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PR v0.15 Test Event Server Information

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  • [EVENT] PR v0.15 Test Event Server Information

    Today at 19:00 GMT we will be hosting the beta patch for PR:Arma 2, the event will run until further notice.

    Download Information:

    Can be found in this thread on the realitymod website:

    Server Information:

    Name: - Official PR v0.15 Test Server [@PR_BETATG]
    Password: b3tat3st

    Server two:
    Name: SRV 2- Official PR v0.15 Test Server [@PR_BETATG]
    Password: b3tat3st

    Mission List (Subject To Change):

    Iron Forge AAD_L
    Sisyphus AAS_L
    Green Zone CI_L
    Portside AAD_L
    FeruzAbad Resistance AAD_S
    Battle for Sobor AAS_M
    Endless Blood CI_M
    SerpentsSpine AAS_M
    Battle for Rasman AAS_M
    Strength and Honor AAD_M
    Gorka AAS_M
    Eagle Claw AAS_L
    Zargabad Uprising CI_L
    Electricity AAS_M
    First Light AAS_T
    Operation Chainsaw AAS_S
    Taking Candy AAS_S
    Take Down AAD_S

    Please make sure to update your PR version before joining the server, review our server rules and remember to report any bugs on the realitymod website.

    Please keep any further discussion in this thread:

    Thanks, and have fun!
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    Re: PR v0.15 Test Event Server Information

    Event Update


    I would like to thank everyone who has joined the server over the last few days to help make this event a success! The development team found several bugs that will no doubt be fixed shortly and have definitely appreciated the support of everyone that has turned up to help test the build.

    Therefore, I am pleased to announce that the testing event has been extended until further notice while the developers work on a new test build! The server will remain passworded and running the [@PR_BETATG] build for the moment and we will keep you updated both via this thread and the equivalent thread on the realitymod forums.

    Have fun!

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]Epoch
    We have decided to keep this beta test running a little longer. Several bugs have been found so far, which was the whole point of this exercise to that's great!

    It makes sense to continue testing this release rather than go back to the previous one. People seem to be enjoying it too, which is good.

    Tactical Gamer are happy to continue hosting the server, which will remain locked so that people don't inadvertently try to join without the correct mod version.

    We'll work on fixing the bugs found over the weekend, and will try to get a new test build out very soon.



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      Re: PR v0.15 Test Event Server Information

      Event closed, thanks once again to everyone who turned up!




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