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    I noticed that over time the quality of airstrikes improved noticably. It used to be, that calling in an aistrike was like a 50 50 gamble, but now mos crews take care of targets with efficiency and no munitions spared. Except for Muttrah. I had a game there once with most of the team pinned inside a compound, because an APC was roaming around outside. It took 2 3 4 or even 5 runs to get rid of the damn thing. How come aistrikes are so damn hard to deliver on Muttrah?

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    Re: Muttrah Cas

    because it is tightly close ubran combat with tall buildings that apcs can easily hide from.. not to mention AA threats the ZSU cannons and BTRs and 30mm MTLBs lighting it up cause its the top priority to shoot down cause its the only (ahem..good) air support thing on the map... not to mention trying NOT to crash into a building while diving down to kill the enemys...
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      Diving down wasting all your ammo in one fell swoop is overrated IMHO.

      Was the APC marked on the map? Did the cobra crew say they would only attack if u laser designated it?
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        Re: Muttrah Cas

        If you don't swoop in and use a large amount of flares with constant high speed, theres a good chance you won't be shooting any ordance for a while. Hills take skill and luck hoping a HAT/APC doesn't wait for you to pop up and open air hover is easy death. Thats why I don't enjoy CAS on muttrah, very rarely have I been effective and with my old ping spikes I couldn't fly low.




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