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'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

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  • 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

    This is a basic get your wits about you field manual designed for the basic virtual soldier just installing the game.

    What are your thoughts on it?

    I feel that I want to make more of these with a more specialized focus on certain specific operations in PR. But I also wish to make the page more interesting than text on white and hope to incorporate some pictures if not a background 'color theme'.

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    Re: 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

    Is verrry gooood.

    I volunteer to be your PR Model


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      Re: 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

      Absolutely excellent, very professionally composed. As you say some pictures might spice it up, perhaps some diagrams or screenshots.


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        Re: 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

        Very nice work! I would love to see in future revisions more tactical usage of kits rather than mechanics of using it which is still important. But I guess that is presented in TGU classes anyway.

        Some fields still seem to be referencing information from 0.957 and would need to be changed (e.g. medic at the very end: "One common cause of death is being critically wounded twice in a minute" - it is 2 minutes in 0.966)

        I remember looking at mortar guide (remember the calculator topic?) where they make use of notation with sub-keypads represented as @, e.g. [email protected] or something along those lines - would be nice to have it in your document and encourage usage of such lingo for precise positioning on the map.

        Very impressive work :) How many hours did you put into it?



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          Re: 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

          Thanks for the nice words and I'll definately look to spice this one up.

          Took about three hours of the last week maybe more in total, was pretty much my script/outline for my recent TG U course. Will probably make more as I host more courses.

          I actually would like to move away from the Alpha Numeric calling system in favor for a Numeric Alpha one. The benefit being that 4A2 should lead to less confusion. I've heard somethin like B9-2 told back as B2-9 too many times.


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            Re: 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

            Just had a quick read through.

            My thoughts on the grid system and ways of communicating it is that I'd promote the use of the prowords: Grid; Key(pad);Sub(pad).

            So voice comms would be: "Sqd 6 requesting supplies at Grid B4 key 6 sub 3."
            Typed: B4k6sub3

            the prowords highlight which part of the grid, and with luck if everyone used them you would know what was coming next and what it was, rather then just hearing B 9 2.

            Another little thing is you mentioned bleed at 80% health, looking at the soldier codes i believe the critical health is 75%. It's minor but i'll double check.

            Also forgive it's been too long since i played properly, but I was certain you could strafe (more of a shuffle) whilst prone.

            A very good guide for the newer player though. Good work
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              Re: 'Field Manual' pre-release for TGU

              What if there was a pro-word for each level of accuracy of a map?

              Grid would denote the alpha numeric
              Key would denote accuracy to keypad (last number being a keypad)
              Sub would denote accuracy to a subkey (last number being a subkeypad)

              Grid; Bravo Four
              Key; Bravo Four Three
              Sub; Bravo Four Three Nine




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