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    I need your help on the PR Arma server. We have had a few weeks to "feel out" the new PR Arma release. I think its safe to say that time is over. We need to get this server online with that of the teamplay that happens (normally) on the PR BF2 server. So, you PR regulars that understand what the mod is striving to achieve, please grab these lonewolf/non communicative players up and help them understand how awesome the game can be with multiple squads/assets working in harmony. I'd like to thank the guys who have already stepped up to the SL reigns. I'm not going to name names because I don't want to forget anybody:)

    I created this thread after myself and several other regular SLs experienced a day of ass clownery. I was barely able to round up enough squad members to even deploy a rally when needed...time after time again. With that being said...lets not approach this with something that will be taken as the "eliteist TG PR guy" but simply the guy who knows the rules and expectations of the TG server. In other words, don't openly argue with "these people." So if somebody is uninformed, inform them. If they continue to break rules or do their own thing disregarding SL orders...please get the admins involved (without threatening them first)

    Thanks guys and lets solidify this server as the #1 PR Arma server in the world for good.

    Admins- is there any type of !reporting function besides teamspeak available? I realize its not up yet..but will it be?

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    Re: I need your help

    I try to do my best to lead by example and let other people understand how to play the game correctly. It takes time i guess.

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      Re: I need your help

      Originally posted by Murderous View Post
      Admins- is there any type of !reporting function besides teamspeak available? I realize its not up yet..but will it be?
      Right now the best way of reporting players is in TS or the CAA forum. Unless there is an admin in game there is no way we can monitor chat, it is something we are working on for the future tho.


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        Re: I need your help

        Feel free to grab us on xfire or steam as well, but currently the best way is TS.


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          Re: I need your help

          Hi Murderous. I was with you that day. I hope I didn't let ya down!

          Completely hear what you're saying and agree. No respect whatsoever for Chain of Command. If I had hair I would have been pulling it out....


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            Re: I need your help

            We are going to be getting this nailed down. It's a work in progress & we are ready for that next ingredient. The admins are cooking, be assured. Baking isn't as obvious as stirring the pot. (couldn't resist)
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              Re: I need your help

              Trying to raise the standard of play is a hard task. Think about how long it took before the gameplay standard went up in PR:BF2. Change will happen, but not over night. That doesn't mean you should give up, the more people encouraging teamplay by leading and setting an example, the sooner the standard will go up. Some nights, the gameplay standard is high, some nights, its low. The fact that we have even reached a high gameplay standard in such a short time is an impressive feat. Lets keep it up!
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                Re: I need your help

                I have noticed an increase in the team play from the start and its only been out for 20 days, so indeed lets keep it up

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                  Re: I need your help

                  Definitely help me, lol. I know everyone is busy playing, but it makes the game so much easier to learn when somebody says "stick with me" and answers my dumb questions.

                  Nice guy named Davidf or something really helped out tonight, very patient, even after I couldn't get the warrior to go over 5 mph due to some key remapping on my part.


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                    Re: I need your help

                    I think the best thing to do for SLs in this situation is:

                    1) Incorporate: Try to educate or inform as the OP suggested.
                    2) Lock: Restricting the squad size keeps it easy to manage for you and them, and also let them know you're serious about group cohesion.
                    3) Manage: Get them and the rest of the squad to work together to a common task. Also explain this task to the squad and why you've decided to do it, feedback is also very valuable.
                    4) Reaffirm: Ask them again to do the task you have assigned them. Even better when it's you AND a fireteam leader getting them in line.
                    5) Filter: If they don't follow you in the end kick them from the squad. It's nothing personal but you have a goal and if they don't agree with it you shouldn't have argue with them.

                    A squad member always has the option of leaving the squad at any point and this last step reminds them of it! In addition if they see all the squads working together and they are not in one they'll:
                    a) Die ...a lot!
                    b) Be left out of the team in general.

                    I think it should be noted that experienced players can be just a problematic in some settings. If you're an experienced player who is good at racking-up kills then good for you, but in the end who cares unless you helping the squad/team objective. The funny thing is that you rarely see these 'L337' players have a go at leading squad. It's easy to complain, it's hard to lead.

                    This is also not to say your plan that that the SL has is always right. We're are all prone to mistakes and are learning to lead ...certainly I am (I've never lead a squad in PR:BF2 and only started in PR:ArmA2). All SLs should be open to suggestions and advice from players of all experience in my opinion.

                    I'll end my mini-rant with that there has been threads on what makes a good SL and rules on general game play but nothing on what makes a good squad member [insert moderator link here]. I know I've got not just an experienced player but a good player joining the squad when:
                    - They ask what I/squad needs rather than tell me what I should do.
                    - Even if they disagree openly with what I plan I have they go about trying to achieve that goal in the best way possible.

                    And although there are different player types out there as detailed nicely here: - "The Gamers You Lead" and learning how to manage them is useful, sometimes a squad member is just having a bad day or worse just an @#%^*% in general and kicking them is best for you and the squad.


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                      Re: I need your help

                      Hi Rabbit, playing in your squad was the the best i've found on the server. Hope i get to play with you again soon.

                      As a new guy, not knowing what squad plays tatical makes gameplay hit or miss. Guess it just takes time to figure who the good SLs are.
                      Most of the time it's even hard to find someone to buddy-up with.

                      So, if you see Ratszo on the server, call me to your squad.
                      Or if you just want to buddy-up, give me a shout.


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                        Re: I need your help

                        Cheers Ratszo! I think everyone should have a go at it and if you feel a bit intimated by the experience, try going a fireteam leader under a squad leader first. That's how I started out.


                        On another related topic, I know there is a rule that at least 2 players are required to lock a squad. However I just jumped on the server then and there was 10 people on the BLUFOR side with 1 squad, primarily and lead by a 'particular' clan with 3 clan members in it and it was locked with 7 people in the squad.

                        Now I know they're following the server rules and like to be all 'clan' like and such but locking a squad with 7 people on a side with 10 players AND then not allowing anybody else into even after a request (polite) for an invite is just ridiculous!

                        At least when [TG] guys come on it's to include, organize and even educate if required [disclaimer: I know [TG] is not a clan as such]. So whilst there are no rules against what was happening surely some common sense is required in this regard. Suffice to say I and 3 others left the server.




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