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How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

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  • How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

    Hello Gents my name is FoxxyFrost and today i will teach you how to become a a effective light infantry leader starting from the beginning of the round to the middle and to the end.

    Beginning Organization

    Firsts thing first create a squad. Name it something catchy like VOIP Teamwork or something along those lines. Lock the squad at 9 reason is because coordinating anything over 9 or 10 ppl can turn into a cluster****.

    Next : Ask for any Volunteers for fireteamleaders! But chances are you wont get any... In that case ask if anyone has ever lead a squad on PR:Bf2 your bound to get hands raised.

    Leading a fireteam in Arma is essentially like leading a squad in Bf2 but instead of 6 people you get 4. After you have volunteers for teamleaders assign one Alpha and one Bravo teamlead. After that start assigning people in a fireteam, 3 people + teamleader = 4. So now you have a full squad 2 Fireteams plus yourself.

    How to get people with their corresponding teamleaders.

    As of right now the circles on the PRHUD are a bit small and some people dont notice that the teamleader is represented by a X with a circle around it. As a squadleader you should have one team gather around one side of the base and one team around another side. At this time the teamleaders should be assining buddyteams and second in commands of the fireteam incase the teamleader is killed.

    Fireteamleaders Responsibility.:

    "The Fireteam Leader's mantra is "Follow me and do as I do". He is the most combat-oriented leader position on the battlefield, and leads his fireteam from the front while acting as the example that his team members will follow. "

    As a fireteamleader you have several responsibilities.

    - Get orders from the Squadleader

    - Work towards accomplishing the squad mission while attempting to minimize loss of life in their fireteam.

    - Talk to their teams and keep them informed.

    - Ensure that their fireteam members maintain good interval and situational awareness.

    - Maintain accountability of their team members. (let the Squadleader know if you have any casualties)

    Squadleaders Responsibility.:

    - Get their direction from the Commander.

    - Ensure that their team leaders and squad members know what the plan is.

    - Position themselves so that they can best observe their fireteams and exercise command and control over them.

    - Wield their fireteams as their weapons by directing and controlling their fire, picking out and assigning key targets, and maneuvering the fireteams across the battlefield. A squad leader who is giving good, timely orders, maneuvering his fireteams through combat and directing their fire, does far more damage to the enemy than one who is preoccupied with his own rifle.

    - Know how to consolidate and reorganize teams when casualties occur.

    So know you pretty much know all the responsibilities of the Teamleader and Squadleader. Now your ready to go out on the field and cause havoc but to cause havoc effectivley you must know some pretty basic tactics. As just all firing at the enemy for a extended period hoping you'll kill more men then he does doesn't work. YOU MUST FIRE AND MANUEVER.

    "Fire without Manuever is indecisive. Manuever without fire is fatal.":

    Always think about these 2 sentences. As they will save your ass one day.

    Bounding Overwatch comes in three ways / Succesive Bounding / Alternating Bounding / Traveling Overwatch.

    Succesive Bounding:

    Successive bounding overwatch is the slower of the two. In it, one team advances, halts, and then the other team advances on-line with them, halts, and the process repeats itself. This provides a high level of security, but with the tradeoff of taking longer to employ.

    Alternating Bounding:

    Alternating bounding overwatch is the fastest of the two, sacrificing some security for additional speed. In this mode, the teams bound past each other before stopping and allowing the other team to pass them.

    Traveling Overwatch:

    Traveling Overwatch is when one team is positioned up front and one team is position behind diagonally all done while moving. Not as safe the other two but works if you want to get to one place quickly but that place has the possibility of enemy.

    The 4 F's:

    What are the 4 F's

    Find: Find out where the enemy is. Find out where hes shooting you and at what direction

    Fix: Get a team to put down suppresive fire. GAIN FIRE SUPERIORITY DO NOT LET THE ENEMY PIN YOU DOWN.

    Flank: Send a assault to to flank the enemy. The enemy should be pinned down which means they wont be moving.

    Finish: Now your on the enemies flank. GIVE HIM ALL YOU GOT! OPEN UP WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!

    Now you can do this ranging from Fireteam buddies all the way up to Company Level.

    After You Have Finished The Enemy:

    Push up the Base of Fire team and consolidate around the objective or where you took contact from.

    This Guide will OFC get bigger as time goes on but this gives some basic tactics to Squadleaders and Fireteamleaders to effectivley lead and engage enemies. Note* that this doesnt give tactics of mechanized or combined arms tactics. This just gives you the basic understandment of how to be a infantry leader. ( Also i didnt go over formations because most people know what they are anyway)

    If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post or if anyone has constructive criticism and doesnt agree with my guide please feel free to post it.

    Credits go to for giving me the pictures and other resources. Check it out as it explains more then this guide.

    - Foxxy
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    I am the Infantry FOLLOW ME!!!

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    Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

    Good guide i'd say, definitely going to try this stuff


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      Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

      Only thing I'd argue with is the following:

      I'd go with 10-11 players with the command element being a medic/ammo mule.

      It worked out quite well at the end of the game we played against each other Foxxy with two active elements and one command element (I save gold (Charlie) for CO). Another reason for this is that the CO element can stay in the rear with any logistics/ transport vehilces.


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        Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively



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          Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively


          Good write up Foxy, helpful start up info for the beginning leader!

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            Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively


            I am the Infantry FOLLOW ME!!!


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              Nice write up foxxy. Good job. We need people like you to keep this mod going.

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                Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

                This place still exist?

                I am the Infantry FOLLOW ME!!!


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                  Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

                  yo, Foxxy, we moved to an ArmA 3 mod that is similar. Go check it out.


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                    Re: How to Squadlead/Fireteamlead Effectively

                    Ya, Like BeSiege stated the mod has moved to Arma3. There have been some major changes with the structure on the development side and is no longer being built by the mods at Realitymod. However, the ones that are still continuing to work on it have done a good job and I like how Arma3 has added some things to the mod such as stances etc. Please be aware the servers that host the mod are located in the UK timezone so games will be along prime-time hours over there which is ~ 5 or so hours ahead of the US.

                    I had some trigger time when I finally got Arma3 working this past weekend. Was really surprised with the communications and teamwork! Worth the time to check out.

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