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Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

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  • [AAR] Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

    I was one OPFOR with Jack as original lead. Unk as Alpha FTL. Myself as Bravo FTL... We had some seriously intense firefights.

    Squad members:

    |TG-Irr| J.B.
    |TG-Irr| JackBauer
    |TG-Irr| Unkl
    |TG-Irr| B
    |TG| Adams
    |TG| JohnehBoy

    Worked like a well oiled machines. Everybody deserves a recognition.

    Swedge... You did awesome as a CO... It was very fun serving under you for the last part of the battle. Share your squad's glories and failures here... We wonder how it was on BLUFOR side...

    This was a very satisfying PR event. We played PR the way it was meant to be played.
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    Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

    Was in Opfor Fast Advance group, all using silenced weapons and rpgs.

    Was great fun, that first engagement at Orchards where we ambushed an unsuspecting Bluefor squad and warrior.

    Thanks to James for his good work as SL, and to autonomous, -76- and PriceEEE.

    Great fun guys, let's do it more often!


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      Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

      Nice work BLUFOR and thanks to MasterCaution for stepping to be CO. It's the only job that has the potential to be crappier than SL.

      Thanks to my f#^*[email protected] awesome squad members as well: Leon, Jabba, ViSioN, Baseball, Thomas. YOU GUYS ROCK!
      I think in the end we destroyed 6 enemy FOBs with the help of wormeaten's squad.

      Apologies to BLUFOR for my usual swearing and excited/rushed talk.
      No apologies to you OPFOR, you guys deserved every curse I could throw at you! ;-)

      Lastly thanks to TG! Great server, great people of all nationalities.


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        Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

        Nice game. Last minutes as video. Raport coming later.



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          Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

          That opfor advanced squad was the most fun i've had in Arma 2 in ages. Shout out to James for being an excellent SL and the rest of the squad for being awesome too. I got a few really nice and really lucky kills early on in the orchards by killing a squad in a jackel with my RPG and picking off several more with my gun. I could tell we caught them off guard because I heard a bunch of yelling over the in-game VOIP (always my favourite).

          Thanks to everyone involved for the good game, unfortunately I had a BSOD when we were approaching courtyard and my PR stopped working so I had to reinstall and by that time I thought it would be over.


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            Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

            Thanks to everyone in my OPFOR Delta Squad they did a fantastic job:


            PR was played exactly how it was meant to be today (frighteningly similar to BF2 considering it's ARMA), an absolute classic and I look forward to the new and improved PR in the not too distant future! :D


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              Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

              Originally posted by James2464 View Post
              Thanks to everyone in my OPFOR Delta Squad they did a fantastic job:


              PR was played exactly how it was meant to be today (frighteningly similar to BF2 considering it's ARMA), an absolute classic and I look forward to the new and improved PR in the not too distant future! :D
              Same here, great little death squad we had :) Agree with every statement above especially a patch in the near future... it can only grow ;]

              thanks everyone for a really enjoyable time, gotta do it again soon ;)
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                Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                BLUFOR Pre-game 'Mahna Mahna' Strategy Session #1:
                (pre-server crash)

                The original 'Mahna Mahna' Strategy:

                BLUFOR Pre-game 'Mahna Mahna' Strategy Session #2:
                (post-sever crash reconnection)

                1) Muppets may cause server crashes.
                2) 'Mahna Mahna' Strategy is flawed.

                End AAR.


