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Largescale event at TG:Arma

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  • Largescale event at TG:Arma

    Just thought I'd raise awareness of this for those who do not frequent the arma forums. I've been lurking the Arma forums here at TG for a bit in preperation for PR:A2, and I saw that they're running a large scale event. Its apparantly going to be a persistant mission that runs over multiple days. I thought it was very interesting and I signed up even though I've only ever played a couple of hours of A2.

    Info here:

    Signups here:

    Sounds like this is a kind of event that just gets better with more people, so sign up and boost their numbers!

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    Re: Largescale event at TG:Arma

    Thanks for posting Feriluce. This event will runn 24hrs a day starting on the 9th and concluded a few days later. They will have Transport units, Medical units, and whatever the commander deems necessary to complete the mission. This will be a good way to see the large scale picture of Arma2 as it was intended. Multi squads with many a task to complete the whole mission . During the briefing you will find out equipment needed, radio frequency's, area's to set up your base of operation. Stay as long as you want or can, then come back whenever you can and do whatever your FTL needs you to do. If your squad is not present, ck in with command and you might be sent to help another squad. You are not limited to your normal times of playing.

    The last MSO lasted 4 days. I was assigned to a British squad, so the second day I was alone,since my times in the USA were 6 hrs different, I was sent over to support a Marine squad. It was a lot of fun and it was good to mix it up with fellow gamers both Euro and USA.

    Come out and enjoy.




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