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  • Where do I start? :)


    I would like to take the opportunity to express my interests within Tactical Gamer. Project Reality can be an awesome game, however it has the equal potential to completely be a disappointment. That is why I am here, I believe that TG can always provide the adequate team work and mature environment that this game holds such dependency on. I am 18 years old from Ontario, Canada and will be going to College in September to study Police Foundations and hopefully earn a Degree in a related field upon graduation. I enjoy being a Squad Leader, Medic and occasionally flying or being a gunner. I am very interested in expanded upon in game leadership and further tactics.

    I know that TG has a lot to offer, but I am unsure how to get started. To me a great game is working closely with a Squad, working together towards a specific objective and preferably succeeding. However when we do fail learning through reflection to better gain prospective in game. So what types of things exist here in PR and throughout TG That maybe I can quickly become involved in and go from there?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Where do I start? :)

    Theres a number of things you can do to get the most out of the Tactical Gamer community.

    The TG community offers courses to players from veterans to rookies so check Tactical Gamer University (aka TGU). Theres lots to learn and perfect, so chances are you'll learn something you diddnt know.

    When you're in game in the Tactical Gamer PR server join infantry squads as often as possible as developing the core of your PR skills is important before moving on to the armor and CAS squads. Youll quickly learn what squad leaders/members you enjoy to play with and you will learn the level of communication the TG servers employ in their infantry squads and those communication skills are essential in the armor and CAS squads.

    Further regarding the communication aspect, the Mumble program for ingame positional voice is very popular around TG and its a really good way to relay tactical information as well as get to know members without annoying your squad leader and the rest of your squad with chatter that everyone else doesnt need to hear.

    Another thing to consider is purchasing a monthly supporting membership(when youve gotten comfortable in the community) which allows you get into the server without waiting, as well as priority when signing up for special evens such as scrims ect. and the next step from there would be working towards joining an In House Squad(IHS) which you can read more about here:

    All in all getting to know the regulars to the server and just playing the game in the Tactical gamer style.
    Oh and that style can be explained in the TG PRIMER :D:

    So yea hopefully thats helpful information( i probably forgot some things haha). See ya in game!


    PS: Canada, repreSENT!
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      Re: Where do I start? :)

      You've got some reading to do ;)

      - Start with inf and stick with inf for a while. Learn those airborne assets in Cooperative mode until you're an expert or at least good before in Deployment. No one likes a fail pilot, you will do it accidently once in a while anyway, as i do :)
      - The Mumble thing. Most of the regulars use it. Being able to talk to someone outside of the squad voip is great for asking those questions you don't need the rest of the squad hearing.
      - Announce yourself as someone who is learning and willing to be taught. Yes, you may find yourself in many squads that will stare blankly at you, it happens. Get a feel for who the regulars are. I can confidently say that 99.9% of them will help you out a lot, or at a minimum tolerate you and show you the ropes if you make a mistake

      PR is a game where people get frustrated, or have a hell of a time. Other times its an out and out slugfest with each side trying to scrape a win out of a tough battle.
      Don't get too discouraged if someone get frustrated with you for losing an asset or making a mistake. 1. They're being a dick and it's not very TG like 2. It's because they put so much effort into these rounds, if they see a easily avoided mistake, it stings a bit knowing it set back the effort for the team.

      Team Team Team.

      The forum for PR is massive. Take half an hour or an hour a day and just read through some posts going back 2 months or so (It's a lot.) You will gain more insight than you can digest. You may not be able to fully appreciate the content on here, but it truly is amazing IMO. Look for other people announcing they are new, read all of the Stickies up top, the TG Primer, etc.

      If you see me SLing or in a squad, pop on in.
      Say HAI GUIZ!
      Start here.
      Another 'new kid' thread. Good advice all around. I recycled mine bc its 12:47AM and WHAT DO YOU WANT~!?
      Read this epic from none other than Mr. Wickens himself. The man is the Chuck Norris meets Mr. Miyagi of PR.
      If you have a really good round and want to share, or just read about others, here is the place
      Once you get your infantry boots under you, graduate to the big boys club, lol. We always need new capable squad leaders. Really.
      And don't forget to appreciate the admins :)
      Get to know TG

      Many don't mind helping and guiding the new kids. Just let your SL know you are still new, and they are generally more than willing to help you out. If you run into a grumpy squadleader, find another one - maybe he got fragged a little too much last round ;)

      Respect is paramount at TG, no matter how long you've been here.

      Good luck, see you out there.
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        Re: Where do I start? :)

        Welcome to TG Project Reality.

        You have already received some really good advise in the previous posts. I would recommend mostly the same - try infantry first; squad up with SLs that are willing to teach you something (Most all will) and ask them to; read the primer and follow TG rules.

        Another way to get into the community is to check out the irregulars:

        Lastly, if you want formal training on something, go to Tactical Gamer University and take a class or ask for one:

        Again, good luck and see you out there.



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          Re: Where do I start? :)

          Glad you found your way into this great community.
          Found mine about 2 years ago and it was probably the best thing that could have happened.
          Just like you, I was looking for a place with this 'adequate teamwork' you were talking about and found it within TG.
          I believe all the links in the posts above provide enough information on what TG is and what we stand for etc.
          Looking forward to see you ingame :)


          We snipe the TG way


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            Re: Where do I start? :)

            Welcome to TG Adept! I started a little over two months ago and I'm still having a blast playing PR and being a part of this community. It's really a great place to play as everyone is focused on teamwork and playing in a respectful and mature way. I also enjoy the fact that we discuss tactics and often get to use them in game. Makes it a bit more fun than your usual run and gun FPS. Win or lose though, I just enjoy teaming up with the other guys and having a good round and working together. You'll find a lot of that on TG.

            See you on the battlefield!

            oh, and if you have any questions, you can always PM us too ^^


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              Re: Where do I start? :)

              Thank you all for the information it is greatly appreciated! :)


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                Re: Where do I start? :)

                Start at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop.

                But seriously, welcome to the community! Just start getting into the server as often as possible and ask your SL how you can help. If you are the SL, make sure your squad understands that you need their help. These forums and the community that creates them are full of useful information and raging debates. But you'll find no shortage of help on the TG server.

                I'll look for you in game!


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                  Re: Where do I start? :)

                  Welcome to TG!
                  I just joined around the beginning of the year, and it's been great playing PR with TG. A lot of it is just getting used to the weapons and tactics. As others have recommended I have started with infantry and I think it's the right way to go. Feel free to ask questions, and make sure to join infantry squads early at the start of a game so you don't get left out of a proper squad.
                  Oh, a tip: and the auto-deploy option when you click on the server allows you to automatically join the game when it falls below 62 players (the non-supporting member limit).


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                    Re: Where do I start? :)

                    TGU can be really helpful when you want to learn some new stuff. for basic gameplay, skim the manual, then hop on a server and join a squad. let them know you're a newbie, and do as you're told. easiest way to learn stuff, IMO.




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