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The value of Idle seeding?

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  • The value of Idle seeding?

    I would PM the server admins with this question but I figure the answer might be of interest to future forum readers.

    What is your position/thoughts on some players idlely/AFK seeding the PR TG server? ie. joining the server and then leaving yourself logged in for 12 hours or whatever, without checking in regularly, to increase the server population and encourage newcomers? Is it worth doing? Or does it erode credibility in the server population numbers because players will start to learn/assume that there are largely idle/AFK players on the server?
    I have mixed views and haven't decided.

    I think most people would agree there's some benefit in seeding an empty server with players who are checking in regularly so that they can get a game going for them to play in ASAP, but the value of idle/afk seeding seems less clear.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: The value of Idle seeding?

    I think if it's 1 or 2 people it is a good thing but beyond that it can start to affect team balance.
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      Re: The value of Idle seeding?

      Yes if the server is basicly empty it is good but not if there is twenty players. I usually go in and start playing even with 2 vs 2. Like one night playing with Col_Psycho against three or four guys and Mohammed also joined in the end...




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