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                  Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                  The scheduled event was this game:
                  PR A&S[M]: Battle for Rasman with 57 players.
                  Blufor CO: [RGG]MasterCaution
                  Opfor CO: Swedge

                  Thank you to

                  Big thank you to each of the TacticalGamer Admin for taking the time to schedule, run, and monitor this game, especially (in alphabetical order):
                  • TG-189th|PaintScratcher
                  • TG-Irr| Unkl

                  Big thank you to the Blufor CO who volunteered when no one else could quite muster the cahones and gave us a good run for our money:
                  • [RGG]MasterCaution

                  Thank you to all the Opfor Squad-leaders who shouldered the burden of command and worked together as a team:
                  • Bhante
                  • |TG-Irr| Jack Bauer & |TG-Irr| J.B.
                  • James
                  • Keithy George
                  • and those who had to do so on the fly in the late game

                  Thank you to my squad-members who showed independence, skill, and patience with a squad-leader who was half-focused on being a CO:
                  • (AEF)Captain Cranky
                  • Karmichael
                  • Mistyk
                  • PeanbutterWolf
                  • Spook

                  Personal fun moments

                  * Getting to lead 28 hardened and amusing PR Arma 2 PVP players from all around the world in a variety of timezones and see their great teamwork, against 28 of the same. It's just amazing.
                  * Hearing Blufor players like Rabbit, Vision, Joku at Orchards during our firefight against them
                  * Hearing how our strategy worked out
                  * Seeing how all of the other Opfor players had a great attitude, worked together, and didn't criticise each other or cause drama
                  * Watching or hearing from team-dedicated players who sacrifice little chunks of their in-game time or enjoyment to benefit the whole side
                  * That elusive 'Epic Arma Game' high you get that lasts for the rest of the day and you only get in 1 every X games
                  * Watching or hearing kills on Blufor armour

                  The strategy that the team developed for this mission

                  • 4-man fast-mover blocking squad to race ahead and ambush Blufor at their first objectives and, after that, to advance to next capturable objective (but currently uncapturable) and wait there
                  • 3 rapid objective-focused squads who would show as much initiative and independence as possible in selecting objectives to attack and defend, coordinating with other channels and the CO via Command. Speed as the key.
                  • 1 FO/Logistics team consisting of 2 x 3-men FO trucks to deploy FO's on each side of the middle objectives and the forward objectives. This squad to shift into capture and defend mode as required
                  • Vehicles would be distributed between the squads and squads would organise their own transport
                  • Kits would generally be distributed roughly evenly between all squads rather than having a dedicated AT squad for example
                  • Armour would not be used at the outset but may be drawn on later
                  • Keep things simple

                  What happened and what we could improve on

                  No personal criticisms or finger-pointing here. I genuinely don't remember anyone's names of who did or didn't do what, it's just general suggestions for all players for future reference (especially for me as I mess up all the time). The CO's view is always based on sometimes inaccurate assumptions from limited information.

                  This was an epic game and all players did great together. All the squad-leaders did a brilliant job and I would not hesitate to lead or join their squads. I hope that more players will follow their lead and take a punt at squad-leading.

                  Early game

                  * During the 5-minute preparation phase, some of the squad-sizes were not balanced like we had talked about. If the CO seeks balanced squad-sizes, please take the initiative in doing so even if it means that you don't necessarily get to play with your mates. Teamwork involves little sacrifices like this and it is a great way to meet and work with new players and squad-leaders. Because this did not happen, 1 squad was larger than it needed to be and probably burned through RP tickets faster. Another squad was underpowered and was outgunned in some contacts. Similarly, the FO squad was initially short 1 man despite several requests for someone to come join. This delayed both of the initial FO trucks and FO's more than necessary but ultimately seemed minor.

                  * 1 or 2 players didn't seem to know what the original plan was and made new squads that had not been planned. Perhaps they were not present during the briefing. If so, always speak up and ask for an assignment.

                  * It seems as though some players or squads may have tried to organise ad-hoc transport different to what was planned and tried to hitch a ride with other squad vehicles and other destinations without communicating with those squads. This confused and delayed the advance at the beginning slightly. It's possible that there were insufficient vehicle seats. If that is the case, please coordinate with the other squads or CO so that all squads can proceed to their tasks as quickly as possible. This ultimately seemed minor too.

