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My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

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  • My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

    Before I start I want to say that I really hope you guys don't see this as whining, ranting or me being over sensitive. I just think it's a rather serious problem which should be brought up (Even if I do have a suspicion that it was discussed in the past).

    I like the idea of pw-nights and pick-'ems. I really do.
    And I like hanging around in the lobby waiting to be picked, trash-talking and just listen to you guys tearing each other apart. It's great!

    But as soon as we joined the server and everyone's joined, I really think we should stop behaving like idiots (I do include myself) and keep up at least something that's comparable to discipline!
    And by that I mean, no chatter over mumble or voip, no gunfire, no HATs shooting over a crowd of people, no grenades, trip flares, team kills, started vehicles, boxing matches or running around like crazy.
    Sure, it MAY be fun for the people doing all that stuff, but it's not fun for the rest of the team and it hurts EVERYONE involved because the COs are not able to communicate with the team and the SLs.

    Honestly, I think it's a disgrace that a bunch of mature people who're playing in a mature community are simply not able to just stfu for 20 minutes and keep the index fingers off the mouse button. Are we really that childish? Do we really need to act like a bunch of adolescent dudes in the school yard?
    Come on, we're better than that.
    I saw people leaving because they were fed up with this - sorry - bull****.
    Is it really worth it? I don't think so.

    Fooling around, talking stupid crap is all good and I'm the last person who would want a community in which those things are completely taboo. But please, have a little sense for the right moment.
    And pw- or pick-'em nights are certainly NOT the right place or the right moment for that kind of stuff.

    It's really absurd. The rules specificly say that those nights are to be taken very seriously, that the rules are even more important than on any other night. (And to be honest, we do claim to be a mature and above average community, right?)
    And yet, pw's and pick-'ems are far worse than any other random game!
    Really, I don't understand it and I really don't think that there's a reasonable explaination for that kind of crap.
    So I really hope we can agree that PWs and pick-'ems are to be taken seriously and that at least a little discipline and restraint shouldn't be too much to expect from a group of people around 16-50 (+- whatever).

    So yeah... Hope everyone (Yes, me too) thinks about that.
    And I honestly hope that the Scrim will be different from today.

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    Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

    Good post, I know the last event that I attended which was over a year ago, people were being banned for the stuff you described!!

    Maybe a quick post in the CAA might do a it of good??

    Way to bring this up though.....M.R.C- Manner, Respect, and Cooperation!

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      Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

      Really? Stop password nights because people are acting dumb before hand? All it takes is to tell them to stop or have the CO do it if they dont listen. Speak out and tell them what to do, it's not that hard. As Marines say police your own. 10mins of fooling around shouldnt cancel password nights, even if it is stupid it's not the end of the world or worth the wall of text.

      BTW last pickem I did with MasterJacks team, we had no issues after announcing for people to not shoot or get in the choppers.

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        Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

        It has always baffled me that admins actually need to utter the phrase "I'm not unbanning any autobans from TK" in order to control the population.


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          Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

          I dont think he said anything about cancelling or ceasing password or pick-em nights. He's just voicing a concern with the way the players are behaving, and he's absolutely right.

          The bottom line is that there is a place and time for everything. Yes, we come here to have fun, but not everyone shares the same idea of what "fun" is. As Jack said above, there have definitely been instances of people being kicked and/or banned for screwing around during the pre-game.

          If you want to joke around and act like fools, then do it at the appropriate place and time. The TG server during an event is NOT that time. If thats too hard, dont show up.

          However, to ankyle's credit, there are measures that can be taken to stop the stupidity in its tracks. Have the SLs and COs tell people to stop horsing around. If they keep doing it, then the admins can get involved. Disobeying SL/CO orders is against the rules and the admins have little patience for people making an idiot-fest out of an event.


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            Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

            There's always people speaking up. SLs, the CO, just SMs... today even our CO got TKd... I mean... seriously?
            The problem is, that there's 30 guys in a pretty small area, everyone wants and needs to listen to the one guys who's supposed to talk and has to somehow hear him through the white noise of stupidity. When grenades go off, you mostly don't know who it was. Teamkills happen fast and often you don't even have the time to look who TKd whom since you try to get at least SOME information out of the chaos.
            And somehow... there's of course some kind of restraint to report everyone who's doing stupid stuff... I don't know why, maybe because of the sheer amount of stuff going on. (In the end you want to play and not end up with half your team kicked of in a heated debate about falsely reported incidents or whatever else.

