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Which would you rather see?

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  • Which would you rather see?

    PR2 or PR:BF3?

    Personally, I would sooner take a PR2. I would love to see what they do without the restrictions of building off of someone else's game - hopefully implementing muzzle sway over deviation, a more refined command process, etc.

    Of course, a PR experience built with FB2 would be amazing, if a little unfeasible.

    Assuming hardware limitations weren't an issue, though - which would you take?

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    Re: Which would you rather see?

    Hard to say because we don't know how either game would look like. I cant decide one or the other if there's nothing to choose from.


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      Re: Which would you rather see?

      Both games in theory; would you rather have something that looks like BF3 but with all the limitations of a mod, or something that looks like COD4 (according to the PR2 FAQ) that the reality team can build from the ground up?


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        Re: Which would you rather see?

        PR:ARMA II ftw
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          Re: Which would you rather see?

          TBH I will always stay reserved about any 'Stand Alone' PR release. Modifying a game to the level they have done takes some great talent... but making a game with foundation to completion... thats something different entirely.


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