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    My gaming time is typically very limited.
    Normally I have to plan in advance to be able to get online and play.
    It's very frustrating when all the pieces fall into place and I am able to dedicate 4 hours one night to gaming and 5 people are online.
    What makes it worse is when I look at the TG server tracker thingy and see that there were 70+ players online the previous night.

    So my question is this, does anyone typically try to semi organize a large pub night on the TG server?
    If so, where can I find this info?
    Also, in everyone's experience, are certain days of the week more popular than others?

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    Re: Scheduled Events

    Hi mate.

    Here is the gametracker stats page for the TG PR server:
    If you look at the bottom right there are graphs showing number of players at different times of the day. You can also click the grey buttons above to adjust to week or month.

    You can also use the PR Arma 2 spy service to see the server population and which players are currently playing. If you did that periodically you would get a sense of busy times without necessarily needing to load the game.

    From memory, the busiest time is usually around 2100GMT. Some days are certainly popular than others. I think they convert to Sunday and Monday in Australia but I'm not sure.

    TG has organised Tactical Takeover events in the past. These can reach 80-100 players. You can see AARs and other info on them in the forums here. I understand TG still intend to conduct these in future.

    You might also like to consider joining a TG group like the Irregulars here, or a non-TG clan like Regiment of Grenadier Guards for example. RGG uses Steam to track when fellow members are online, and they have their own server they use to conduct training etc. Another option is to make friends with one or two specific chaps and talk to them about when they are likely to play.

    You can also hang around on the TacticalGamer Teamspeak server to meet helpful chaps and TG admin.


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