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Incidents of Sept 10th 2011

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  • [AAR] Incidents of Sept 10th 2011

    Well, this is my first AAR, and in fact I'm writing it because this was the very first time I assumed any kind of leadership role. (I'm sure that showed at times too! )

    This was an Advance & Secure round.

    As part of UK BLUFOR, for the early part of the session I was a medic, taking lead from Socom, but when Socom went AFK, for much of the session I was Bravo FT lead under the excellent squad leadership of Predator.
    Certainly in our corner of the map, it was a high paced, frenetic battle, and most of the time we had disciplined squad members able to both follow orders, and take initiative as required.

    We were engaged in a fight lasting maybe close to 3 hours for Takmyr. Is was epic. The whole area was completely leveled by the end of the game (unfortunately the server went down at approximately 23:00 GMT as we were close to finally securing Takmyr)
    We had an FO established around 800 metres NE of Takmyr, and it later became apparent that OPFOR had an FO several hundred metres due south of Takmyr.
    Over the course of the battle we would establish 3 or 4 Rally Points around 200m NE of the capture zone, and they were certainly needed as the firefight was so intense.

    At various points, Predator reassigned fireteam membership as the dynamics of the battle shifted.
    We suspected that OPFOR had a FO nearby and he took a small 2 man Alpha fireteam on a recon mission to pinpoint its location.
    During that time we managed to finally clear sufficient hostiles from Takmyr to be able to slowly start to capture it, but had to hold off consistent peppering from OPFOR, whos flanking maneuvres and sniping positions caught us out on more than one occasion.

    In the entire timespan, the casualty toll was high, and it was a close run thing.
    Particular praise for Bravo fireteam members must go to matt9983 (I think those were the right numbers!) and RipplingSnake, both of whom as marksmen consistently placed themselves in strategic positions with good eyes across a wide contact area, and were able to take out key targets. Also ROGUE who saved my ass a few times, and displayed exactly how you want an infantryman on your team to work.

    Predator called in Apache CAS on two occasions when it looked like we were close to being overrun by sheer numbers, and again I think when we took heavy casualties from an enemy BMP-2.
    I'm not sure who the Apache crew were, but you did a stellar job, your intervention was crucial.

    All in all a really good session, with very game opposition from OPFOR.
    Gutted it ended when it did.

    And on a pleasant note, during the fight at one point my path crossed with Sector, and when I saw him go down I was able to redeem my shame of yesterday (read for details) by patching him up from the brink of death :)
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