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The boundaries of main

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  • The boundaries of main

    So, my thread was understandably deleted. My apologies Ferris.

    The ban wasn't supposed to be the subject of this topic originally, I don't necessarily agree with enforcing these things as private but I will respect it. I'm of the mind that staff have accountability and keeping things private is merely a method of bending things behind the scenes as the community can not express it's feelings or desire for accountability when things have in fact gone wrong. It also demonstrates just how idiotic some people are (I moderate multiple high traffic well known subreddits myself as well as a very active forum for my own business) and members generally don't see just how much work goes on behind the scenes when it's not public. When staff do their job respectfully and well it constantly demonstrates to it's community why they are staff and that they have the best interests of everyone in mind and heart at all times. Admitting errors publicly always generates a lot of respect.


    Anyway, no longer do I wish to discuss the ban here then, as per your request. Instead let's keep this on the original topic...

    What are the boundaries of main? Where are we specifically allowed to fire from and not? The rules are not specific with this:

    Originally posted by TheRules
    CliffsNotes version: Keep the fight away from the mains.
    Main bases are locations where a team has permanent spawns for infantry and/or vehicles, and are off limits to attack except as noted below. The maps in Project Reality offer plenty of real estate to fight over, so go fight over the 95% of the map that isn't the main base.
    4a. Main bases may not be fired in to nor out of unless and until the last flag for a team is in play (marked with the orange attack marker). Exception: Players may enter the enemy main for attack or capture purposes when the flag in play immediately prior to the main base flag is neutral.
    4b. Area attack (JDAM, artillery, mortar) may only be used on a main base that is capturable (the main itself is a flag) and it is marked for attack with the orange attack marker or is neutral (gray).
    4c. Exits from a main base may not be camped. This rule does not apply once the main becomes a valid target (see a and b above).
    4d. Aircraft engaged by enemy aircraft away from the main may be followed back to their main and engaged until they have landed. Only the aircraft may be engaged under these conditions, nothing else in the main may be engaged.
    4e. In Insurgency game mode, mosques with permanent spawn points are to be considered a main base and are subject to all rules above.
    Rule 4a above allows for entry into an enemy main base if it is also their last flag when the prior flag goes neutral. They may not attempt to destroy vehicles or otherwise engage in base "rape" activities. They are allowed in specifically for the purposes of capturing the enemy flag or positioning themselves to attack once it comes in to play. These troops may be engaged and may fight back at this point. If the prior flag returns to complete control of the enemy team, those players who entered the main must attempt to exit as quickly as possible. They may be engaged and may fight back during this time, but they must be making an effort to leave the main base in doing so. Failure to attempt to leave may result in administrative action being taken.

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    Re: The boundaries of main

    The DoD defines the no engagement zone. No FO no shooting out or in. Nothing.

    Mains are then covered by DoDs. It is also considered bad sport to camp vehicles in locations they spawn if not coveed by a DoD. This is a hard rule on certain maps, Baracudda especially and Gaza's design hampers the IDF's moving from the main unhindered as an ambush can be in plain sight but unavoided due to the DoD's size.


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      Re: The boundaries of main

      Hmm, that seems logical. It should be added to the rules.

      Maps defining the death fields would be quite nice actually, I've never been close enough to an enemy main on many maps to find out where that boundary is, it's different on many maps too right? That makes it difficult to enforce unless it's made clear.


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        Re: The boundaries of main

        Shooting into and out of main is kind of like pornography: you know it when you see it. If you define the main as one specific area, somebody will sit 0.1 inches away from it and set up camp. It's best to just avoid the enemy main altogether. Also, just because somebody else is breaking the rules doesn't mean that it's okay for you to.

        Regarding the admin staff, I actually prefer the way they handle it. Wherever you have a bunch of grown men, you're bound to have drama, and the staff keeps it down to a relative minimum. This is far preferred in my opinion. Also, somebody that broke a rule unknowingly might prefer a private chat with an admin to clear things up and not be disciplined in front of the whole community. Additionally, many in the community may not want to see it.

        There are often many discussions regarding rules/enforcement, etc. and by and large, the community has a voice. In fact, I'm pretty sure the community has spoken at length regarding this very subject. (Also, teamstacking has been flogged to hell and back.)

        I use this basic rule of thumb regarding the main; if you have to ask if you're too close to their main, you're probably too close to their main.

        Anyway, sorry you got kicked/banned. Hope it's over soon.


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          Re: The boundaries of main

          My ban was removed.

          You see, this is the problem. I've now had completely conflicting information from staff on the subject and everyone seems to have a different idea of it. I was just told by a staff member:

          "What we are looking for you to do is exit you main and then fight. Keep the fight away from the base, ie sand bags, fighting positions, buildings or emplacements."

          Ambiguity isn't good for rules, when something is ambiguous there are multiple views of it. When that happens and a rule must be enforced then there are undoubtedly people who then become unhappy. Rules should always be qualified so as to avoid the drama that comes with ambiguity.


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            Re: The boundaries of main

            Your thread was not deleted, it was moved by a moderator to the CAA forums, where it should have been posted in the first place if you had read our rules and forum guidelines. You are still in effect debating the ban without mentioning it. There is a very specific reason we discuss bans and the surrounding events in the CAA forum, it is for the protection of the players involved. Sadly this leaves the administration open to accusations of underhand practices etc, however this is a cross we have to bear in the interests of protecting the player as mentioned. CR8Z explains the issue very well in his above post.

            I have notified you that I will be personally be responding to the issues you have raised yet you have again chosen to discuss the topic on the public forums. You are also asking for rules clarification from the playerbase. Now whilst I applaud the efforts in this thread to provide you with some answers it is the administration that sets and moderates the rules, not the players, so once again when asking for specific guidance on rules this should be posted in the Contact an Admin thread.

            You have also chosen to comment once again on the administrative handling on this matter in a public forum, please refrain from doing so again until I can provide you with some clarity on what has actually occurred, our rules and procedures.

            This thread is now being locked. I strongly suggest you wait for my response in the CAA thread before posting again on this topic.


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              Re: The boundaries of main





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