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  • Observations/Suggestions for improved gameplay

    From what I've noticed there seems to be a general lack of direction when I get on the server. I generally see one squad that's on task as far as the mission is concerned. This squad is usually TG lead and populated as well as populated by the general players who seem to be of the same mind. This one squad is usually massive and comprised of a good third to half of the team. The rest of the team is usually wondering around aimlessly in understrength squads (less than 4) or squad less.

    A couple of suggestions to improve gameplay.

    1. Spread the TG love, to often we are all on one team and in one squad. Its our server we should be leading it. TG members both Tagged and nontagged regulars ex : ytman, should be spread out between the teams and should be leading individual squads. I'm suggesting squads of no more than 8 as larger than this concentrates to much of the experienced player base in one area. We should be spread out to be more effective.

    2. If you're on the server be on TS. Now not everyone is going to follow this, but those who actually read the server should see and follow this.

    3. Speak up! If you see some one breaking the rules speak up, bring it to the attention of the admins and the rest of the server. Most people on the server at this point don't read the forums. The only way they are going to learn the rules is from example. IE is someone is spamming global, you should be seeing "POLITE" messages from every regular member on the server at the time. Server rules linked for reference.

    Finally a suggestion to the admin team. In the current rules posted in the forums here, "side" chat is off limits. My suggestions is to at least open side chat to text only. This would be keeping with other games such as BF2:PR, as they have a team wide text channel that can be used for coordination.



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