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  • PR:ARMA 0.15 Beta

    I've been watching the progress of this MOD and myself and a couple other mates are waiting for the official announcement of the 0.15 beta. I understand there was a test event this weekend. How did that go ... the posts in other threads seem positive. Has the TG server returned to the previous 0.1 version or is it still running the new version?

    Any word on when it will be released as 0.15?

    I played PR ARMA for about a couple of months when it was released but couldn't get over the warping and put it down. It was still the most fun I've ever had playing a video game especially when I was caught behind enemy lines once with the rest of my squad dead and I took out 5 or 6 of you TG pros single handedly ( Had to thow that in ... heart was pounding ... what a rush )

    Anyway, you guys will see me again soon on the PR battlefield and hopefully I'll stay this time.


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    Re: PR:ARMA 0.15 Beta

    The 0.15 Beta test has been extended indefinitely at this point as the Devs have gathered a lot of very helpful information from the the playerbase. So yup it's still going strong as a TG exclusive.

    The warping you refer to is GONE after the release of the 1.6 Arma OA patch. Jump on the server and see for yourself, and welcome back!




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