September 8th, 2011

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  • [AAR] Incident of September 8th, 2011

    Started the day out as a Logistics squad with maximum of 4 people. I kept locking the squad as soon as it hit 4.

    So here are the names of those who participated in the events to be described:

    Fultron (Leadership material. Definitely an asset to any community)
    Oribital (but he used bunch of numbers to represent letter.. Orb1t4l... or something like that. I had to recruit this guy out of lone wolfers... But he fit right in with his British? accent and all for one and one for all attitude.)
    Contra (One of those loyal and obedient soldier types. But he stepped up when needed. Awesome team player.)
    Tropp (Think tank. Always coming up with stuff. Not comfortable enough to lead but definitely on the verge of flourishing into one of those people easily recognized among the community.)

    So here are the troops happened to be in TG server and caught my eyes enough for me to write this AAR.

    Started the day out as a Logistics squad leader. Big squads kind of bullied us and got all the trucks. We followed them into frontlines to retrieve a truck for us, so we could start building FO's. After some exchanges of words we finally got a truck. Deployed and fully built a defend-able FO opening up a second frontier for our team. Little did we know, this FO would fall in a few minutes. After setting it up we set out on a journey to set up a second FO. Since Takistan is a such a harsh environment, we broke our truck. Trying to fix it was a thing to remember. Finally we had to give up on the Ural Truck. We saw that on the map somebody abandoned a offroad vehicle. We were moving towards it, with hopes of salvaging it to get back to base for some type of connection to more repair supplies. But, on the way one of big squads marked the location of the enemy FO about 1 minute walking distance from us..........

    We abandoned our hope to recover assets (opfor Truck and offroad) and we headed to the enemy FO. Orders were given to minimize VON chatter. Von chatter still continued but we would whisper to our microphones. We were able to approach to the enemy FO about 10 meters from its fences. Somebody whispered over the VON "Got 2 inside... Waiting...".... That is when I received fire from a BLUFOR guy who realized how close we were, thanks to my response whispering "Copy"... Three bullets went towards me. He must have been startled, because he shot all around me. After riddling him with my panicky shots, I shouted over VON "Move in, Weapons green, go go go". Jumped into their FO, shot another guy before getting shot in my head.

    Fortunately my squad was able to finish the job of taking out that enemy FO soon after me death.

    Thanks for that memorable attack... You guys did awesome. See you on the server.

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    Re: Incident of September 8th, 2011

    Great stuff. Makes me want to play right now even though my eyes are clos i n g ............ ]fs-d9f

    I hope to remember to try a little deception in a similar situation ;)
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      Re: Incident of September 8th, 2011

      Great stuff B, I hope to be able to run with you when I return after the weekend!




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