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The Frustration of a PR Noob

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  • The Frustration of a PR Noob

    Hi all!

    I decided to create this thread so that I could vocalize my frustration as a noob trying to learn to play this wonderful mod, Project Reality, and hopefully get some answers.

    Some quick background info: I haven't played a PC FPS since BF: 1942, and mainly was playing Xbox 360 BFBC2, and loving it for its massive maps, vehicles, squad-play, sound effects, destructive cover, etc...after a while I became bored with the classic unorganized run'n'shoot gameplay during mulitplayer. A few weeks back I came across a post on the Battlefield blog about PR. I read up about it and was intrigued about the realism, massive maps, 64-person battles, all the teamwork. Anyways, I went ahead and bought BF for PC, downloaded PR and jumped into some CoOp to try and learn. I quickly realized I had much to learn. Project Reality has a very steep learning curve IMO.

    After a while of messing around in CoOp, and getting some pointers from a few helpful players, I read the manual in full and keep a copy next to the PC. This certainly helped quite a bit, but in no way does it effectively teach me many of the aspects of how to play PR, including tactics and strategy. Especially given all the different facets in which the game can be played. I soon realized my best bet at getting better and fully realizing the potential of this game was to play with more experienced players who would be kind and patient enough to teach me.

    Early on, I found that people associated with TG or on the TG Server were especially helpful and willing to put up with a noob on their squad. In the 2 weeks I've been playing PR, the times spent playing in TG-run Squads have been by far the most fun and exciting, even if I was just building FoB's or running supplies. Being apart of a functioning squad that effectively communicates with other squads and/or a Commander is truly what makes this game so much fun (to me). Unfortunately, however, these experiences have been few and far between. It seems that 80% of the time I am in a Squad of Noobs who have no idea whats goin on, in a squad of people who don't talk, or on a team that has zero coordination. Because PR is so teamwork-oriented, these type of matches are incredibly frustrating because nothing is being accomplished and I am just roaming a massive map with nothing to do but get killed.

    My fear is that this will become the norm as PR gains some steam. To me, nothing would be more enjoyable than to be in a full 62/64-person match where both sides are organized and working together,etc. From what I understand, this is only really happening on a consistent basis in IHS. Because I am such a noob to all of this, I have been reading a ton to try and get better quickly, but it is such a chore without being able to work with someone in-game.

    I hoping you all can give some advice/help. I am now a supporting member of TG. I just bought a new PC that is purely for playing PC games now. I want to devote myself to this style of gaming, but need help getting there. I plan on submitting an App to the Irregulars, and hopefully that will be the first step in optimizing my PR experience.

    Sorry for the long post...any suggestions?

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    Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

    You are on the right track, KidJesus. Joining the Irregulars and being a part of the PR group with the Irrs is a great way to find people willing to help you learn PR.


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      Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

      Originally posted by Grimmfist View Post
      You are on the right track, KidJesus. Joining the Irregulars and being a part of the PR group with the Irrs is a great way to find people willing to help you learn PR.
      Thanks for getting back so quickly. I really do appreciate it.


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        Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

        The part about PR gaining some steam gave me a giggle. PR has been around for almost 5 years now, so the steam is already there. :D

        As far as your personal woes, I have a few recommendations:
        -Dont be afraid to squad hop. If you get in a squad and nobody is talking, leave and find one that is more communicative.
        -Be on mumble and teamspeak whenever you're playing and make sure your binds are set up and memorized so you can readily communicate with everyone.
        -For everyday pub play on the server, dont expect massive coordination. If you really want to get yourself immersed in that kind of thing, make sure you're around for password nights and scrims.
        -If you're still feeling like a noob, let people know as soon as you join up. Also, dont try and learn in broad strokes, get specific. If you want to learn to play medic, ask for tips on JUST medic. Same thing with any other kit.
        -Use the community. If you have questions about the game, feel free to PM the guys on the forums who you see tearing it up in-game. 99.9% of the time, the folks around here are going to be more than happy to help you out even if its not in-game.
        -Grimm has a great point, the Irregs are a great group of folks who will definitely do their best to show you the ropes.
        -If you feel that the IHS guys are the most organized, dont hesitate to join their squads. Make friends and ask people if they can save you a spot in their squad. Most of the time, you'll get in with a good group.

