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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Events on the PR:ARMA servrer

    Guys I thought I would draw your attention to a series of events which begin today on the TG PR:ARMA server.

    Operation T4 - Tactical Take-Over 2

    Please read this ENTIRE post before asking any questions!

    Its back at last!
    Tactical gamers and PR:ArmA lovers will square off in battle for this enhanced leadership
    event. There will be an admin at base for each side and the chain of command will be
    enforced. All players must be in a squad and following their leader.

    Roll Call on TS:
    Sunday Dec 4th
    6:30 pm GMT

    Step off:
    7:00 pm GMT

    This event is open to ALL players who have signed up. Supporting Members will get preference.

    Leaders will be required for TeamSpeak roll call 30 minutes before step-off. We will use TeamSpeak as the admin net.

    How this works:
    We will have an admin for each side. Squad leads will be made up of available known leaders. All leads are required to be in TS to communicate with their respective admin who will be neutral observer at main.

    Squad leads will observe that everyone in their squad is following the orders they have been given and the server rules are met. Any disruptive players to this process will be dealt with by a quick report to the admin so this will be a tacticool time for all.

    The goal:
    Have a great time. Also, show how much fun and immersive good coordinated play can be.

    Sign up is required.
    Include the following info when signing up:
    In-game name:
    In-house squad:
    Leadership abilities:
    Other abilities:
    A link to the actual sign up thread is here:-

    Can I just reiterate that we would very much like to see new faces and those of you that have maybe tried PR:Arma before and were perhaps overwhelmed or simply didn't find the gameplay you were initially looking for.

    The events that begin this weekend are part of a series aimed at showing people the scale, scope and possibilities of this fantastic mod. There will be a solid admin presence at all these events along with experienced players in leadership positions to show you the ropes. There will also be plenty of people who are ahem...not so experienced and still getting their feet wet.

    If you have played PR:BF then it is very similar in some regards however the Arma II/OA engine allows the Devs to be far more ambitious. Hence the mod has the following to offer:-

    - Unrivalled depth, the game can be as complex as you want with unparralled logistics, the first time you see a Jackal flying through the air, underslung from a chinook you will know what I mean. Like building fobs? Well the FOBs in PR:Arma aren't just a few sandbags and a mortar pit, oh no. You can build a whole sand castle, multiple fortifications, fixed weapons etc.

    - Astounding map scale, truly huge environments up to 10K in size with a 3.5 KM view distance.

    - Fanstastically detailed medical system, man down, drag or carry him to cover and then diagnose his wounds quickly, treat him and get him back in the fight!

    - Beautiful graphics, no vaseline smeared post processing effects or a sun that appears to hurtling towards earth and blinding you on the way

    - Unrivalled squad system. Set up your squad the way you want. Want a 12 man squad with two 5 man fireteams and a 2 man command element, you can. Assign members to colour coordinated fire teams and they will show up on your squad radar (mini map) allowing ease of use.

    - True dynamic gameplay, set your objective, plan and execute, genuine sandbox approach to combat where your decisions count.

    - Realistic gun play, accurately modelled ballistics leading to intense and gritty combat.

    This weekends event will be the first in a series which will gather momentum, provide an introduction to players and hopefully begin showcasing one of the few games these days that is truly designed for a PC audience.

    If you feel like some Project Reality goodness in a different environment, give it a go, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    I hope to see you there.

    TG PR Game Officer



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