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Pushed straight to debrief screen.

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  • Pushed straight to debrief screen.

    Bit of a showstopper I'm having with the ARMA2 PR Beta0.1 at the moment where no matter what I do, I get sent directly to the debrief screen post slot selection.

    A more detailed account of what happens follows:

    -Join server and select slot works fine.
    -Press Okay
    -goes through recieving, initialising.
    -once it gets to 'deploying', there are various noises (footsteps on gravel you initially hear when spawning and helicopters flying about, it sounds like I'm at the base) and there might be a glimpse of the game world for half a second
    -Then I get sent to the debrief screen. Clicking 'I'm ready' does nothing, and 'disconnect' just sends me back to the slot selection screen where picking any slot or side makes no difference. I can still hear people in direct VON talking as well.

    This only occurs on overseas servers (I'm in Australia), my local server (which due to a couple of factors has near no-one on it) works fine. I have tried updating Battle-eye and that hasn't helped.

    If anyone has any thoughts, or has experienced similar issues, I'd be interested to hear about it.

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    Who is your ISP with mate?

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      Re: Pushed straight to debrief screen.



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        Re: Pushed straight to debrief screen.

        Floydii, have you tried connecting to the TG server? If so we can check the server logs and try to help you out.


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          Re: Pushed straight to debrief screen.

          Thanks for the assist, yes I have tried on both the kelly's heroes and TG servers.

          For everyone else's info, I spoke with Paint Scratcher and the issue seems to revolve around either having BAF installed a certain way and/or an-anti hacking setup they are using on thier servers. It's being worked on though, so there is hope.

          For info on the possibility of the BAF issue:


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            Re: Pushed straight to debrief screen.

            Indeed, if anyone else is having a similar problem please contact either me or Socom and we will forward your details to the PR dev that is working on this.

            Hopefully we can get this issue fixed.


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              Re: Pushed straight to debrief screen.

              Just curious Floydii,

              How do you have your aram 2 and oa installed? Is It combined operations , both on steam or do you have like i do retail arma 2, and steam oa?




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