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  • Loving PR ARMA

    I just recently returned to this community once PR Beta 0.15 was released and I just wanted to drop a note on here on what my experiences have been so far.

    PR Arma is the best game I've ever played. The big box games like BF3 and COD just don't appeal to me any more. I'm really loving PR I have to say. The Arma 1.6 patch has fixed the warping which actually is why I actually stopped playing ARMA in the first place. So if your out there and are still undecided on this mod then give it a try ... you will not be disappointed.

    The biggest thing with this game is teamwork. If you have a good squad that is actively using VON for comms and keeping together this is where this game shines. I'd like to give a shout out to a couple of SL's that showed me this weekend how it is suppose to be done. Leon, Contra, and Tonto are a couple of SL's that come to mind. You guys are awsome and really showed me what this game is capable of when people are organized. I even tried my hand at being a SL with a small group on the Green zone map and we did pretty good.

    I still have a lot to learn but that's another thing that makes this game awsome. There are so many little things that you can do to mix it up that keeps it interesting. You can be a grunt on the front lines, build FO's, or being transport, some of which are not very rewarded but definitly help your team. I would like to fly choppers some day as I'm pretty good at it in most games and am practicing in single player.

    So if you guys see me on the server sending you a request to join your squad you can garantee that I will follow orders and be actively reporting my situation back to the SL and working closely with the squad.

    What a game ... can't wait to get home from work to jump on again.

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    Re: Loving PR ARMA

    When you have a server full of Squad Leaders that organize and keep the group together the fun level goes up tremendously.


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      Re: Loving PR ARMA

      Yea teamwork is definitely the thing that elevates a good game into a great game! We have some really strong squad leaders on the server at the moment and it defiantly helps when there is some inter-squad cohesion, I am really looking forward to the DEV's fully implementing the commander role into the mod as that will certainly lead to even further teamwork.

      I agree entirely on the many different options you have to help the team, funnily enough this was what MasterCaution said in his interview with Swedge also.

      Glad to see you are enjoying the mod and the server! :)




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