                  * The blocking squad caught Blufor by surprise, conducting a successful ambush on their Orchards objective and delaying Blufor from advancing, which provided the 3 capture-and-defend squads with more time to control the middle objectives. This seemed to make a significant difference to the whole battle.

                  * All 4 FO's were deployed as intended within a few minutes. The Eastern FO team was also able to temporarily setup a overwatch position with crew-served and man-portable AT behind the line of Blufor-controlled objectives and destroyed 1 Blufor Warrior. 1 of the Western FO's deployed was setup deep away from the front and was the only original FO that survived the entire game. When the remaining FO's were destroyed, it provided a life-line and was apparently hated by Blufor.

                  * Squads were excellent at reporting enemy armour on command channel and destroying it ASAP

                  * One or two of the capture and defend squads at the beginning were slower and less aggressive than ideal in moving to their first objectives, delaying for some time with extra precaution at the rear near Shops [see screenshot]. It is critical to setup appropriately-placed RP's as soon as possible and get to the objectives ASAP. Some squads also delayed their advance to target objectives when concerned about the loss of some rear FO's, or large concentrations of enemy troops on flanks. At this point there were sufficient other FOs available and the reported enemy positions did not affect the main current objectives, so the squads were asked to disregard these distractions and push up harder, which they eventually did and did well [see screenshot].

                  Middle game

                  * For a lot of the first half of the game, rally points did not seem to be deployed very often when they may have provided us with a significant advantage. This seemed to be a significant factor delaying our advance.

                  * As a squad-leader, it is generally not necessary to report to the CO on Command Channel when you have killed 1 or 2 units at an objective where contacts would be expected. Try and limit reports to the CO to things like issues that seriously threaten the safety or effectiveness of your whole squad or the whole side.

                  * Squad-leaders were generally excellent at taking responsibility for defending or attacking particular objectives, or requesting orders, and communicating that via Command Channel while under significant pressure

                  * Some squads sometimes requested particular weapons-crates or fortifications be transported to their Defensive position by other squads. This is understandable but generally wasn't appropriate for the rate of advance, the map size, and because the FO/logistics squad was otherwise engaged. In one example, moments after the request from one squad, that particular position became irrelevant as front objectives were captured and that squad then needed to advance forward and abandon the position anyway.

                  * When the advance began to get halted as we pushed through the objectives closer to the enemy's main, we gradually started to lose our FO network as it was destroyed by Blufor behind us. At the same time, Orchards defenders were wiped out and the FO squad had to switch to capture and defend mode so that the whole side did not have to move backwards again. The FO squad was eventually able to re-capture Orchards via an RP deployed 250m SSW [see screenshot]. This partly resulted in the FO network deteriorating significantly as FOs were destroyed and not replaced. It may have been best for the FO squad to focus on building replacement FO's or defending key ones, and let that objective be captured - confident that squads would ultimately be able to take it back eventually even if it was a big blow in the short-term.

                  * Opfor units retained possession of Courtyard for a significant amount of time, enabling the FO squad, still operating in capture and defend mode, to infiltrate into the last objective, Mosque. It was fought over, back and forth, through alternating staleness by the hair of their teeth with many enemy contacts within the zone, or nearby [see screenshot]. Eventually it was captured but not long before that, unfortunately, the Courtyard objective behind it that was being defended was eventually re-captured by Blufor, despite their being at least 9 Opfor units within 150m of it but outside the cap [see screenshot and screenshot]. I do not know what was happening at the location at that time but from the map-view it seemed that there was a lack of aggressiveness in pushing into the objective and holding it from the inside facing out. If the intention was to setup to the East of it and block Blufor as they moved to it from their Main, this seemed unlikely given the likely Blufor FO's and RP's in all other directions. It is also possible that a great many Blufor units infiltrated into this position and Opfor presence was just numerically overwhelmed. In any case, our FO squad at Mosque was destroyed and respawned at Main to bring up new FO's.

