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Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

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  • Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

    Note: My first AAR. Give me a break!

    Battlelog, Squad 1: Codename "Find Cache" on Operation Archer:
    Squad Leader: |TGXV| Majorissuez99
    Squad Members:
    |TG| Maplesauce
    West oneillwest1960
    **(Speedyest, and DoomP1rate) - Each present for a duration during the game both contributing to our success.

    **NOTE: The BF2 GOD/Allah saw fit to assist the Canadian team by destroying one weapons cache prior to the Mission Start.

    I like to always try and spend time finding unknowns, its easy, theres lower risk of contact and casualties, and high rate of success. This round proved this to be a fact.

    Rolling out of main base in a transport truck we began spiderwebbing out, searching every village on the map starting from the Southeastern corner of the map, being unsuccessful in the Southeast village, while enroute to the waterfall location to search buildings there I stopped to check one of the roadside huts: a large weapons cache lay inside reporting that the one of the unknown caches had been located we quickly destroyed it and proceeded to sweep buildings to the North of castle. The known cache was in city and I got the sudden feeling of confidence that we would be able to rush in and quickly overpower them long enough to locate and eliminate the weapons cache inside. I instructed my squad to switch to fully automatic and that we will be moving fast and not slowing down for anything. Luckily we were able to eliminate the enemy force blocking us from the cache location, and we soon had 4 incindiary grandes burning the 2nd Cache.

    A couple of our men had taken hits and were wounded on the ground as swarms of Taliban Insurgents encircled the building throwing everything they had at us. We were able to hold our position and eliminate the entire Insurgent presence from the City therefore allowing time to get our men back to combat-ready status and back to our G-Wagon which we had parked on the Northern Outskirts of the city. Mounting up and rolling out again, we decided to do a check of the Northern airport for any weapons caches there. Enroute to airport, new intel pointed to a cache in the village west of the airport. Tempted to change course to rush the new objective,
    West oneillwest1960 suggested that we still check airport for a cache just to be safe. So proceeding to airport as planned his suggestion paid-off. We found a 3rd cache in a wooden shack behind the airport radio tower. By then our squad was running dry on ammo and we found ourselves without the means to destroy the cache. Without any available supplies and limited ammo meanwhile enemies were starting to converge upon our location. I ordered my squad to take up and hold the Air tower while I drove the G-Wagon to meet a Logistics truck half way to our main base. Reloading my ammunition I returned to the wooden shack and was able to finish off the 3rd Cache We then returned to base with all vehicles and personnel intact for a rearm and a de-brief.

    The Village just East of the Taliban main was where the 4th cache was reported. Our team struggled most of the round having no success in destroying the cache. Meanwhile, new intel pointed to another cache in the heavily defended mountain fortress which was not a good option to attack. When our team got down to about 45 tickets with both these caches still up, My squad hopped into a transport truck with the sole intention of staging a "'T'actical 'A'nd 'R'econaissance 'D'eployment" Rush from the east of the cache. We took out two enemy Hideouts enroute to the cache and eventually crested the hill and began our rapid assault on the cache which resulted in great success as we took the cache down just as our squad got wiped out.

    Considering all the areas that had already had caches and singling out likely new locations, I had talkinBEERmug and his LAV crew re-check the SouthEast village on the map for a cache while my squad form a Mechanized Inf squad and quickly roll to construction site to check for a cache there. While closing onto construction site we ran into contacts near the radio tower as well as RPG fire from the nearby hills. Quickly searching the area we found another cache in the Central building with the smoke stack.(Much to the Talibans upset that we were so efficient at locating Unknowns)

    After destroying the cache at construction site and still no reports of a cache at the Southeast village, My Mech Inf Squad moved up to the fields in the center of the map to check for a cache there. Wondering where else there might be one, we drove up to a village south of the airstrip when all of a sudden i hear |TG|Maplesauce yell from the gunner seat "Contact right!". I quickly pulled the LAV into the village and we began engaging contacts. Our infantry was quickly wiped out by the Taliban in the close quarters fighting as we had no time to gain situational awareness. Leaving Maplesauce all alone in the LAV, scared and alone(and crying) with Taliban closing from every direction. The Taliban soon destroyed the LAV leaving us hopeless and it seemed defeat was iminent with less than 10 tickets left. When suddenly, talkinBEERmug smashes his LAV into the village tearing up the Taliban fighters while his infantry pour out of the back and begin engaging the Taliban fighters from all directions. They soon cleared the area and rushed to locate and destroy the cache. Managing to just get the last incendiary grenade on the cache ending the game while the Canadian team had but 3 tickets left.

    Good game to everyone who contributed to assaulting the caches(because any regular who was still playing by the end of the round would know that the team wasn't exactly the most efficient/ organized).
    Thank you talkinBEERmug for bein a hero.

    and Thank you to everyone in my squad for being badass killers.
    and (Sarcasm On) Thank you Taliban commander for acccussing me of cheating the entire game (Sarcasm off) as my squad found and destroyed 4 unknown caches, 1 known cache, and located the final cache for BEERmug to destroy....
    (Sarcasm on) Because I really Ghosted 6 caches... It wasnt because your team spawns on unknowns.(Sarcasm off)

    Overall, Good game taliban it was a long tough fight, and good game Canada for coming through in the end.
    Most exciting insurgency round for me in a loong time.

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    Re: Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

    too bad about that chinook in the first 5 minutes of the game.


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      Re: Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

      What chinook? :S


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        Re: Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

        Nice report.....sounds like a good round!


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          Re: Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

          Soooooo many pubbies on that round. They were TKing for kits and crashing choppers and roadkilling and using all chat and the list goes on.



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            Re: Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

            Yea I tried to leave out the whopping load of crap that also went on during the round.
            Though I'm guilty of having a Chinook fail at the start as well. Not happy with the people who proceeded to do it repeatedly throughout the round even while we were extremely low on tickets.


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              Re: Aar - operation archer insurgency 4/13/2011

              Nice report.

              And we all know that if you lose more unknowns than you do knowns, someone is always ghosting.

              The enemy's sixth sense turns on and without any evidence at all, they know someone is ghosting.
              What an awesome skill.





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