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  • Official PR 2011 Movie Awards

    For those of you interested.

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]Matrox

    To celebrate community made videos, whether gameplay footage or machinmas, the Project Reality Team will be dedicating a night, tied in with the Oscars, to give our budding directors the recognition they deserve. To find out more about entering the awards process, continue reading...

    If you wish to enter a video you have created, simply pm me copying and pasting the template below. For your video to accepted, it must be within my inbox by Sunday 20th February 2300 PRT. Any entrants made after that time will not be entered into this years competition. The videos will be judged by a small panel of team members. They will then whittle down 4 nominees for each category (10 for the community choice). The nominees will be announced on Wednesday 23rd February, and the poll for the community choice award is opened. On Sunday 27th at 2000 PRT, the winners will be announced, and the awards will be dished out (userbars and bragging rights).

    • You may only enter your own videos, no stealing anyone else's work. If it was a joint effort, you must have permission of your co-workers to enter (actors do not count)
    • You may enter as many categories as you wish, but may only enter one video per category, so choose wisely which movie you wish to put forward for our consideration.
    • Your video may be from any year as long as its before the closing date.
    • The videos you enter must adhere to forum rules. No pornographic images, no offensive material, no realistic jihad/suicide videos. Swearing will be tolerated in moderation.
    • The judges will remain anonymous. Feedback and scores will be given for nominated films only. I am not a judge, so don't try bribing me (Gifts are ok however. I've really been after a little desk thing to be honest for my room, something to work off. As I've now got two screens for my PC and my xbox, I'm struggling to find somewhere for studying and work. Something like a black glass table would be cool, but not wood. I hate wood. I think it just looks ugly and old, and I want to be hip and modern like all the cool kids in town.)
    • The judges decision is final. This isn't Project Reality has got talent, although we will strive to be fair and impartial.


    Best Motion Picture - Overall, which film we feel is created to the highest standard. It covers the directing, acting, editing and overall scripting of the final product.

    Best Cinematography - Encompassing the visual side of the film, this takes into account the editing, lighting, and camera angles of the movie, and what effect it has on the video as a whole.

    Best Instructional Video - This will be based on how effective the video is in educating the public regarding the topic at hand, and the way the information is transferred to the audience.

    Best Gameplay Video - Based upon non-scripted raw gameplay, this will be decided based upon what we feel portrays Project Reality the way it was meant to be played. Teamwork, end goal focus, and the usage of a variety of assets will prevail here.

    [R-Dev]Fuzzhead's Leadership Award - Based upon non-scripted raw gameplay, this award is given to those who show a high level of leadership in either a commander or Squad Leader role. Keeping calm under pressure, a good knowledge of the officer kit and it's roles, and the ability to effectively manage your team mates will score highly.

    [R-Dev]Chuc Award - Based upon non-scripted raw gameplay, this award is given to those who excel at infantry marksmanship. By either killing an enemy from a mile away, or taking on an entire army and surviving, the only word apt enough to describe your actions is "ninja".

    Clausewitz award - This award will go to the video which shows off some of the larger scale battles featuring air and land based vehicles, as well as infantry. We want shock and awe!

    Best Unconventional video - A video that shows skill and knowledge in Project Reality's unconventional forces. Sometimes cunning is more effective than brute strength in Project Reality. (Realistic/tasteless jihad videos will be automatically disqualified here)

    Community Choice Award - The community are given the ability to choose their favourite movie from a shortlist of entrants.

    Best Comedy Video - Featuring the very best and very worst of our PR games, this award will go to the video that tickled us in the right places and made us laugh out loud. play him off keyboard cat...

    To enter your movie into the competition, send me the following template via PM:

    Your PR forum Name:

    Category(ies) you have submitted your video for:

    Name of your video:

    Link to your video:

    Is this video your work: (Yes/No)


    Sunday 20th Feb 2300 PRT - Competition closed

    Wednesday 23rd Feb - Nominees anounced / Community choice poll opens

    Sunday 27th Feb 2000 PRT - Winners Announced

    Good Luck Spielbergs!!
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