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TG PR:BF server closing down

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] TG PR:BF server closing down

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    It is with great regret that I announce the TG PR:BF server will be going offline for the final time at the end of this month.

    Unfortunately this very difficult decision had to be made as it is no longer possible for us to support a perpetually empty server. The decision was made after a lot of discussion and soul searching by those involved. Obviously those of us who came to TG through PR and grew to call it our home along with the thousands of players who enjoyed the environment TG provided will be bitterly disappointed, as are the Admin team. That being said it was a decision that needed to be made.

    As to what the future holds, who knows. PRBF has long had a home at TG and for many, TG has always been the place to play this mod, the game was played 'right' here. Perhaps a new release, 128 player servers etc will see a sufficient spark of interest that we can revisit the situation at a later date. Nothing has been ruled out.

    Quite some time ago I notified my intent to step down as GO and Admin for PR to the Site Administration, as it turns out, events have overtaken me and I will be here to see the server through it's final days. As such I would like to take a moment to thank a few people . I would like to thank the Admins for the countless hours spent working behind the scenes to maintain the standards that set this community apart. I would like to thank Apophis and the Site Administration for all their help and support over the years. Lastly I would like to thank you the players and community members for making this corner of TG what it is, the best place to play PR. Thank you for all the amazing games, the spirited debate, the friendships and fun. PRBF at TG has been the best 5-6 years of gaming I have ever had, never have I seen a game played with such passion, intelligence, skill and enthusiasm. It truly was a thing to see.

    It has been an honour and a privlege guys, thank you so much (salutes).

    I'll see you around.

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    Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

    It's sad indeed. Everyone talks about wanting to play on the TG server yet no one wanted to seed it. We got spoiled by our Euro members seeding it for the NA players and when they stopped, we didn't step up as a player base, and that's sad.

    But as Wickens said, it was an amazing 5 years and I want to thank all of the TG regulars, admins, and GOs that made it the go-to place for teamwork and fun.

    Thanks again guys!


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      Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

      A sad day for the TG community. Thanks to the admins, the people responsible for running the server and providing techical help and also a big thanks to the community as a whole. TG spoiled me with the sheer quality and enjoyment. With all the ups and downs, this was a great ride.

      Thanks guys, you made me feel at home!


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        Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

        Lamentable to see it go...but we should reflect on all our awesome experiences and look on its passing with a sense of pride!
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          Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

          My best gaming years was spent here. Thank you for that. I will never take off the TG tag.


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            Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

            Sad news. I might have not played on the server as much as many other members of this community but it still gave me countless hours of fun for some two years. After the server started remaining empty on euro hours I pretty much stopped playing PR altogether. Couldn't find a server of equal standard.

            Good games everyone!
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              Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

              GG everyone

              "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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                Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

                To be expected.

                Thanks to everyone for the countless scrims, the countless hours (over 2000), and the countless fun. While I may have hung up my PR boots a while ago, I'm glad to say I was part of something as big as Project Reality at TG was. I'm truly thankful to all of you. Special thanks to all admins, past and present, for the countless hours spent helping keep our server running.

                What an amazing 5+ years.

                I'm pretty sure PR is what brought almost everyone who will post in this thread to TG. That's a big accomplishment.


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                  Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

                  All good things must come to an end, as must they all have a beginning. I have no doubt that PR's next iteration is not far off, and that TG will lead the van once again for mature, tactical gamers such as this community has fielded for many years.

                  It has been a privilege and an honor to serve with all of you, and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

                  GGz TG, and GLHF!


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                    Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

                    Wow... End of an era. We had so many great gaming moments on this server; I still go back to the old screenshots to re-visit those great days. I couldnt embed my picasa album here but here is a link if you want to check out. Those were also the pinnacle days of 1stMIP...

                    On the other hand we all knew that this was coming. BF2 is old...very old. I hope ArmA: PR will fill the huge gap, especially when it is ported to ArmA3, ArmA4 and so on...

                    As one of first admins of the server, I also would like to give a big thanks to TG (site/server admins and players), visitor players and PR developers.

                    TG PR server has a reputation beyond repute and will always be remembered as THE server for PR.


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                      BF2:PR brought me into the TG fold. Lots of great friendships and experiences will hold a special spot in my memories. While sad, the march of time goes on.

                      Big thanks to all the admins who supported the title, they were instrumental in helping shape the fantastic gameplay we had the opportunity to experience.

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                        I still try to play, though with the respect and quality of play level being so low everywhere else I don't expect to play the game much longer.

                        Sad day but unfortunately its been a long time coming. Thanks to the GO's for keeping the fire going and keeping the admins in line. Its been a pleasure to work with you all.

                        GG guy's, GG.

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                          Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

                          This is a sad announcement for the PR community, not just TG. With the closing of TG on PR:BF2, I think it's the knife through the heart that PR:BF2 will die soon. I have so many memories of PR on TGs server. Well, just about everyone I wanted to remember where here on TG. I will miss it so. Well, I'm off to keep trying to learn the ropes of PR:ArmA2. I hope it eventually gets the player base PR:BF2 had.


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                            Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

                            You guys sum it up. PR brought me to TG in '07 and I have never looked back. Made some truly great friends here and will continue to play other things with these people here at TG, but it is sad as I too think PR will now die as a whole unless something dramatic happens. Excellent games guys, end of a freaking epic era.


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                              Re: TG PR:BF server closing down

                              Will there still be one-off events, or it it gone period?





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