        Hope those few tidbits help you out.


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          Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

          Hey Jesus, welcome welcome.

          Thank you for spending the time to write of your experiences, I find them useful when people do.

          First off, my key advise would be to be patient. That is to be patient with yourself and the others. I remember my first experiences myself and meeting all sorts. Experiences don’t stop, try to cut yourself some slack whilst learning, and when you’re an old fart cut others slack.

          That leads me to my second point. I’m not sure if you’ve read it yet but here at TG (welcome again) there is the thing called the Primer. It’s the Constitution if you will. Give it a good read if you haven’t, not only is it essential reading (well it's actually mandatory), I found it very useful to understand where TG’s mindest is coming from: that being maturity and community – a them first rather than a me first attitude. You'll find it easiest if you go to the Sticky up top in the main Project Reality forum, which is enititled something like 'Rules, Guidlines, Everything You Need to Know'.

          All that said I believe you were in one of my squads. I hope you found it fun. I try to make it so. That said, you can’t win them all and there will be times of frustration. Go with it as best you can, it wont go away. Also if you are new, tell the Squad Leader, most SL’s will be happy to help (and squad members) and it helps highlight this to them. On a personal note you are welcome to my squad and I will help with as much as I can.

          Finally I’d like to welcome you personally and am glad you found PR, and TG. I hope you find it a great experience. I can assure you that here, those 62 vs 62 players in a virtual chesslike battle does happen often, and that you will be satisfied in this. Don't worry thinking it was a long post you wrote or what others will think of it; it wasn't long nor a nuisance. I’d like to thank you for your input, again personally, I try to hear newcomers’ words as they are the acid test on how I am being in many ways, so’s I can improve.


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            Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

            The real gg's happen every day. It really only takes 4 guys to get a good team going. Those 4 guys start 4 sqs to work together and from there are now 20+ people working close up to accomplish goals.

            Being "noobie" as you called it is not as bad as you think. This mod has been around for years now. lot's of us guys who were around from the start have bad habits from years of game play changes and tactic swings.

            A lot of the things that make a good vBF2, BFBC2, or even counterstrike player transfer over to PR. Everything about the battlefield series in regards to infantry have remained the same. Movements, shooting, finding cover, and most importantly knowing what the bad guy will do is universal to all shooters.

            The main difference in PR is people are better at knowing when they have an advantage over others. In vBF2 you see a guy you shoot a guy. In PR its more important to watch and wait till the stars align and the enemy has no chance.

            A lot of the ins and outs you'll have to learn by doing. Don't be afraid to just jump in and try something. Make a point to let those around you know when you are unfamiliar with something and they will help you. most will even go out of their way to ensure you have a GG yourself.
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              Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

              Another thing to note, try try try as you might to get in on a password night, or a pick em night, its some of the best gameplay you'll ever experience!


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                Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                Definitely use mumble. You will find that even if you can't get into a good squad because they are full or locked, you can still communicate via mumble. If you're not sure how to set it up, ask right here and somebody will definitely help. That said, mumble does not "make the game", but it can make it better.

                Watch and learn is the best advice I can give. Get in a squad with names you recognize. Watch what the SL and other SMs are doing. If you can't find a squad with names you recognize, join a squad that appears to be together on the map. Does the squad leader (SL) have an officer kit? Is the squad near a spawn point?

                When you join a squad, don't automatically spawn in. Deselect a spawn point. Ask the SL where you should spawn and with which kit. Stay close to the SL unless ordered otherwise.

                And while you might not hear anyone else say it, don't be afraid to quit the round if you're not having any fun/can't find a squad/aren't feeling it. Take a break and hop back on in an hour or so. The beginning of a round is the absolute best time to play the game imo.

                Welcome aboard! Look forward to fraggin' with you!


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                  Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                  I read this on the Irreg forum. To be honest, I never had the problem you're having when I joined PR for the first time. I mean, I do remember I got stuck with a bad SL in the very first round, he just wanted the map to be changed so he ordered us to stay at main and shoot friendly trucks (yes, that happened on TG). But that was the last time I had a "little less than good" experience, the rest of the time you will find something to do and you have a couple of standard options:

                  1.- You join a squad and you are satisfied with what's going on, so you stay.
                  2.- You join a squad and realize the SL is not what you expected, you leave and:
                  a.- Find another squad and repeat 1 or 2.
                  b.- You create a squad and try to make the best out of it.