                  * It may be best in future for the CO not to also lead a squad as this can reduce the leadership available to that squad and reduce their effectiveness, which is not fair to them. FO squad-members showed initiative and acted independly when required, which was great. However, it may be more appropriate for CO to occupy Main Base or commanding positions on the battlefield on their own.

                  End game

                  * 1 squad was helpful in briefly reporting on Command Channel that their RP was blocked (in a location that it would not entirely be expected to be blocked). This assisted other squads in being appropriately aware and adjusting their own approach and RP deployment plans accordingly.

                  * When Courtyard was lost, squads were generally asked to retreat back to previous objectives. During this time, members of the FO squad deployed 2 FO's near the middle and front and 1 capture and defend squad took the iniative in transporting their own FO to the front, which was also deployed. Although we continued to be pushed back through one or two objectives, with them changing hands a few times, squads seemed to deploy RPs more frequently, or they survived longer, and this seemed to make a significant change to the battle. At the same time, the 3 new FO's between the middle and the forward objectives provided a sufficient reinforcement line to the front and maintained all their pressure there. Squads held and coordinated themselves very well at this point, re-capturing Courtyard. With great discipline, they spread across 2 defend objectives and 2 capture objectives, and eventually captured the final objective.

                  Thank you for your time.

                  - Swedge

                  Squad-Leader, A3 Bomb Disposal FAQ, PR:A2 Strategy Guide, A2 Insurgency Guide
                  TacBf: Moderator, Server Admin, Bugtester, Facebook Admin


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                    Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                    Wow I must have been undergover blue then swedge ;)

                    As I am writing with mobile Im brief.

                    I was on OpFor in Bhanthes squad. I was using silenced gun for whole game and decided to be my SL bodyguard so he would not be caught by suprise when looking for map. Well he was shot dead couple times, but those were during firefight so I think I was doing ok. Once I was separated from my squad and only fo1 at west of airfields was available. I attacked from there to Courtyjard alone. Died on my way first from gettin shot behind so next time I was careful. I spotted enemy squad from behind and my silenced gun did devastating job. I got to west side of courtyjard and fast put satchels on the building. Got shots goming so run to north behind corner and exploded the whole building. Not sure did I kill some Blues with that explosion but atleast it felt cool.

                    Good games everyone and I had most fun in this game for long time, especially because being able to once just have some fun with this game without yelling to anyone...

                    Joku over and out.


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                      Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                      I failed to get any screenshots so if any of the Blufor have some screenshots of the map, please post them.
                      I am going to make a habit of screenshotting the map and then the scoreboard for the exact game time.
                      It would be very interesting to compare Opfor and Blufor maps at various times during the game.

                      We lost on a tactical level and a strategic level.
                      On my part, once the second set of FO's were blocked by the enemy I should have re-tasked them immediately and got some on the West side.

                      I lost focus and didn't realize for too long that the enemy was blocking us from going south on the east side so the strategic plan of controlling the eastern ridge and the high ground stalled there.
                      I failed to adapt to that situation and confirm that troops were moving to the places they were needed in reality as opposed to the plan.

                      The problems I had with the mortar crates prevented me from providing any kind of arty support and wasted a fair amount of my time driving here and there to set only to find the crates disappearing or being unable to be used.
                      My failure to give up the Combat Engineer kit and assign 1 person to operate the mortars is a glaring error in judgement. The amount of time and focus I wasted on that prevented me from keeping close track of the fighting and that is inexcusable on my part.
                      I will have to test that some but I have had mortar and AT crates disappear when unloaded from an off-road but never from a truck.

                      On a tactical level, well I don't really know.
                      I only had 1 squad providing regular and consistent comms and without being able to ID units from the map I was forced to go into the field and assess the situation first hand which was somewhat frustrating to say the least.
                      In general I think we all spend too much time fiddlin' and fadoodlin' about with our kits and loadouts and time matters.
                      The 15 seconds spent at main to get just the right amount of this and that is the 15 seconds that lets the enemy get into position and kill you and rob your perfectly outfitted body.

