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Project Reality ARMA 3 Update Thread!

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  • [INFO] Project Reality ARMA 3 Update Thread!

    Hi all!

    Until such a time that updates start coming thick and fast I thought we would be better off with a single thread to collate all the limited info that we have surrounding PR:A3, so here we are! :)

    1) Project Reality ARMA 3 announcement thread

    Key points to take away:

    -The initial releases will be purely mission based, allowing the developers to nail down core systems without having to deal with client downloads etc.
    • Milestone 1 will include: Advance and Secure game mode, Squad system, Infantry respawn system, Rally points, Kit system, Map marker system, Infantry-only missions
    • Milestone 2 will include: Vehicle respawn system, Larger missions with transport vehicles
    • Milestone 3 will include: Attack and Defend, Medic system

    -Subsequent releases will be a full add-on based mod, allowing more advanced features to be added:
    • Insurgency gamemode
    • Vehicle rearming system
    • Vehicle repair system
    • Missions with armed vehicles
    • Cargo system
    • Forward outposts
    • Commander system

    2) Small update showing spawn and squad menu's

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]epoch
    Ok, we had a test session this afternoon. We identified several issues that our team will now get to work resolving. However I'd say the bulk of the work for Milestone #1 is done.

    I've attached a few screenshots. One showing the squad management menu, and two showing the kit selection menu.

    Kit contents are pre-defined. You simply click on the kit to select it (subject to availability). The exception to this is Rifleman. You can select standard, AR Support or Grenadier Support, thus carrying additional ammo to support those classes.

    For squad management, you can divide your squad into fireteams (Charlie and Delta). Ignore the big square on the right of the screen - that's just some flag cap debug data.

    I'm not yet in a position to think about release dates, so don't ask. Also, bear in mind these screenshots represent WIP.


    Of course there will be more to come as the DEV's move closer towards a release! Enjoy!
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    Re: Project Reality ARMA 3 Update Thread!

    Excited this in still in development. For me PR: ArmA had even more potential than PR:BF2 but was struck down by the ArmA II netcode. -If- I can play without desynching every 5 minutes this might become my game of choice.


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      Re: Project Reality ARMA 3 Update Thread!

      Will keep an eye as usual! :)


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        Re: Project Reality ARMA 3 Update Thread!

        still watching and waiting...


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          Re: Project Reality ARMA 3 Update Thread!

          As a side note, I am going to try and link a post from to here. This is about a mission creation competion!!! I know some of our mission makers would excel at this. Take a peek!!!

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