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Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

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  • Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

    Matuity, Respect and conduct on the server and forums.

    Ok guys, this isn't some new iniative. This is about a cornerstone of TG and the standards we expect here.

    It has come to our attention that standards in certain areas are falling way below what is deemed acceptable, that is going to change.

    Of late we are seeing the following:-

    Videos posted containing unsuitable content, ie excessive swearing, exploits, immature behaviour etc

    On the server, spamming of all chat, disrespect to players and admin's alike

    Forum spat's between players, threads being derailed with petty squabbles

    Whilst a small minority is often responsible for the majority of problems we can all help to improve the situation and ensure the standards of maturity and mutual respect are maintained.

    1) When on the server please avoid using abusing the all chat function and try to limit it's use to communicating with the admin team.

    2) Respect others players and forums users at all times. On the server be polite and respectful.
    It is entirely possible to disagree on the forums without it dissolving into some petty dispute.
    If you hold an opposing view fine, state it clearly, provide some evidence, enjoy the debate, don't take it personally. Accept that people may not agree. Do not troll for responses, slather your posts in sarcasm or thinly veiled insults. Text is an unforgiving medium, tone of voice is absent. The fact that you may have been joking or had a smile on your face when you posted is lost on the person reading it. If you are at all concerned that your post could be misconstrued, re-read it before submitting it. If you get something wrong, apologise, it's not the end of the world. People will respect you for it.

    Retain a sense of humour, this is supposed to be fun.

    3) In game chat is not there for you to complain, berate or belittle players. Neither is it there for you to carry out long winded discussions about topics of your choice. It is an in-game communication tool that should carry relevant information. The odd thing here and there is not generally an issue but don't push your luck. Reams of text may not bother you but it does spoil other people's games. Logging on to our PR server with the sole intent of social networking is the same as logging on to Facebook and trying to play PR, it's not appropriate. If you simply wish to chat, log off, people are trying to play.

    4) Content. When you post up content on the forums, say a video containing abusive language, you are responsible for it. You are effectively promoting that content. It's your user bar at the top left of the post. Use some judgement please.

    Would you type up and post the language used in the video? If not, think twice. Does the video or content show TG in a particularly 'good light'? Does the video demostrate exploits or behaviour contrary to TG's rules and/or the Primer? If so don't post it.

    5) Assisting the Admin team. We have a good admin team here, managing a busy server that caters to a Mature community with a ruleset created to foster our own brand of gameplay. As such it's quite a big task. We need your assistance in that task. You can help us by doing the following:-

    - Setting a good example on the server in your own conduct

    - Helping new players, making them welcome, showing them the ropes, explaining our rules etc

    - Reporting problems to the Admin team and assisting us in getting problems dealt with quickly. Supporting your admins by following requests quickly, we sometimes have our hands full, you are the players we rely on and don't expect to have to ask twice, we need your cooperation

    Gentlemen, please step up in these areas. This community and our servers are what you make it. I sincerley hope that we can minimise the amount of admin intervention required in these areas, however if there is not a significant improvement that won't be the case. If needs be the admin team will start addresing these issues the hard way. Nobody wants that.

    We have an extremely professional and dedicated Content Team continously working on bringing a lot of new stuff to TG and TG:PR. The Admin team is working closely with them to arrange events and such for you. I would very much like us to be able to devote more of our time to that end rather than dealing with the aforementioned issues. With your help that will be possible.

    If anyone has any questions or simply wishes to discuss an issue, contact your Admin team, we are here to help. Contact details for all of us are stickied at the top of the forums.

    Thank you for your time,


    PR XO.

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    Re: Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

    You must spread reputation around before giving it to A.Wickens again.

    So say we all.


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      Re: Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

      Here is something I'm coming across recently as I CO more and more.

      Squad leaders who A) don't respond to me and tell me they will at least try with the order and sometimes B) "I don't need to follow your orders."

      I bring this up because I don't know how to approach this situation (primarily the A part) to be fair to the 'public' community of TG PR. I know the regulars, I know they know the gist (some more than others, but all in some way 'get it'), in the same token, coming from being a pub squad leader I have a high tolerance for 'newb' behavior from 'new' players.