                      My conclusion is that I failed to adapt to the enemie's forward positions which resulted in a lag in reinforcements.
                      That lag put an undue burden on the attacking squads and the failure to control the eastern high ground with dug in troops left the enemy with more mobile units to push against the flags.
                      Those flags were not properly supported because I did not reassess the situation and redirect the building efforts to a more sustainable location.
                      I think if I had gotten some FO on the Western heights covering airfield and some of courtyard we could have counterattacked in a much stronger fashion with higher enemy casualties that would have allowed us to push past them onto North End much quicker.
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                        Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                        I'll try to mirror the stages you have listed above but can only do so from our squads perspective. I've edited your maps screenshots where possible.

                        - MasterCaution had our squad tasked with hunting FOBs and harassment. Considering we had 2 of the 4 available engineers in our squad we needed to be effective in this task. Overall I think our 5-6 man squad did that effectively with 6 enemy FOBs destroyed throughout the game, with 2 of the final destructions assisted by wormeaten's squad.
                        - It was hoped that the majority of our hunting would've been on the east as we were going to bias our FOBs on the West. This never happened. Indeed we ended up having to assault/defend objectives as required for 50% of our time. This was to be expected though and dedicating 6 men to only hunting FOBs 100% of the time would've been a waste.

                        - Our first enemy FOB was encountered to the west of Markets.

                        - The other BLUFOR squad at Orchards did get ambushed and we had sporatic fire from them and another OFPOR at Military Compound on our way to the first enemy FOB. We swung around South of the map killing OPFOR stragglers around Markets, then to the east of Orchards, destroyed a 2nd enemy FOB, then assaulted and held Orchards from the east fairly effectively for as long as we could. I think I heard Swedge say at one point, "You're killing me rabbit."
                        - Eventually our RP was depleted East of Orchards, we became overwhelmed from southern OPFOR reinforcements, and 2 of the 6 squad members (Baseball/Thomas and Leon) held Orchards as best they could whilst the rest of the squad was tasked with destroying our 3rd enemy FOB.

                        - A 4th enemy FOB was spotted at the eastern fuel tanks by wormeaten's squad. Our squad had to avoid the heavy contacts at Mosque and Village to get to them and destroy that FOB before doubling-back and assaulting the now enemy occupied Village. Both defending BLUFOR squads did very well to hold Village and Mosque objectives for as long as they could considering we only had 1 FOB to break-out of.

                        - Eventually our squad was also overrun at Village. We then aided MasterCaution in setting-up an new FOB at the old enemy FOB site near the airfield fuel tanks and aided wormeaten's squad to destroy a 5th FOB to the NW.
                        - Assaulting the enemy FOB to the NW was easy as the majority of OPFOR had already progressed to occupy Village unbeknownst to our squad. Still we proceeded to retake Village from the south.
                        - On the way to Village we literally stumbled onto an enemy FOB south of village, quickly destroyed that our 6th and final enemy FOB, then setup an RP to assault Village.
                        - We scored a couple of enemy kills around the Village flag but in the end it was too late as Village was heavily occupied and Mosque was inevitably set to fall.

                        I never been part and/or lead a squad the moved as swift as this. I told you guys to harass the enemy and that's exactly what you guys did. You all had your roles, held these and performed them with great effectiveness. When you were asked to group it took less than 5 secs and we always had an unblocked RP because of it. Again full credit to my squad members: Leon, Jabba, ViSioN, Baseball, Thomas
                        (Apologies for forgetting the RP that one time at Airfield. My bad.)


                        - Firstly you need to subtract about 50 x 'I's from your post. It was team effort and we all had our roles. If we lost, we lost as a team. As I said it's the only job with the potential to be crappier than being an SL and kudos to you for stepping-up. Until a better PR mod command module is in place I certainly wouldn't want to be CO!

