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  • [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]


    It's been a long time coming!

    Seeing how nothing has come out of the Tactical Gamer Special Event Submissions thread or Jafar's Scenario PW Night Proposal thread recently, I have decided to take it upon myself to get the ball rolling again. Being the Zombie enthusiast that I am, I only found it fitting to propose having a Zombie Night.

    I posted this thread in the public forums to see how many of you would be interested in participating in this little escapade of mine and to hopefully bring to light the concept of Scenario Nights. This proposal has been on my brain for quite awhile now, so I have come up with some ideas of my own. Let me know what you think. Don't be afraid to throw out some of your own ideas to make this event more enjoyable; that is the whole point of this thread.

    Without further ado, I'd like to present you all with my conceptualization of, "Zombie Night."

    The map is Al Basrah.

    General Information/Background of Zombie Night

    * There are two teams: Survivors (BLUFOR) and Zombies (OPFOR)

    * The Zombies outnumber the Survivors approximately 3:1 (46 vs. 16).

    * For the Survivors to win, they must complete their objective(s) (Re: Objectives) before time runs out and without being bitten by a Zombie (killed by OPFOR).

    * For the Zombies to win, they must prevent the Survivors from completing their objectives by biting (stabbing with knife) and infecting them all, or by delaying them long enough for time to expire.

    * Once a Survivor has been bitten by a Zombie, he has become infected and must immediately switch teams to continue the round as a Zombie.


    The objectives for the Survivors are as follow:

    Leave the starting location and make your way through the infested city to the rendezvous location while staying within the combat zone (Re: Area of Operations). Once at the rendezvous location, hold position until reinforcements arrive. Oh, and don't get bit!

    See the Rules/Gameplay Mechanics section for more specific directions!!!

    Starting point for Survivors

    Rendezvous location

    Area of Operations

    The combat zone

    Pretty self-explanatory. Everything that is within the red border and not shaded out is within the combat zone.

    Note that no team can enter the water, thus making the two bridges leading to the rendezvous location vital crossing points for both teams.

    Bridge #1

    Bridge #2

    Mumble Exclusive/VoIP Disabled

    I would like to try this out. I feel that by disabling VoIP and relying only on Mumble's 3D positional audio, the players will be much more immersed in their surroundings.

    Hopefully this will lead to teammates sticking close together for protection, not to mention the moments of sheer terror!

    ** Rules/Gameplay Mechanics **

    There will be an initial planning stage for both teams at the beginning of the round for the duration of 10 minutes (4:00:00 - 3:50:00).

    During this time, the Survivors are not to leave their initial starting point.

    At this point, the Zombies are allowed to roam about the City, Island, and Refinery sectors to build Hideouts.
    Note: Only one Hideout per sector. You cannot build on the island with the rendezvous location.




    Note: These Hideouts can be destroyed by the Survivors. However, they (the Survivors) cannot incendiary them to completely wipe them off the map. The Zombies are allowed to rebuild them as they please.

    Once the planning stage is over, the Survivors must immediately leave their initial starting point and attempt to get to the rendezvous location.

    The Survivors have 20 minutes (3:50:00 - 3:30:00) to get to the rendezvous location. If they fail to get there in time, they immediately turn into Zombies and must switch teams. If none of the Survivors make it to the rendezvous location, the game is over and the Zombies win.

    The Survivors that do make it to the rendezvous location must now hold their position for 10 minutes (3:30:00 - 3:20:00) until reinforcements arrive.
    Note: Once the Survivors have made it to the rendezvous location and are holding their position until reinforcements arrive, they cannot leave the area.

    If the Survivors manage to hold their position until reinforcements arrive, then they win the game.

    Pay close attention to the rules.

    1.) No entering/using vehicles for either team.

    2.) All players must stay within the combat zone (Re. Area of Operations).

    3.) Survivors cannot climb any ladders to get on top of buildings/roofs. Zombies can.
    Note: The one exception to this rule is if the Survivors are within the rendezvous location.

    4.) If you're a Survivor and are bitten by a Zombie, you must immediately switch teams; be honest!

