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Clarification on Server Rules Needed: Assets

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  • Clarification on Server Rules Needed: Assets

    There has been some inconsistency with the PR:BF2 Model of named squads having priority on assets. Just to clarify: what is the official PR:Arma2 policy that will be enforced universally at TG? This is more just a point of order since there seems to be some confusion as to whether it goes to the first named squad or first squad to get someone in the vehicle. I understand that once we have commanders the assets will be assigned, but for the time being how is this being handled?

    Rules currently say that:

    3. Follow the chain of command

    CliffsNotes version: Do what your squad leader says. If you are a squad leader, do what your CO says.

    Tactical Gamer requires players to follow the orders of their squad leaders and/or their commander. Failure to follow orders can result in removal from the server. To avoid any conflicts, make sure that you communicate with the commanding officer.
    Additional rules to be followed regarding orders:

    3a. You are required to join a squad, admin's will kick those who are squad-less.
    3b. Squads require at least two players to be locked.
    3c. Vehicle assets may be assigned to a specific squad only through the orders of the commanding officer. If there is no commanding officer, vehicle assets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    Not having a commander currently available in game are we waiting for a future iteration of the game for organized use of assets or is there maybe a different method of approaching this that ensures we avoid the general mainbase anarchy of the sprint for 'tha stuffs'.

    I only bring this up because with the increased distance the importance of assets has increased dramatically in PR:ARMA2 and their improper use/use for live-fire training can severely impact the enjoyment of all 40 players on a team for the next 240 minutes. ;)

    This isn't a flame bait or trolling. I'm being 100% serious when I say that without a commander a team has limited opportunity to profit from available assets when the first people who run to them are generally the last people you want operating them.

    Just throwing it out there and certainly not naming names or complaining about individuals.

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    Re: Clarification on Server Rules Needed: Assets

    First come first served has and will continue to be the standard of play. As of right now, without a commander, the entirety of gameplay is on a first come first served basis. Naming a squad "Apache" does not entitle said squad to the Apache. Ideally, people will share assets, but it is not required.

    On a general note, being kind and courteous to teammates that would like to use an asset would be appreciated by everyone. Sharing is caring :)
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      Re: Clarification on Server Rules Needed: Assets

      Since this is here I have a question:

      Ammo, fuel, Repair trucks need to stay at main or what?

      Yrkidding was kicked for using one earlier last week and I've in the meantime seen them used repeatedly over and over and over and over and over again....


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        Re: Clarification on Server Rules Needed: Assets

        Ytman, it is probably best those trucks stay at main unless there is a definite other vehicle service point, because without them, people limping back to main can't get out again. It's even worse when someone takes the ammo truck with them to go play mortar pit, thus preventing any other vehicles from arming up for the initial rollout. It's frustrating that the DEVs didn't see fit to include any other form of Rearm/Refit/Repair facilities on some maps for most vehicles.

        Also, the rules are crystal clear. First come, first serve. If that means the team has to wait twenty minutes for the apache to respawn, that's really unfortunate.. but them's the breaks.


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          Re: Clarification on Server Rules Needed: Assets

          Some of the questions raised here have been answered however I will comment further when I get back to my desk.

          I would like to make quick comment at this point though. This is a beta of a new game. As such even the rules are an experiment to some extent. PR:ARMA at TG continues to evolve. Whilst the rule set is relatively solid it will be refined and amended as we move forward. Your feedback is an integral part of that process as we find out what works for us and the game.

          Please remember to be patient with the games development and other players adjustment to it.

          Fyi, we are now the No 1 Arma server in the WORLD per Gametracker. Obviously the limited beta is a factor but still remarkable. Bravo.




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