                        - You cannot tell which squad was which on the map which is a fault with the mod and a feature in PR:BF2. You needed more information from BLUFOR squad leads. At the very least we needed to tell you our general approach so you could direct this better. I only did this effectively towards the late game. My apologies for this.

                        - To take a quote from the movie Full Metal Jacket: "The deadliest weapon in the world is Marine and his rifle." Mortars, static AT/MG, vehicles, APC all become irrelevant when infantry squads are moving this fast in this close a proximity c.f. a map like Sisyphus. This is my biased opinion at least but even on a map like Sisyphus I still make my squad run everywhere. They hate me sometimes.

                        - Too many arugments with other squads leads and yourself. You're the CO, they should follow your instructions. End of story. Combine this with not knowing which squad is where, what they are doing, what they intend to do and you've got a cluster-f*&% waiting to happen. Hell one of the other squads didn't even speak English that well, which is not anybody's fault but just very hard to coordinate. In this respect upcoming development of the high command function for COs in the mod will be of great interest to cross these language barriers.

                        - You needed a dedicated FOB building/logistic squad. You basically did all the trucking yourself. Trying to command and be a teamster is too much for one person. You pulled my squad in to help with one. You should've picked on my squad more as we would've been happy to help. I should've also offered as well as it's the role of an SL to let the CO know his options so he can pick the best strategy for the team.

                        - This is the only time I'll be critical to BLUFOR but lack of FOBs aside I don't think RPs were used effectively enough. Everytime I looked at the map there was a lot of stagnation around the NE FOB, with single units everywhere. Even when squads broke out of the FOB area there were hardly any RPs.

                        Case-and-point look at the final moments of OPFORs map in joku's video aroud 0:17: (also above)
                        Clear lines of reinforcement from distant FOBs -> Layer of RPs -> Objective


                        Where's my bodyguard when you're in my squad? Huh? HUH! ;-)

                        I remember that silenced rifle at Village. I think you took out 1-2 of my squad members before I got you on top of a stairwell leading to the roof.


                        @TG in general:

                        Could we perhaps get the chosen map for the T6 etc. stated on the sign-up thread a couple of days to a week before the match? It would be useful for aspiring COs to go into the map a couple of nights beforehand and range Mortars, check static AT/MG lines-of-sight, layout FOB placement etc.
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                          Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                          I want to say that this event was a blast. I really enjoyed it. I know that I am not a seasoned as some of the other PR players, so the tactics were a little foreign to me. I want to thank Swedge for stepping up and leading at the CO spot, I know that is not easy.

                          I know my squad, depicted in the screenshot that was the squad by shops, moved out on foot from main to leave other vehical assets to others. Im kinda used to Arma where the CO will guide the other squads to where they want to go. I saw that a couple of time I could have done things beforehand instead of waiting for orders from you, but I felt that the flow of information was great amungst SLs and the CO.

                          Again my squad was the one calling for some static defense to be convoyed to us at North End. It would have helped in the defense at Orchards so that my team could have had eyes to the east and north and help cut into the Opfor (really bluefor) advance. I feel we might have been about three or four people short in making our logistics squad deadly.

                          I want to thank everyone in m squad. At times I had our fireteams running around like mad, but you guys took it on the chin, followed my orders and seemed to be having some fun. Our comms were clean, clear and direct, which made everything that more efficient for me to lead.

                          To reflect:

                          1. possibly like others have stated, a map chosen before hand might help in aiding a CO to step up, easily fixable.
                          2. When the admins tell people not to move....dont be that ass and moves..listen because if I were admin and I knew who was moving, they probobly would have missed the event, follow orders, it helps the TEAM out.
                          3. Our speed of attack seemed as though it cought the other side off. Again maybe a good dfense spot on one of the northern capture points might have helped, but nonetheless we won because of our team dynamics. I look forward to another one of these, though with 128 people next time!! :)

                          Thanks for all the fun people, I had a complete blast.

