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Yet Another Year to come..

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  • Yet Another Year to come..

    Warning: The following post will contain very warm and friendly words.
    The only purpose of the thread will be to make everyone feel perhaps a little bit more loved.
    Please refrain from reading any further if you cannot stand too much forum-love. :)

    Exactly 2 years ago I joined a community called TacticalGamer,
    because I had experienced a whole new world of pc-gaming on their Project Reality server.
    So I decided to have a look onto their website and registered.
    One thing let to another and I started to realise that having to wait and click for about 10+ minutes to get into the server was quite annyoing
    so I begged my dad to buy me a month's membership.
    He eventually started to play PR himself and so we both ended up with a year's membership. :D (btw thanks dad)

    I had so much fun that I had not even noticed that a year had already past so it was time to begg my dad again,
    but he had already extended our memberships. (btw thanks dad)

    So, today my membership for the last year ran out and this thread is basically a farewell.
    A farewell to year 2010 here at TG and a BIG WELCOME to 2011 ,of course, at no other place than TacticalGamer.
    (btw thanks dad for extending it once more, but enough love for you for now)

    A big thanks to our great admins and to everyone else who makes this community such a nice place to stay.
    Yet there is another year to come and I really can't wait for it to end to bother you once more with such a thread.
    Jokes aside, I am looking forward to this next year and to what the future (for PR) holds.

    Oh and I lied to you. I decided to give this thread another purpose besides pure love.
    We need some embarrassment in here.
    This was my first post here on the forums, feel free to post yours aswell.

    Originally posted by STealthBanana View Post
    hey guys.
    STealthBananaaa is my in game name. (Don't ask me how stealthy bananas can
    facts about me:
    -LB whore
    -Sniper teaming is one of my favourite in game features.
    -always the volunteer for medic -.-
    -always SL on Tad Sea.
    -definately talking to much on Voip. so be prepared. :D
    -building FB with me as your SL is a pain in the ass. everything's gotta be perfect. I apologise right away.
    -playing since 0.75. though 0.8 came out 2 days after i downloaded it..grr.
    -teamplaying since Bf2 vanilla (Texas Team Players) still playing bf2. just for the fun.
    -first thing to say when i die: god dang it...etc
    -swearing a lot.
    -someone to be nice to squad up with. not because i think so,no :D, because lots of ppl say so..well yeah.


    cya on the field.
    well it is pretty akward to see how I used to write two years ago.


    We snipe the TG way

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    Re: Yet Another Year to come..

    I remember when I first started playing on TG. I came from a 2142 clan which took a tactical approach to the game. This got me interested in PR. I read from a bunch of people about how TG was one of the better servers out there. I really started to play here the most when we were running the .876d serverpatch (I believe it was) when it came out. (I really enjoyed the limited rallies.)
    I was a horrible squad-leader and was mostly afraid to lead squads when I first started playing. This community helped me build my own leadership skills over time and thank everybody for that.

    Everyone here at TG deserves some kind of reward for the outstanding community we have created. Much love to you all... :P
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark


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      Re: Yet Another Year to come..

      Heh. You made me nostalgic and I had to go look up my first post(s) to see if I ever did an introductory. Nope. All my first posts on this name were always explaining or congratulating. I did find a post where I was banned and wrote the CAA in a wrong forum though. That was funny to see and a very long time ago. We all mature and learn our surroundings soon enough. I've been around TG for way too long and playing Battlefield the entire time. So many faces gone now. There were a lot of good guys.
      "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
      -Antoine De Saint-Exupery


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        Re: Yet Another Year to come..

        Thats pretty cool that you played with your dad, what's his name?


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          Re: Yet Another Year to come..

          Your father is watching you.....from the 189th bunker.....


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            Re: Yet Another Year to come..

            Yea, Ive been playin here for like a couple months since like mid summer last year and for the year and a half I played before that I played just on random pub servers, and since coming to TG i have never regretted it, TG has to have some of the most talented, most teamwork, and simply best players, just a great community, had most of my most intense and close rounds on this server and simply some games that were just epic battles, thank you to everyone in the community for makin it such an awesome server and commmunity


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              Re: Yet Another Year to come..

