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  • Downloading a rerun

    There was a time when downloading a rerun in barracks worked for me, well that time is over. When i try to download now it gives me the following errors :

    failed to find the file on the server (rw coop training .957e)
    there was an error parsing the url (nwa UK reality 0.957e [mumble]

    can somebody help me please :(

    oh and another thing, i never figured out how to find the downloaded files on my pc so that i can post them on youtube and stuff,
    does anybody know something about this...

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    Re: Downloading a rerun

    Servers only store these files for a short amount of time, usually for a week or less. You would have to ask the admins of those servers for specific details on battlerecoder files.

    Once you download a battlerecoder demo, it will be saved in your profile inside the demos folder. If you are using win7/vista, you can find this at: c:/users/username/documents/battlefield/profiles. On winXP, the users folder is called documents and settings.

    You can't post these directly on youtube as these are not video files. You have to play them using the "play" command in the barracks/replays menu, and use a recording software, like fraps, to make a video.

    How to use battlerecoder


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      Re: Downloading a rerun

      Ok thanks i guess i have to inform with the admins of those servers. But in respons to your answer, the video that i was trying to download was from the game of yesterday so being to late cant be the case...




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