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  • [EVENT] Looking for teammates

    Hey there!

    Teamwork makes this game much more interesting, but it's easier to show a good teamwork with a team, that doesn't change daily. That's why i'm posting this thread: i'm looking for guys who regularly play at TG PR server.


    * willing to act as a team
    * no special skills required, so beginners are welcome as well
    * piloting experience is a big advantage
    * preferably not from US, GB or AUS (nothing personal, guys, but you speak too fast ;))

    Especially needed:

    * pilot
    * mortar

    I usually play from 4pm to 11pm (UTC+0)
    Leave your contact info(skype, icq, facebook e.t.c) in this thread.

    Cya tonight!

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    Re: Looking for teammates

    Originally posted by Clay View Post
    AUS (nothing personal, guys, but you speak too fast ;))
    LOL fair call!


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      Re: Looking for teammates

      It's always a pleasure to play with you though, rabbit:)
      Smart mature commanding, keep it up!


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        Re: Looking for teammates

        Lol. I'm guilty as charged too.

        And thats why they dont call him Mad Tortoise :)

        Always a pleasure Clay :)


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          Re: Looking for teammates

          Hey now, us Southern US folks talk quite a bit slower, so you shouldn't have much trouble with us.

          I have a hard time understanding some of the Aussies as well, although not usually Swedge or mad rabbit :).


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            Re: Looking for teammates

            i remember i played with swedge once, when pr came out. I'd like to go back and check it out. In the past, warping was annoying. I really like teamplay, but a lot of guys have no clue what teamwork means :) .. I played and helped dev'ing Gossamers Warfare. I loved being commander but i really loved being pilot in my, ahm 1500 hours of warfare :/ , that sounds so hard..but i have a life ^^ .. I'll give pr a shot again, got more time atm


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              Re: Looking for teammates

              The warping is all gone and teamwork is an organic thing that needs to be nurtured and grown.
              You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
              So that when they turn their backs on you,
              You'll get the chance to put the knife in.Pink Floyd "Dogs"


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                Re: Looking for teammates

                Teamwork is two way street. Don't expect teamwork will happened by it self. Everyone should do their part.
                Sometime is just need to provoke people to start some teamwork.


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                  Re: Looking for teammates

                  Add me to skype and we can play. (Skype: jortbear)
                  About me: The Netherlands, I speak english *Not super fast*, And avaible at the times you list.
                  You should take me as infantry since my flights always end with a bang :/





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