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Paid in Blood (Battle of Rasman Sept 11th 2011 00:00 EST)

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  • [AAR] Paid in Blood (Battle of Rasman Sept 11th 2011 00:00 EST)

    Coming from the heels of a decided but also hard fought victory in Zargabad the Takistani Army positioned itself to defend and push back the British Army as they attempted to go through the Rasman Valley. This is the report of the 1-1-3 Infantry Squad of the Takistan Army of that battle.

    Persons of interests:
    Squad 1-1-3 Infantry Leadership
    *Squad Leader- Ytman
    *Fireteam Alpha- IBM
    *Fireteam Bravo- Sixaxis

    Squad 1-1-1 Infantry Teamwork
    Squad Leader- Intrepid


    [1] Moving Out
    Pick up into my squad was slow initially, however, a good small core of four to five men joined and with the inclusion of a rally point and Gunless Off-Road Jeep we pushed forward down the main MSR North discussing volunteer FireTeam Leaders. Just as we approached the first section of two flags the squad began swelling in size to the personal maximum of 11. FireTeams are created and distributed evenly 4 and 4 with myself and the medic in a 'command' section. Each fireteam is sent to a specific Control Point to capture at near maximum rate. Capture is quick and uncontested and the rally is packed back up and we move on to the second line of flags along the same strategy and again capture quickly with little to no contest. Rally is deployed south of this next capture region.

    Bravo FireTeam is sent into the Orchard Control Point and no contact was reported.

    Word is sent to fellow Infantry Squad Leader Intrepid of our successes and a request for protective fire from their western positions is heard but unfullfilled due to logistical issues.

    [2] Front Lines
    First casualties are inflicted by accurate mortar fire on the Orchard Control Point and the entirety of Bravo is destroyed. Soon after accurate machingun and missile fire hits Alpha FireTeam and my Command Element at the Markets CP from our uncovered East. Overall the squad is rocked and casualties are terribly high. The rally point affords some help in aleviating this loss but the situation is nearly immediately dire. Our forces rapidly reinforce and bunker down at the front lines, however, the volume of vicious fire is withering.

    Eventually our forces just can't sustain the fight and we lose the Markets CP and are left with only Military Complex CP. At this point the rally is lost and the only nearby FOp requires a long and dangerous sprint across 300 meters or more of open desert.

    The call goes out for some desperate relief and is answered.

    [3] Enveloped
    Intrepid's squad is moving in from the north and successfully shocks the enemy infantry's advance. This shocking blow, while not in itself decisive, affords the much need bump to the British's momentum of the last twenty odd minutes. What was dangerously close to a complete rout of our forces turned into a slow and bloody slugfest. However, this was only a relatively brief stalling, and eventually both Markets CP and Military Complex CP fall completely.

    Due to a lack of good FOp placement very few infantry remain standing in the way of a British advance.

    It had been clear that the British's success was their incredibly strong positioning along the Eastern Ridge and that if something was to change we'd need to attempt to remove this grip.

    [4] Desperation and Turning Point
    Regrouping at main base with the larger portion of my squad we move out in a Utility Truck loaded with two FOp Crates and attempt building operations along the east. Two FOps are built in rapid succession. At the second FOp brief contact was met immediately and an enemy rally point was observed and dealt with from distance. The immediate are is secured but as the FOp goes down an ATGM wizzes past me and hits the Truck no more than 10 meters from me and an automatic rifle rings through the air suppressing the squad.

    Quick wits bring a small section with myself in a circular motion away and back towards this enemy using terrain as concealment. This battle rages on for twenty minutes with no immediate resolution and heavy losses on both sides a violent war of attrition.

    This heavy fighting however disrupts the enemy reinforcement to Rasman and eventually the British forces that had taken our land are either killed or fought back by Intrepid and the remaining infantry forces from the team. This marks the beginning of a drastic 180 degree turn of the battle that is only highlghted when the enemy FOp at the east is stormed and finally overran. The victory is sweet though an explosion rings out soon after signifying the destruction of our last remaining FOp.

    Intrepid calls out that British contact in Rasman is very minimal and they press forward.

    [5] Endgame
    Snatching a large victory from what looked like sure defeat (the rapid securing of four enemy controlled CPs) elated our entire team and was a drastic blow to the British's morale. A quick check of the enemy's team showed them down 10 people from our own team and was enough to make me change opinions of defending and holding the eastern ridge until supplies could be obtained and to strike while the iron is hot. However when your own blade is dulled such an idea isn't smart.

    Headstrong and elated by recent victories I move the squad north to a point just East of the last two British control points where contact is spotted but considered sparse. The order is give for Bravo Team to move out to the Control Points with Alpha providing cover and suppression. As Bravo makes it down the hill an unspotted HMG lights up from the Airfields West but has no effect on Bravo. As Bravo makes touch on the CP the remaining friendly infantry from the rest of the Takistan Army push from the South.

    However, what should have been a quick final nail drags out into a long stalemate when the British pose a significant counter attack from an Airfield FOp to the West. Meanwhile desperation and poor teamwork on the part of a few see the Takistan Army wrestle with itself to sustain its assault.


    The above battle was by far one of the most memorable I've had. It was a great fight between two competent teams full of twists and turns. Certainly it was no easy task to win over the strong British team but we did triumph!



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