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Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

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  • Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I've been filing a lot of CAA reports lately about on-server schenanigans. I've noticed that the number of posts in the CAA thread has skyrocketed.

    What I was wondering (and this is as much a suggestion to the playerbase as the admins) can we get some kind of standardized template to speed the filing and processing of these reports?

    Maybe one that lets us rate the severity of an incident from 1-10?

    1-5 being theft of asset or ignoring squad-leader/commander.
    5-10 being intentional teamkill/asset destruction.
    10 being playing nyan-cat repeatedly over global or making overtly racist remarks?

    I mean I can write a half-page on every incident but if we can just get a template that asks the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY and HOW, it would really speed things up. If you guys had an admin who wanted to database player names/incident types (would basically require 5 minutes of data-entry here and there) in order to track overlapping reports (not sure if this is already done) it could work wonders at standardizing the evaluation of reported individuals.

    I don't like to be whiny and obviously with a new game there will be more of this kind of stuff until the initial rush wears off. Just a suggestion.

    Here's a hypothetical example:

    Severity: 10
    Involved Parties: JoeBlowMe, JonBaglika
    Type of Offense: Teamkill, Mainbase Destruction, VON Spam
    When: 14:30EST
    Map: Takistan, Battle of Rasman
    Incident Brief: Destroyed all vehicles in BLUFOR main with satchel charges. Shot several players. Began making flatulent noises over global and side.
    Result: Server population dropped dramatically and BLUFOR team lost.
    It might make CAA's easier for the admins to read/process and faster for the players to submit. I'm a big fan of administrative standardization because it creates consistency and reliability (as well as it might encourage more people to stand up and point out something they see happening that shouldn't be).

    In short, it would help if we knew what we should tell you guys. It's probably stressful having to respond to everybody's gripes but thanks for doing such a great job as is!

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    Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

    It's not a bad idea per se, as you point out standardisation can lead to time savings for various reasons.

    As regards a severity marking that is of little use to the Administration and potentially would create more problems. The severity of an incident is basically determined by the Admin reviewing it, after obtaining all the facts. The application of an arbitary number based on the reporting players personal opinion, in place of a short narrative explaining what happened, gives the admin less of an understanding of the circumstances, ultimately making the job harder. We can't simply accept a report based on 'this one's a 10' and then permaban on that basis.

    I do appreciate the lateral thinking though, will take it on board and see if the core idea (which is very similar to the 'Appeal a ban' stencil we have in place) can't be adapted to suit our needs.



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      Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

      Obviously the severity rating would be heavily biased and unreliable, I meant it more as a means of discerning between 'this guy was generally being a jerk to me blah blah' and 'this was a serious problem for us'.

      I certainly am not suggesting it as a way of players recommending admin action ('10- omg plz ban him nao') but rather '1-moderately upset 5-very upset, 10-terribly upset' as a means of gauging impact of various actions on gameplay or enjoyment from the subjective perspective of the reporting player.


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        Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

        Perhaps instead of severity you could provide a list of witnesses. I'm kind of laughing at that idea (I'm imagining you running around like David Caruso from CSI Miami), but if you get a couple player names that can vouch about an incident and you let them know you're filing a report, it might hold in their memory a little bit more if an admin wants to follow up for some reason.
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          Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

          I find your example both offensive and hilarious.

          We appreciate the reports in the CAA thread. We do get a lot and it helps when the pubbies get the gist that there are a lot more of us interested in making our servers a haven of decency than just the admin team. Gentlemen, lets follow the 5W's in the CAA thread. (note: the proceeding is not an official admin comment but a personal opinion).
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            Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

            if it is a serious issue..Fraps it, youtube it in CAA problem solved the admin sees exactly what happened..not explanation needed

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              Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

              Yeah, I don't have fraps, nor would I keep it running during game necessarily unless I knew something was going to happen in advance... but ya, good point.


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                Re: Suggestion: Standardized Template for CAA?

                fraps is free you just get more options for the paid version and it eats almost no CPU until you are about the only thing you wouldnt be able to catch on fraps was a single TK which IMO isnt realy grounds for kick anyways since a single TK is usually an accident

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                The warrior whispers back, "I AM the storm."




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