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Hello, lookking to get into ARMA2 and PR.

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  • Hello, lookking to get into ARMA2 and PR.

    Hi folks, im a long time realism and tactical fps fan that simply never got round to arma2.
    Thanks to dayz mod i bought combined ops and am now looking to play some ARMA2 and mods like PR aswell as days mod.
    My first port of call to seek like minded gamers was here :)
    Im in Ireland ,does TG have any European servers running?

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    Re: Hello, lookking to get into ARMA2 and PR.


    Great news man. Hopefully you will be the first of many. Its funny I was just talking about DAYZ mod's popularity bringing in more people to ACE/ACRE and PR:ArmA.

    Well ARMA 2 PR is very simple thing to install. I prefer the MOD-DB software Desura, its a steam like application that works for indie games and mods.

    A very simple install.

    ACE/ACRE are a bit more work and require Six Updater. There is documentation around here about getting that ready. We have plenty of people who you could hit up TS to get you started.


    Now onto servers; TG hosts and Alpha (Vanilla ArmA II), Beta (ACE/ACRE), and Charlie (I44) servers. TG also hosts a PR:ArmA II Beta server. Our server is state side though.

    However, our friends at RGG host a euro server. They are good people as well and we as communities tend to work together.

    Project Reality is a hard mod to truly experience. Not because of any difficulty in its mechanics but just due to the depth of the mod and all of its intricacies. Getting 50+ players on the same page is a hard task and we need leaders in that mod. Its a really fun game and I'd love to jump in to it but I never seem to hit the servers when they are populated. I know you need to at least get ready for when PR:ArmA releases its next update.

    It will be the first time we visit Lingor (a tropical island setting) and also the first time we see a 'Micro Terrain' in full glory in the form of Afgan Village. Micro Terrains are very small maps by ArmA standards but have the ability to be extremely detailed. It'll be a sight to behold.


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      Re: Hello, lookking to get into ARMA2 and PR.

      Hi !
      RGG is holding a PR event this Sunday, June 24 @ 14:00GMT.
      There is a sign up page @ but we accept walk-ins and JIPs as well.
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