                          "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis


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                            Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                            On behalf of the TacticalGamer administration I would like to thank everyone who turned up and helped make the event a success, even through the initial server issues! An especially large thanks goes to our two CO's MasterCaution and Swedge who volunteered on short notice to take command, I think we can all agree they both organised their teams incredibly well and put up a great fight!

                            So what next?

                            The admin team are currently discussing the possibility of making Tactical Take-Over a re-occurring event with a semi-regular schedule, details are yet to be decided but if you have any suggestions or feedback on future events then feel free to post in the Contact An Admin Forum.

                            Its great to see that so many of you enjoyed the event, and putting so much effort into writing excellent AAR's. To that end if there is any outstanding in-game performances that you think should be rewarded TG runs a ribbons system whereby we recognise excellence on the (virtual) field of battle. Feel free to stop by and submit a nomination for someone over at the Awards Presentation Section.

                            In closing, the level of play last night was awesome and it is great to see so many AAR's here on the forums, feel free to keep this up even during normal operation! TS usage is also highly recommended as the admin team usually has a presence in TS and it is by far the quickest way of contacting us if we are not in game at the time.

                            Thanks again and have fun on the server! :)


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                              Re: Tactical Takeover 5... Share your stories.. Post your pics

                              Thanks to,

                              Bravo Team:

                              Bhante (SL)
                              Joku (Engineer/Body Guard ;-p)
                              Mammax (AR)
                              Unknown (Rifleman)
                              Zapata (RPG)

                              Joku put in a performance that would have shamed Kevin Costner. He was right up my back side all the time. Squad to Squad communication was the key element to a swift victory, although I must admit, I knew there was something up the first time BluFor reclaimed Courtyard.
                              It was around this team that I had told Bravo to move up to Mosque to assist Swedge’s group in capping. While moving out Joku and I got ambushed. I managed to get to safety and Bravo regrouped in a small compound across from courtyard where we engaged a few enemies. After a harrowing attempt to revive Joku he sadly bled out. Naturally I faced the sky and said “Why Allah, why?” It was at this point, opposing sides could hear one another. I distinctly heard a BluFor player ‘wispering,’
                              “We have enemies near by.”
                              They got the cap at courtyard and we had to move back. This resulted in a toe to toe firefight quite literally room to room at some points. Then BluFor reclaimed North Road. Bravo were once again moving out, and reluctantly so as it was backwards. Mid stride, the cap was regained and I was having a difficult time ordering my men back and forth while keeping up with the command channel. (This was challenging from the very onset of this mission) Bravo were level headed, they took heed to my call when needed be, but they were also daring, breaking free on their own inititive and taking on enemies when we had the advantage.

                              Aside from two failed attempts to set up hideouts, one due to an ambush, the second due to a HO bag bugging out, my men kept focused on the objective at hand.
                              I would also like to add that I greatly appreciate that J.B. decided to bring his squad over my way to assist us with his medic, and took it well when we told him to turn back after my men decided to walk it off (the got patched up by K.G.s squad I believe), despite their wounds being more than superficial.
                              What I saw last night was multiple squads capping, supporting and advancing.
                              One way to break it down:
                              Alpha assault cap – Bravo supports Aplha – Charlie move into postion to allow Bravo to move on. After capping Bravo joins Aplha and reinforces Cap while Charlie provides support/overwatch.
                              Once area is secure, Charlie can move into cap allowing Alpha to move out onto next objective. After Alpha cover at least 200 meters of ground and area is clear, Bravo move out to give support and Charlie defends cap.
                              This may not be exactly how it played out for Opfor last night but it was obvious to me that when one squad fell into trouble, it wasn’t long before their nearest team mates showed up to help. That was a major moral booster.
                              I hope to see more play like this from both sides in the future.
                              Bhante, out.




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