      Everytime I've had the worst case scenario pop up [B], I did not need to get them banned or kicked, I just explained the position and rule set here on TG (like I would do to any of my squad members) and either they leave of their own accord or stop back talking me and resentfully follow my orders.

      I want the TG brand of gameplay to reach its maximum audience, this is why I don't want to !R new players who are used to the 'vanilla' style of many PR servers. Is this alright?


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        Re: Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

        Better to try and educate than scream at them about how they're going to be banned.

        1. It's not friendly.
        2. It does not educate.

        Thank you for trying your best to educate players about our chain of command, YT.

        Which leads to my input: IHS Members are not mini-admins. Supporting Members are not mini-admins. The only people who should threaten warns, kicks, or bans, are admins. Pure and simple. If an admin is not immediately avaialble, create a CAA thread.


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          Re: Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

          The way I do it is to politely inform them of the rules here at TG as you described.

          They get that one chance as a warning.

          If they continue to have / be a problem remove them. Its simple as that.

          The most effective way to get a team back on track and to get them in line with the CO is to make an example. I know that is not polite to say nor is a nice thing to do. The thing is they are hampering the game and experience of others including you as the CO.

          Its hard enough to get guys to CO with great SL's to lead. If we tolerate a defiant SL then people get the impression that they as well can do as they please. Scaring even more players from the position of CO.

          so in conclusion

          1. Give your order
          2. IF you get defiance fill them in on the server rules
          3. Report them if the problem continues from there.

          do these things and not only will your experience as a CO be better but the level of play on the server will improve.


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            Re: Admin Announcement: Maturity, Respect and Conduct on the Server and Forums

            I just wanted to bump this thread so that everyone can read it in full - especially the OP by Wickens.

            Lately, we seem to have a problem with language, disrespect, and general immature behavior on the server. Many of those engaging in this type of thing are even wearing TG tags. This, of course, is unacceptable. When you put the TG tag in front of your in-game name, you are representing TG. In essence, you have become an ambassador for TG and have agreed with and endorsed the Primer, server rules, and the overall concept of TG:

            "The PREMIERE online community for mature gamers"

            Spamming chat, name calling, using explicit language, disrespect for the community, and overall bad behavior is not what's expected from players who have seemingly endorsed the principles of TG. I say this grudgingly, but if some can't adhere to what TG is about, then maybe TG is not for you. We all have our moments of periodic bad behavior - none of us are priests, but when it becomes a pattern something must be done. That being said, let's all brush up on the rules and keep in mind what TG is all about. And also remember to always treat others the way that you would want to be treated.

            Just to share a personal story about TG for a moment:

            The very first time I ever played PR on the TG server I had an excellent experience. This was back in, ohh, 2006 or 2007 I guess, not quite sure actually - one of the first versions. Anyway, when I joined the server I had only played PR a handful of times, so I joined a squad and started asking questions. The squad leader was a TG tagged player - can't remember his name unfortunately - who immediately said no problem and started teaching me the basics. I played for several hours that day and thought to myself: This is the server that I want to play this mod on.

            The SL that day was patient, informative, respectful, and made me feel welcome. Basically, and I'm going to break with forum etiquette for a moment, he wasn't a douchebag. He didn't tell me to read the manual or berate me for not knowing what to do next. Instead, he told me what TG was all about, helped me with the basics of the game, and invited me to the forums. I was already aware of TG, as I had played on the BF2 vanilla server before, but the experience was uplifting and positive. This, is the definitive example of what TG is all about.

            Now, we all know how bad the Internet can be when it's unmoderated. Many of us have come to TG because we don't have time in our lives to deal with all the nonsense. This is not to say that we can't have fun, quite the contrary, but we have it in a respectful manner. That's all.

            When I was just a normal everyday public player on the server for several years, I was very thankful for the server admins. The admins were there to protect the game experience for me, so I helped out as much as I could by !reporting issues that arose. Lately, we have a rash of players who seem to not be helping as much as they should. If someone is breaking server rules, please report them. If the admins ask for the name of a player, then let them know so they can deal with them. Otherwise, you're just complicit in the rule breaking by doing nothing. It's just that simple.

            The server admins and forum moderators - everyone volunteers their time I might add - are here to protect the community from petty nonsense. Stuff that most of us simply don't care or have time for. Let's all try to do our part to make the community a better place.

            |TG-X| mp40x

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