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FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics

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  • [GUIDE] FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics

    In a effort to save peoples lives im writing a guide that hopefully everyone will read because its pretty hard explaining in game.

    Bounding Overwatch in fireteams when close to the objective will most indefinitly cause mass casualties because even if u have a base of fire fireteam as one fireteam pushes it will still turn into a meatgrinder especially if the objective is heavily guarded. This is when fireteam buddies come into play when assaulting objectives close up fireteamleaders need to coordinate a fireteam rush, buddy rush, 3-5 second rush, or just simply rushing.

    Know most of you probably think RUSHING!? that is just stupid, dumb and wont work. Well this type of rushing will save lives and cause less casaulties then you think....

    Generally the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corp Organize their squads or teams firepower around the M249. Upon receiving fire, the fireteam can organize in a methodical way to engage the enemy with fireteam "rushes". Fireteam rushes are movement by one part of the team during cover by fire by the other part of the team. Generally, first the Rifleman and Team Leader will move ahead, being covered by the Automatic and Assistant Automatic Riflemen, then the Automatic and Assistant Automatic Riflemen will move up to the Rifleman and Team Leader, being covered by the Rifleman and Team Leader. The process is repeated until no forward progress is possible without serious risk to the entire fireteam. This theoretically increases the safety of the team members during movement.

    Breaking it down for you. When Rushing remember the following words in your head.

    At "I'm up," the soldier executes a combat roll to the left or right, gets to his feet and begins to rush forward.

    At "he sees me," the soldier prepares to assume his next covered position.

    At "I'm down." the soldier drops in place, situates himself behind adequate cover and begins to return fire.

    Every member of a fireteam should know this tactic. Actually every player should know this.

    Skip to 1:49

    And for the lawlz

    Try it out sometimes.

    It works better then you actually think and instead of 3/4 of your team dying maybe only 1/4 or none will die :)

    Next one is the Australian Peelback, Aussie Peelback , Or just straight up Center Peel.

    This tactic was designed with human psychology in mind. It begins with an infantry unit facing off with a larger force of enemies. Once the command is called, the soldiers implement line formation facing into the enemy's midst. The soldiers then begin, or continue, to use suppressing fire to delay the enemy's attack and advance. Depending on the direction of the retreat, the second to last soldier on the farmost end, opposite the retreating direction, calls out, "Peel one". Next, the infantryman next to him, on the end of the line, ceases fire, works his way behind the line towards the other side, takes a position one meter diagonally back from the farthest soldier on this side, and resumes suppressing fire. Then, the process repeats with the commands being simplified to "Peel", the "one" only there to signify the actual start of the tactic, and continues until the party has safely disengaged the target.

    The slanting motion of the tactic gives the impression of increasing numbers of infantry joining the battle, a psychological move designed to demoralize the opposition. The slanting motion also has the benefit of keeping open one's field of fire. Retreating directly backwards would put the soldier too closely behind his own men, severely limiting his/her field of fire.

    Now i know this will be extremly hard to implement on pub games but im assuming as time goes and and people further gain knowledge in small unit tactics. Things like these will be pretty easy to implement.

    All these tactics i use in ACE Mod and are from real life. When used appropriately they come with prefound results. In PR it will too :)

    I am the Infantry FOLLOW ME!!!

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    Re: FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics

    You know what.... I want to teach this in the PR:ArmA Infantry course...


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      Re: FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics

      It's not that hard to implement most of these, even with players you are unfamiliar with. In fact I have used most of the above in PR:BF, often very sucessfully. Wrote some guidance a while back on some of this too, been meaning to dig it up and adapt it.

      Ytman there are a couple of developments happening now that will allow quick impromptu training sessions without much set up time. I myself will be doing some infantry stuff. I will talk to you over the weekend about it, see if e can't coordinate.


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        Re: FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics

        It will be some time before its done but i am working on a blender animation that will i hope attempt to show some of the basics of squad movement, formations and fire procedures but like i said dont hold your breath as im only now animating the walk sequence and i still have to model uniforms..texture the weapons and work on some landscapes but when its all done there the actual creation of the videos should be rather fast and be able to pump a few out every month

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          Re: FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics

          that would be sick!!!

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            Re: FoxxyFrost Spews Basic Fire and Manuever Tactics





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