              I just started. :D
              No stories yet. But I hope to get some this year.


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                Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                Congrats on a mighty fine two years SB! Time flies around here! For you new(er) guys, you'll be looking back on this thread in the blink of an eye and be saying "wow, that was a year ago?" and have plenty of stories to throw in the mix.

                I can remember the first day I played on TG, almost 7 years ago (no, I'm not miscalculating based on my join date over there on the left...i wasnt always Ferris you know) and I can remember the day the 6th went live, which will be four years ago this april. I can certainly echo many of the statements I've seen here about how great TG is and continues to be. I have never had a second thought about joining the community. Each and every person I've run into in the community has brought something new and different to the table and thats what makes this place so unique. So many people, so many backgrounds, all with one common goal and a home to continuously pursue it. Simply awesome.

                Oh, and by the way, your friendly content development team is working on some really cool stuff in the weeks and months to come, not just for the PR community, but for TG as a whole. I'm not going to give any details whatsoever, but I have no doubt that everyone is going to like what we've got cookin'. So this year to come is certainly going to be a great one!


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                  Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                  I'm always watching ... and ... beside you're my pride and joy, I have to say that your skills are much higher now (includes your knowledge of English language). :p



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                    Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                    Originally posted by DarkDancer View Post
                    I'm always watching ... and ... beside you're my pride and joy, I have to say that your skills are much higher now (includes your knowledge of English language). :p


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                      Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                      Russians were victorious on Silent Eagle.

                      Also, thanks to AnimalMother and all the other folks who were in my Assault Infantry squad on Al Basrah. Most fun and most effective I've ever been as a squad leader.
                      My first post here, back in late March last year.
                      Whether by air or on land
                      foes crumble at my command.

                      JaFaR Ironclad, at your service.


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                        Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                        I do not want to go near my first forum casserole that had been dipped in sewer water.

                        Playing PR for the first time was amazing, I wish it still was sometimes.



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                          Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                          Originally posted by JaFaR Ironclad View Post
                          My first post here, back in late March last year.
                          that basrah round was great fun, full squad with ironsights taking it to the ins team.

                          just tried to find my first post, but it seems it was this time last year roughly despite me having joined up in Jul 09. Major lurking it seems

                          edit: found it

                          Originally posted by AnimalMother View Post
                          >Reason why: Makes communications so much easier, be it as inf - inf, inf - apc, inf - heli, tank - CAS, inf - CAS, or as seperate armour/air units within a squad

                          my favourite few things are as an inf SL being pinned down having my guys in cover as i run back to talk to an APC to get some fire support. or as trans pilot being able to ask without typing (which is hard inflight) where they want to go.

                          overall i love mumble
                          and i still love mumble
                          Ex TG-31st LR
                          "Is it the 31st policy to have hott women as their avatars? Because if so that's a pretty baddass policy." - Pvt. brokeback

                          Arte et Marte


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                            Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                            My first post, back in 2008:

                            Originally posted by Fivenine
                            Fivenine. I became SM yesterday. Got tired of being kicked from the server and also wanted to support this great community. I doesn't work for me at the moment, can't join the server when there's 62 slots occupied.
                            "Danger could be my middle name, but it's John..." Eddie Izzard


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                              Re: Yet Another Year to come..

                              Of course, my first post was in 'The beer thread'!

                              Originally posted by ThirdSin View Post
                              Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss Premium - A great German wheat

                              Thomas Hooker Irish Red Ale - A simple smooth and delicious brew

                              You might be able to find these depending where you live (US). The Julius Echter perhaps more likely, but if you have a decent relationship with your local packy (sorry, new england slang for liquor store) you can ask to see if they will order for you.
                              This is likely the case for most of the beers discussed in the thread, if you frequent the same store, the people there (the owners) probably recognize you (as an alcoholic).
                              This also assumes you go to the mom and pop shops, support local business!
                              btw, love that this evolved into a 'first post' thread. Ohhh memories.
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