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  • [INFO] Welcome to TG - How Admins can help YOU

    The PR:ArmA admins would like to welcome all the recent folks to the forums and take a moment here to let you know how to get a hold of us. You may have a question, suggestion or a report that an admin can help you with.

    First and quickest course of action is to be on TS and find one of us. We aren't always in the PR channels but give one of us a poke and see if we are around.

    Second is the Contact An Admin thread. Referred to as the CAA thread. This is a semi-private chat that only you and admins/senior officers can see. This is for reporting, for questions regarding administration or anything you would like to discuss with the admins.

    Thirdly, we would like to encourage the use of in-game reporting via text chat. This allows us to zero in on the specific time of an event to address server issues or problem players. We do wish for more admin coverage and there is plans for that. However, adopting the !r report in-game will be used to catch up to problems.

    Simply type !r (describe issue)

    For example:

    !r mission triggers fail

    !r playerX firing mortars from main

    These reports will be periodically pulled and addressed. A quick post in the CAA thread will help speed this up if warranted. Screenshots & video posts have helped in the past to ensure the validity of the reports and ensured actions taken are appropriate to the events. As before, all such information is ONLY to be posted to the CAA thread for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for your help in keeping our server running to TG expectations.
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