                  The last option is the most "frightening" one, but it is the best option if you want to do what you think the SL on case 2 was not doing. Don't be afraid of taking the iniciative and leading or asking an SL to open a locked squad.

                  The last time I didn't find a squad to join I created the "Birdwatching" squad and I spent the entire round with another guy who had no mic as my medic. We walked around Fallujah marking targets, doing recon missions and it was REALLY fun.

                  What I like the most about PR is that you can do a bunch of things that can help the team, even carrying supplies with a truck is fun sometimes.

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                    Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                    Haha, 'Birdwatching", that's funny.

                    A bunch of good advice here, I will call out
                    - Start with inf and stick with inf for a while. Learn those airborne assets in Cooperative mode until you're an expert or at least good before in Deployment. No one likes a fail pilot, you will do it accidently once in a while anyway, as i do :)
                    - The Mumble thing. Most of the regulars use it. Being able to talk to someone outside of the squad voip is great for asking those questions you don't need the rest of the squad hearing.
                    - Announce yourself as someone who is learning and willing to be taught. Yes, you may find yourself in many squads that will stare blankly at you, it happens. Get a feel for who the regulars are. I can confidently say that 99.9% of them will help you out a lot, or at a minimum tolerate you and show you the ropes if you make a mistake ;)

                    PR is a game where people get frustrated, or have a hell of a time. Other times its an out and out slugfest with each side trying to scrape a win out of a tough battle.
                    Don't get too discouraged if someone get frustrated with you for losing an asset or making a mistake. 1. They're being a dick and it's not very TG like 2. It's because they put so much effort into these rounds, if they see a easily avoided mistake, it stings a bit knowing it set back the effort for the team.

                    Team Team Team.

                    The forum for PR is massive. Take half an hour or an hour a day and just read through some posts going back 2 months or so (It's a lot.) You will gain more insight than you can digest. You may not be able to fully appreciate the content on here, but it truly is amazing IMO. Look for other people announcing they are new, read all of the Stickies up top, the TG Primer, etc.

                    If you see me SLing or in a squad, pop on in.
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                      Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                      Hey KidJesus I posted this a little while ago for new players.

                      "Getting started

                      - Announce yourself on joining the squad and do a very quick mic check.

                      - Hold spawn. Critical. Do not randomly spawn at a firebase or at main.

                      - Wait for the SL to acknowledge you and then if not already told ask what kit the SL needs and where he would like you to spawn.

                      - If your new to PR, say so, you will get help. People generally like helping new players.

                      - Don't take a requestable kit without asking. They are not MW2 unlocks, they are not inherently better than the rifleman kit. They are task specific equipment. If you are not designated to carry out that specific task you may not need that specific kit.

                      Movement and contact

                      - Check your fire condition with your SL, are you free to fire, only to fire when fired upon etc. This is critical as half hour of cautious movement can be undone in a moment of "I have a gun and I am going to stand up and shoot it loud and proud".

                      - Cover your sector. Even if your SL hasn't designated you an area to cover or a fire sector take a look around. Where are the gaps in coverage? Is your rear covered? Is someone watching East? Find an area that is not covered and watch your squad mate's backs.

                      - Be disciplined on comms but don't be afraid to speak. When engaging, identify your target and confirm when it is down. This isn't bragging, this is intel. It let's your SL know which targets are eliminated in which areas and allows him to focus on the remaining threats (plus it is a bit braggy and sounds cool)!

                      Relay information quickly, accurately and concisely, the Sl may have other comms ongoing. If he does not immediately acknowledge you, wait, don't assume he has not heard you or is ignoring you. Only repeat the message if the threat is immediate, as in pulling his bayonet our of your back when you are behind the SL.

                      General comms guidelines

                      - When the Sl is chatting freely, join in, get to know people, have a laugh. When the Sl says, "Hold Comms", "Break", "Wait one" or "Silence Earthlings" stop talking immediately, mid word if necessary. Let the SL deal with his additional comms and process the information and formulate his plan. Be patient, you will be able to chat later.