    5.) The Survivors can only use the Rifleman kit (optics or iron sights); no requestable kits.
    (Maybe just shotguns and pistols instead?)
    Note: You can pick up kits off your fallen comrades for ammo, but you cannot pick up any kits dropped by Zombies.

    6.) Zombies can only use kits that are issued knives (no civilians).
    Note: You cannot pick up any kits dropped by Survivors, even if they have knives.

    7.) No destroying the bridges (c'mon now...).

    What I Need From The Admins

    * The Tactical Gamer server.

    * Removal of the "man-down" time (critically wounded).
    Note: I don't know if this is possible to change as a server setting.

    * 15 second respawn time.

    * Someone to make sure the rules are upheld?

    * Your support.

    In Closing...

    I'm sure I have forgotten to mention something in this long-winded post, so if you see something missing just holler at me.

    I have tried to make this as easy on the admins as possible. Very little things needed to be edited if at all. If everything goes well, we should be able to do several rounds of "Zombies," giving everyone a chance to be the Survivors.

    I'm really looking forward to everyone's comments and ideas.

    I haven't seen Tactical Gamer run a Scenario Night in ages, so I'm hoping to see this problem remedied. Maybe these kind of events will even become a monthly occurrence?

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    Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

    This sounds like fun. I like how everything is spelled out, though I wonder if grenades shouldn't be disallowed for survivors? Smoke? Only semi-auto?

    I'd be interested.


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      Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

      Great work Savage! Having everyone on the same mumble would be good too. So you can hear the zombies and the zombies can hear you!!
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        Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

        Originally posted by mcgann View Post
        great work savage! Having everyone on the same mumble would be good too. So you can hear the zombies and the zombies can hear you!!


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          Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

          Looks all good to me, allow officers too?


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            Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

            Can't wait to try it.

            But if I may have a suggestion, change the rendezvous time to 28 minutes instead of 20 and call this round "28 MINUTES LATER".

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              Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

              Sounds good. Some insight from a UKWF version I played on:
              - At that time, the Specialist kit wasn't restricted. So Blu could ONLY use pistols and shotties. You could bring rifleman for ammo, but he couldn't fire the rifle. I forget about medic if it was permitted or not, I don't think it was.

              The shotty I think gives the zombies more of a fighting chance. It's limited range/ammo supply make it even more stressful on the survivors to conserve ammo and cover their sectors. They can see zombies in the distance and do nothing about it! (Where is that one going? I lost it, crap... OMGGGGG!)
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                Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                sounds good

                a map edit to have the correct AO, and maybe a flag to show the RV point can easily be made

                and through the serverconfig files you can change all behaviour to do with respawn and kit limiting

                should be a good laugh!
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                  Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                  This looks awesome Silly. Very thought out and I like the graphical presentations.

                  I would support it.


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                    Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                    I would love this, and fantastic work on the presentation.
                    I'd say pisotls and shotties, and grenades as a last ditch weapon? (i.e. only dropping?)
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                      Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                      Good idea, sounds pretty fun. Shotguns only would be good as it would give the zombies a better chance to get closer since they have shorter range.

                      I think grapples should be restricted as well.
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                        Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                        Only rifleman irons and scoped are allowed atm, no shotties or ropes.


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                          Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                          Originally posted by chrisweb89 View Post
                          Only rifleman irons and scoped are allowed atm, no shotties or ropes.
                          I understand that, but he put a note saying that shotguns and pistols only might be an option. I guess it'd be up to the community to show what they think would be best. Since pilot kits aren't limited, everyone could at least get a pistol..
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                            Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                            The shotgun along with the pistol are both really low ammo weapons and if this is a prolonged event they would run low. Considering that anyone on blufor dying makes another zombie and at most only 4 shotguns and 4 officers I don't see it being too unbalanced.


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                              Re: [Event] Zombie Night [Proposal][Feedback]

                              Originally posted by chrisweb89 View Post
                              Only rifleman irons and scoped are allowed atm, no shotties or ropes.
                              Specialist should be an option but just no use of the grapple allowed. Plus its Basrah so the British kit only has the shotgun, no rifle.

                              No smoke or grenades would be wise as well, many zombies 'use smell' like in 28 xyz later series so they'd be able to go through it. Zombies with thermals, if you will.
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