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Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

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  • Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

    Approved ribbons through December 14, 2010. Congratulations gentlemen!

    I haven't posted ribbons recently (since August) since I have been in the process of moving from Germany to Texas. I hope I have captured all of the ribbons that were approved since the last post.


    Distinguished Squad Leader (Class II)

    Who: Almightylion

    What: Distinguished Squad Leader.

    When: 28.09.2010

    Where: Kozelsk. Project Reality


    It takes a special something for me to write a nomination. I try to make them special. Ribbons are special. Today is such a case with Almightylion. I have always been impressed with his ability to involve new players whilst being able to be clear in communication with the team; he always involves those that seemingly are minnows or not part of the pack.

    Today I joined Alimightylion’s squad and was, as all were, greeted with a friendly welcome. Not only this it was a humble welcome; he gave the impression he was genuinely pleased that we had chosen his squad. Throughout the game he always acted with curtsey and was quick to friendlily disregard a mistake with a cheerful shrug. This made all the squad like him and want to work for him because he showed them respect.

    Furthermore, was Almightylion’s ability to clearly see the map as a whole and intercommunicate with other squads. Because of this he was able to give instructions to the squad always guiding them of the route to take and why. Because of this we understood the purpose of our missions. Furthermore, we were able act as a squad covering and covering fire, or taking positions as a unit. He would always instruct who was to cover or lay down fire and what is more, to give out clear targets. If a squad member had spotted a target he was usually second to see them and lay a mark. If not he often was the first.

    His awareness of the situation around him and those around him enabled him to know enemy footsteps, or a member of his squad had fallen, and what impressed me the most was his ability to use terrain in such a way to maximize the squad; he would fall back or onto a position of superiority, or use a route that would maximise impact, instead of rushing a target. An example of this would be to support another squad or lay up at a key position, often in an area that would not seem the usual kind of play but an area that would again maximise impact. His ability, skill and clarity, and not least humility demonstrated to the squad: we understood him. Not only did we never question his reasoning, we simply could see exactly why. We became as skilled as he. It was such our squad was formidable. Often interacting with another squad that Almightylion supported and interacted with in mumble. Both squads had a high kill ration to their deaths. I mention this because our squad had something like 25 kills to 3, the other something like 30 to 5. I can speak as a member that this includes in our squad players joining it sometime through. These players may have been new or inexperienced but soon found Almightylion to be accommodating, and they willing to listen and be with the squad. And so did I. I believe we all did.

    I am sorry for the length. Please cut it to fit. It does not describe aptly the on the ground point by point skill, and I find my words too weak to describe it suffice to say I was impressed by his attitude to people and his skill at reading the situation and being clear, and to be able to form a group under him that we all acted as one and understood the unit and the situation around us. Finally one of the other squad we were supporting, since we didn’t always meet and then but once as two full squads, called out to us as he came in behind with his squad: “Hey that’s the legendary Squad 3”. I found that a rather nice thing to say about us and the camaraderie. That, is the best picture of what I tried to describe above of what it was like, the example of how we felt because of his leadership.

    Again I am sorry for the length. I don’t write nominations often and not as much as I should but I also try to keep them special for what they are. I hope you take my nomination for consideration, and as I believe Almightylion has Distinguished Squad Leader Class 1, I tender my hope that although dismayed at my unskilled words of description, it will still be recognised what I am trying to purvey and that this nomination will reach those that would consider him for a higher ranking class in this field.
    ************************************************** **********

    Distinguished Air Calvary (Class I)

    WHO: |XV| hotfranc

    Game/Server: Project Reality

    Place and Time: Saturday September 26th 2010 Kashan Desert

    Nomination: I want to nominat Hoftranc for the air cavallery ribbon. Toegether with his pilot LP Ludacriskill he crewed one of the Apache attack helicopters and provided close air support for the team. He responded quickly to air support requests all over the combat zone and kept an determined enemy in check enaging succsefully armored targets and ground troops alike with the apache. The apache alone accounted for over 50 kills and numerous destroyed enemy assets helping greatly to achieve victory against a skilled enemy.

    I personally saw him take out with his pilot Luacriskill various pieces of armor and effectively engaging hostile infantery over the Kashan bunker area which my squad was defending. On the map I saw him engaged in various regions of the combat zone, but was not able to see some of his kills, because I was grounded at bunkers, along with my squad. I am sure the reaction to further cas requests was just as effective judging by the ammount of kills the cobra accrued.

    ************************************************** **********

    Recommended Award: Valorous Unit


    -Zissou (Class I)
    -Northplum (Class I)
    -Gijoe (Class I)

    -Xsoldier (Class II)

    Namebot (Class III)

    Game/Server: Project reality 0.95 tactical gamer server

    Place and Time: October 23 2010 TG server, Qwai River 16

    I am nominating my squad for valorous unit class 2 because throughout the round they performed excellent on a squad and individual level. For a lot of the game we were by ourselves with few friendlies around, on the enemy's capable Flag, with no nearby FBs. The round started with us taking a transport Humvee to objective 60 where with my excellent driving I drove off the land bridge and we walked the rest of the way as the Humvee lay in the river. When arriving to the flag we had already lost a friendly Humvee at it, we engaged the enemy squad and after taking a few wounded were able to wipe the enemy squad. As we attempted to regroup and revive we took sniper fire from the north, and incoming infantry from south and southwest, because of the overwhelming enemies we fell back along the river. From this position Plum, Namebot, and zissou held their positions while me and xsoldier killed the enemy snipers(joe had CTDed). After more enemy assaults and me trying to make a push south the squad was wiped and re spawned at 56 which was under attack by the china team.

    At 56 we encountered an enemy squad and enemies flanking to the south, after we dealt with them taking a few deaths we walked across the north bridge to the south of 60. Here we set up in a group of hills and killed atleast 2 enemy squads on the flag before we were able to kill their FB with help from another friendly squad. After capping the flag we started receiving attacks from the west , because the enemy had what looked like a FB at estate. As we pushed SW to get on the enemy's flank as they moved on 60 and to kill the enemy FB objective 60, objective 60 went neutral so we immediately fell back and were able to recap quickly. We stayed and defended from the hills until we took very accurate mortar fire and our team had capped obj. 57. With 4 members of the squad killed by the mortars we respawned at fishing village where we regrouped in the hills above obj. 57. We let the team do the initial attack on the china main base, they were able to get it neutral and kill a large amount of the enemy but weren't able to finish the cap. So we moved in and cleaned up the few remaining enemies and ended the round.

    The squad did everything that was needed from covering when reviving, covering to throw grenades, suppressing the enemy when elements went on their flank and helping other squads the best we could. What we did couldn't have been accomplished without the personal skill of the squad members, we were taking on numbers larger than us and with nearby spawns yet were still able to win the fights because of this excellent squad. In the end we finished with a k/d of 86/16.

    ************************************************** **********

    Keep up the good work, and keep those nominations coming in for outstanding performance!


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    Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

    Good stuff, congrats to all :)



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      Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

      Congrats all!!!!

      OLD GUYS RULE!!!!

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        Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

        Congrats guys! :]


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          Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010



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            Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

            Yeah that was an awesome round on Qwai River. Somehow we were beating back squad after squad even though we weren't at some points at strategically advantageous terrain. We weren't against a bad team either. That was some good stuff right there.

            Congrats to all.

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              Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

              Better late than never...sorry it took so long to post - was busy moving.


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                Re: Approved Ribbons through December 14, 2010

                Congratulations everyone, well deserved! :D




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