                      - Mumble usage and the wandering SM. If you are in a squad, be in that squad. Do not wander off and freelance as an appendage to another squad because you can talk to them on mumble. In doing that you are leaving your actual squad a man short, worse still if you are a medic.

                      - If you are running medic, realise your importance to the squad and the fact that it is not a rifleman kit with extra bandages, this ain't BC2. You literally are life and death for your squad and the difference between success and failure. You are the second most important kit in the squad, in bad times the most important. Treat the role with respect and give it 100%.

                      - If you want to use a requestable kit, ask. The Sl may be able to find a use for you in that role but don't pester him about it. He isn't denying you the chance to shoot the giant rocket gun because he just wants to spoil your fun, there may be a genuine reason.

                      General stuff

                      - If you have a question about the plan or a particular tactic, ask, but ask at the right time.
                      -If you are under fire and the SL seems preoccupied, don't be offended, it's because your SL is preoccupied with being shot at. It will hopefully pass and you can chinwag after.
                      - If you have had a good round, say so. Your SL will love to hear that you enjoyed yourself and will appreciate the feedback.

                      - Lastly if your SL says he is going for a smoke or to get more ice for his drink, make absolutely no comment whatsoever, at all. That's your best policy on that one, trust me."

                      - Be the player who follows orders without complaint.
                      - Play realistically, it works, if you die once because someone 'gamed the game' accept it, 99 times out of a 100 realism will see you through.
                      - Select rifleman if you're unsure which kit, don't start taking requestable kits (i.e. marksman) because you missed a shot with a standard rifle. Instead get better with the standard riflle and then have 30 rounds per mag to put down range.
                      - Be the guy who looks at his squad and realises they have no one watching south, cover that sector and STAY covering it till its time to move
                      - Be the guy who covers the lemmings sprinting across the street with no overwatch, every time
                      - Think when you play
                      - When you have learned something, pass it on and help those around you, be selfless because there will always be a suplus of those who aren't

                      If you see me on the server ask for an invite, (I run infantry), sounds like I would be lucky to have you in my squad.


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                        Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                        Hey, and Welcome To PR!
                        The above posts are all stuff you should read and get to know, and I cant say i've much to add to that but if you ever see me on the TG server, feel free to ask any questions that you might have, I'd be happy to help!


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                          Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                          Wow. What an overwhelming response in such a short time... I can see why TG has such an excellent reputation!

                          Thank you all for the knowledge and warm wishes, I will certainly heed your advice. One of the first things I did when I joined the site is read the Primer and all the little threads to help new users get started. Like one of you mentioned, many of the different aspects of PR can only be learned by doing. I can't wait to get into my first Password/Scrim match as you've called them; sounds like a blast.

                          Also, just to clarify....when I mentioned about PR gaining steam, I just meant as the PR community grows and converts more mainstream players. As it is now, I believe PR (and games like it) to be a sort of niche. As some mentioned, you've been playing PR for years...yet I only just heard of it 2 weeks ago. Now that I have discovered this style of play and yearn for it more and more, I just hope that more players like me will convert to PR so that there is more of an opportunity for quality matches and variety of match styles. Obviously I'm new, but from the way it looks now, there are only a handful of really active servers with full matches, and from all of the forum reading I've been doing I have seen many complaining about "quiet servers" or just expressing their concern about a thin (but high quality) community.

                          Anyways, I thank you all again for responding and I will definitely be looking forward to getting into some games with you all and learning this incredible mod!


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                            Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                            Oh, and one more thing!

                            I have been trying to use Mumble, but not really sure if I am properly...I wasn't able to find any practical tutorials on the web. I know how to connect to the PR server and I think I am able to bind the necessary keys and go through the audio wizard, etc...but once connected to the PR server I am a bit lost. I see all the different servers, and see the different Squads and things within them. I don't really understand how to use it. Do I connect to the server I will be playing on beforehand? Do I need to be in a specific group or squad? How do I connect to specific ones? What if things change within the I supposed to minimize it and make the necessary changes in Mumble?

                            A bit confused.


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                              Re: The Frustration of a PR Noob

                              Just join the TG channel in mumble and game server in PR ;) Usually has people in it, not hard to stumble across. Make sure you're running Mumble in Administrator mode if you're running vista/7.
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