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Next event in planning stages...get ready...

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  • Next event in planning stages...get ready...

    Have a few ideas to pass on regarding our next "Tactical Take-Over" type event.

    Last time we implemented a rule that no one could leave the main base until the admin gave the "go". This time there is some talk about how to ensure coordinated multi-squad action. To get this started would take a few more minutes at main base at the start of the round. The first couple minutes would be players squading up, then the SL's can report to the CO or a SL acting as CO as to what is available. The CO takes a couple mins to formulate & communicate a plan to the SL's who then report back to the squads and designate kits and at that point it would be "game on".

    Yes, this can easily take 5 minutes. Yes the slot screen can easily take 5 minutes (especially if it's the second round of an event...i know you know...I was dancing in my seat too).

    <admin hat off>
    I have to throw this personal opinion out there. If a squad leader is not in contact with the CO or acting CO on command channel I'd support a kick during this event. During this event, and at any rate, there is no need for players to be on the side channel. If the squad members are reporting to their SL and their SL making Sitreps to the CO on command channel then there is no need for anyone to be on side channel except for Helo pilots to be in contact with troops directly. At any rate, I know there is stuff planned for future releases regarding the CO but in the meantime I feel a kick to unresponsive SL's will help keep the CO respected. I don't mean to make any admin declaration but I think we would be well served in doing so and at least the expectation should be well known.
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    Re: Next event in planning stages...get ready...

    I would make sure the event is well publicized during the preceding round so as to minimize confusion and maximize participation.
    I'm looking forward to this event.
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      Re: Next event in planning stages...get ready...

      Yay, I love events!


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        Re: Next event in planning stages...get ready...

        Hello gents,

        I dont know how this all started but looks like these "tactical take-over" events hit the bull's eye.

        Detailed events takes a lot of time to prepare and un-planned casual play is a hit and miss depending on who is on the server. TT events seem to be right balance between these two. It's been a while I stopped playing PR: Arma. The biggest reason was the lack of organization. Rubber banding was another. I also had a very old hardware. People say patch solved rubber banding. I also upgraded my machine. This looks like to be a great time to re-visit PR: ArmA. I hope events are also organized during euro-friendly times. I will let my 1stMIP buddies know about this as well.

        This looks like to be another case of "build it and they will come" magic of TG. Kudos to planners and organizers. Looking forward to joining you all.





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