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  • A Hi

    No you old farts or people getting into the latest fad of doing early 80's tunes, it's not Aha but A Hi.

    Then again I see early 90's is picking up :)

    About time. Have you ever met so many Sloans around in the uk it's hard to find a dreadlock. In Paris last year I saw Depeche Mode style was back in as if it was something to say that was new. Fashion eh.

    Still let's do Depeche Mode since they are the dogs bollards. A time when Prague (Praha, Ahoj!) like Berlin kept the scene going:


    Anyway. A Hi to all you reprobates and a not forgotten you.

    Catch you soon. XXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxXxXxxxXXxXXxxxxXxxX

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    Re: A Hi

    I have missed you my friend! Any estimate on when you'll get back to playing PR?


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      Re: A Hi

      Thanks mate :)

      Yeah, just finishing off paying Mum's funeral bill/housing her belongings in storage and I'll set to fixing my PC or buying a new one.

      Will be glad to SL, and follow again with mi chums and new guys. Especially bringing on new guys, as you know.

      Give me a PM.


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        Re: A Hi

        It'll be good to see you online again man.



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          Re: A Hi

          Hi! How's you??

          Say hi to Brissy ^^

          Sorry about the floods man.. :/

          Not so Wierdly, the friend I went with lives there now. The little Minky! Oh yes :)

          Still Pohm though ^^ Just escaped!

          Good times, good times.

          Will visit soon alright.

          Give it up to the Queensland Massive :)

          Oz. Beautiful. And not so wierdly either your Stone Curlews look like the Brit's. Which means they are also very cute too. Made friends with them on Magnetic Island. They're mi bro's alright (my friend has also been back with her husband and yes, they are still chums with us, official; and my mate throws a wobbly too now seeing them. Hehe).

          And thank you. Yeah, it'd be cool. Looking forward to it.


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            Re: A Hi

            Well with all their synti and computer music the later 80s early 90s were kinda there too fast and over 2 fast, as people turned to Nirvana unplugged and whatnot except for central Europe maybe. It would make sense that they will be back as people embrace the computer chip being naughty over their pctablets or ipods :p




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