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AAR Burning Sands 8/24: Anecdotal Evidence of the Value of Logistics

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  • AAR Burning Sands 8/24: Anecdotal Evidence of the Value of Logistics

    Today I had the luxury of enjoying one of the most astonishing feats of a public round of Project Reality:

    A constant war fighting effort supplied almost entirely by logistic trucks on a 4km map without the need of a dedicated logistics squad or Bullseye.

    Even now the exact effort alludes me, but I have a rough picture of what worked out right.

    1.] Volume

    If not all, nearly all supply trucks were used immediately off the bat. One was taken from the Military Complex and the rest were taken from the MEC Base. In total the amount of supply trucks used was three.

    2.] Range

    Each truck went to a geographically important location. One truck went to the first CP before moving off near the second while another went directly to the second CP and built two FOs initially. The third truck was a bit slow to the fight but placed one directly on the second CP.

    3.] Defense and Up Keep

    Very rarely did any of our FOs go down. This was largely due to the successful assault on the British first CP and the elimination of any British FOs in the city which moved the battlezone away from our supply line. In the off chance an FO went down or a new one was needed closer to the front lines our infantry would take the few minutes it needed to resupply a truck and bring it back into the field.


    What was Learned:

    -Conservation of crates-
    The use of two crates at any one FO should be a heavy consideration of the Squad Leader. At no point in this round did the MEC team need or utilize deployable assets, instead they opted for a strong Combined Arms approach to thwart any assault. More often then not, especially if cover is abundant as is the nature of urban warefare, concealment affords a better option then devensive capability.

    -Squad Leaders Should Always be Concious of Supplies-
    Even if its asking another squad for supplies, something should be done by someone. If you have down time, are holding back, or securing a lightly hostile area the absence of one man as he drives back to base in a logi is minimal.

    -Ground Logistics Lower Suspicion-
    Many times a Chinook was used by the British for logistics. This in turn allowed us some relative knowledge of the enemy FO location.

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    Re: AAR Burning Sands 8/24: Anecdotal Evidence of the Value of Logistics

    Hide the crates in the city behind a different wall than the fob. That way you can almost every time rebuild.

    Good fob locations...not right on the flag or in an obvious location.


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      Re: AAR Burning Sands 8/24: Anecdotal Evidence of the Value of Logistics

      Aha. Another good point I forgot to mention.

      As Luda says: Use the 50m distance from crate to FO fully!




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