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Re: BETA Patch 1.6 Now Required for PR:A2

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  • Re: BETA Patch 1.6 Now Required for PR:A2

    hello my friends

    i cant play in the TGserver1. i already intalled the pr.exe and everything.
    i take some photos, i click on the server but nothing happens like my mouse was disconnected.

    anyone know why this is happening =)

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    When you installed the 1.6 patch did you get an error message?

    You need to run the beta from the "expansions/beta" folder but run it "in" your regular game dir. This is difficult to explain from my phone.

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      Re: BETA Patch 1.6 Now Required for PR:A2

      I had the same problem after installing the beta patch. All you have to do is replace the .exe. Explained in this post:


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        Re: BETA Patch 1.6 Now Required for PR:A2

        Is there a thread about this on the PR forums ?
        There is about 10-12 people who try and fail to connect on any given day ( 9am-3pm EST ) and the reasons given on the screen vary but usually have some kind of DSA failure listed as well as HASH lvl 0 and HASH lvl 2 in the error message.
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