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SL placing HUD marks?

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  • SL placing HUD marks?

    As squad leader, couldn't get squadies to see my map marks on their HUD.

    Tried 'alt+click move', 'attack' and the rest.

    We were mounted and dismounted, with no FT colors.

    How do i get marks to show on HUD?

    Also, was piloting apache on 'Eagle's Claw' and my gunner could not lock red targets with hellfires using 'TAB' key.

    Any advice?

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    Re: SL placing HUD marks?

    Squad members cannot see orders on the squad HUD, the only place you can see orders is on the map.

    With regard to the Apache, tab locking is disabled in PR. Instead PR uses a point and click method of guiding missiles.

    Hopefully this answers your questions. ;)


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      Re: SL placing HUD marks?

      The point and click method, involves the gunner putting his cross hairs on the target, then firing. The Missile will then go where ever the cross hairs are pointing. The gunner can move the cross hairs during missile flight to adjust the missile's flight course. This is useful for hitting targets that are on the move.
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        Re: SL placing HUD marks?

        Thanks gents for your replies.

        In the future i'll ask squadies to set their own WP to the target.

        The hellfire targeting sounds cool, look forward to using it.

        Thanks again!




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