            I just don't get it. I like to jerk around, but I can keep my fingers off the WSAD keys and the fire button. What's so damn hard about that?
            I just wouldn't like to see people really getting banned over such stupidity. Yes, it may help. But it would also end with people being upset and discussions and whatnot...

            (What I just don't get is... if we don't grasp the opportunity of better than usual planned games, better tactics and a complete hirarchy from CO to SM, why would we even want to do such events? Why bother if we just misuse them for stupid crap?)


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              Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

              Thats where you're wrong Vouk. If the CO and SLs say shut up and nobody does, start reporting them. If people are TKing, regardless of how fast the messages go by on your screen, the tools the admins use allow them to go back and look. All you have to do is pipe up and say something to the admins.

              If we want to solve the problem, we have to SOLVE THE PROBLEM, not ignore it by sitting around and doing nothing or discontinuing events where the problem happens.


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                Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                Yeah, you're right.
                But it always feels somewhat... snitchy x]


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                  Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                  Hey Vouk,

                  I think tonight went a little more hectic than usual because during the planning phase we only had one admin in the pw night (me) and he was pushed into the Commander role so we could start the pw night. Donrhos did butt in and made the comment he was serious about taking action against people goofing around in planning phase, but it didn't seem to get to some people.

                  However, you are right. There needs to be a different attitude going into the planning phase than what we have now. I know previous password nights have enforced no firing/hopping in assets. I don't know why people who are long time members of TG and been apart of those password nights where it was enforced feel they can go on and mess around during the planning phase in recent password nights. Personally, I think it's similar to a different parent. Couldn't do it with Dad, but now I'm with my Mom and she lets me get away with it so I'll do it. Hopefully, if we have more password/pickems this will be understood by more community members and enforced more aggressively.
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                    Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                    Hear, hear!

                    I've just started to go AFK during the planning phase. Let me know when recess is over, yeah?
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                      Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                      Not trying to troll, but my first thought when I saw the thread title was, man that guy has issues :P.

                      I know when I squad lead, especially during an event, there is no BS allowed. You start to goof off, go on your own, kicked from squad. And on TG that can be as lethal as a kick from the server since you have to be in a squad. Thank you for bringing this up Vouk, its important that we as a community evaluate and reflect on our accomplishments and mistakes. It's part of what make TG great :)


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                        Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                        Vouk its not snitching, its acting like an adult, respecting our rules, respecting other people ie the time they spend setting up events, the people trying to plan and communicate etc.

                        I have always had an issue with this kind of behaviour. People complain the planning takes a long time but delay it further by acting like an idiot. I have been very busy lately which has meant one less admin, more pressure in those that remain. The fact that we had 2 admins with their hands full who were apparently ignored in their requests for people to follow our behaviour guidelines does not sit well with me.

                        If you want more pw nights and events, start acting like it, have a bit of courtesy, respect and commonsense. If people will not behave report them, at the very least advise them and then make sure you are not adding to the disruption. Then the admins can deal with them and everyone else can get on with playing.

                        I will be around a lot more now, especially over the holidays, my solution is simple, you were aware of what is expected on pw night, if you choose to disrupt them and ignore admins the hammer will fall. Nobody wants that, it shouldn't come to that, but it will and those affected will have only themselves to blame.


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                          Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                          It was my understanding that on password nights and events, the TG tags carry even more weight than they usually do, or at least that used to be the rules. That is, something that might have gotten you off with a warning on a late friday night game carried a kick or temp-ban, etc. with no exceptions.

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                            Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems

                            Damn good post Vouk.

                            I was VERY pissed off yesterday during planning phase, I meant every word i typed too.
                            It it ridiculous that you cant sit by your frikkin computer and just wait for 10-15 minutes..
                            How do you survive in real life? Ever called the phonecompany and gotten put on hold?
                            Do you start shooting your neighbours if you do?
                            Grow up.


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                              Re: My issues with pw-nights and pick-'ems


                              I think you're spot on. As Wickens said, don't feel like a snitch.

                              Snitching exists in places that are governed by the lawless and where disrepecting the law is considered normal. If this were the case for the majority of our server population believe me it wouldn't be able to host a password night.

                              If anything MORE people need to do this. And it doesn't have to be on a public thread.

                              Calling someone out publicly wether a regular, new player or admin because you think they are breaking the TG code is something you have to weigh the risks of doing.
                              Public forums can change the whole dynamic of the point you're trying to make and it can turn into a flame fest or someone defending a bruised ego.

                              In this circumstance though, I think the public forum was a great place for this post.

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