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Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

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  • Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

    The Tactical Gamer Project Reality Server Weekend Events!!

    Cougar's Day
    When: Sunday, April 7th
    Time: 9am Pacific/1600 GMT

    Before you join, PLEASE take 2 minutes to read through the server rules. There will be a heavy admin presence and our rules will be enforced. There is no excuse for not knowing the rules. If you have any questions regarding our server rules, or you would just like to stop in and say hello, we will have admins and community members on teamspeak prior to the server going live. We all have a lot of friends in this community, and we expect a lot of PR veterans to come out to play on the server, so stop in and see what everyone has been up to. A link to our teamspeak server is at the bottom of this post.

    Tactical Gamer prides itself on being a community of mature, teamwork-orientated gamers. We believe in playing games with tactics and teamwork, and have little tolerance for other styles of game play. While not all agree with our philosophy, we find that we have had incredible success with it in the past and see no reason why we cannot do so again. If you didn't have the opportunity to play on our Project Reality server before, please browse through our forums to see what we're all about. Admittedly, they haven't been very active discussing PR lately (which is entirely understandable, although we anticipate this changing in short order), but there are plenty of other titles that we host where you will be able to see what we're all about.

    If you've played with us before then we'd like to welcome you back. We also would like to announce that our ban list has been wiped clean. We're starting over, and as such we're starting over with everyone in the PR community. If we've had a disagreement before perhaps things have changed and you'll enjoy the server. Regardless of what happened in the past, we welcome all upon our return.

    The server will be open on Sunday only, playing a limited map list. We've selected the maps based on how we feel they can play out in an organized fashion. Once we've played all the maps, we will bid everyone goodbye and shut down the server.

    Our map list for Sunday the 7th are as follows:
    • "vadso_city" "gpm_skirmish" 16
    • "yamalia" "gpm_vehicles" 64
    • "prv_charlies_point" "gpm_cq" 64
    • "black_gold" "gpm_cq" 32
    • "pn_saint_lo" "gpm_cq" 64
    • "iron_ridge" "gpm_insurgency" 64
    • "goose_green" "gpm_cq" 32
    • "pavlovsk_bay" "gpm_cq" 32
    • "tad_sae" "gpm_cq" 16
    • "silent_eagle" "gpm_cnc" 64

    A note about our Supporting Members: We understand that there has been some frustration in the past over our Supporting Member kicks. In full disclosure, we will not be changing this program. So that everyone understands how it works:

    We have a script running on the server that checks each player that is joining against a database of supporting members. If the server is full and the player attempting to join is a SM, the script will look at all players that are on the server that are NOT supporting members and kick the player that has been on the server the longest. It is our belief that those that financially support our community (and therefore our servers) have earned the right to enjoy the servers that they help pay for. Now, with that said, we're not quite sure where our supporting member numbers will be on Sunday, so we can't easily state one way or another if there will be a rash of SM kicks. However, the servers required to host our web site, game servers, etc. are not free. That's all that will be said on this topic, and the policy is not open for debate.

    TG Teamspeak: Click here for teamspeak
    TG PR Forums: Click here for our forums
    TG PR Server Rules (and server password): Click here for our server rules - IMPORTANT! Please read!
    TG Contact an Admin: Click here if you have any questions for us prior to Sunday

    The server opens at 1600 GMT! See you there, and bring your "A" game!
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    Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

    Good lookin' map list!


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      Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407



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        Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

        Server is getting started now


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          Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

          Server is full and on its second map.


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            Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

            Hope everyone had fun today.

            Please take some time to let us know how it was for you.


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              Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

              I had a blast.

              Pistols and red smoke on the seeder was a blast.
              Charlie Point is HARD.
              St. Lo was a blast in the church!

              Thanks everyone for coming out today. We'll be back later in the week and next weekend!

              "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
              |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

              No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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                Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

                Great games today
                Thank You
                You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
                So that when they turn their backs on you,
                You'll get the chance to put the knife in.Pink Floyd "Dogs"


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                  Re: Project Reality Weekends @ Tactical Gamer 20130407

                  That was really fun. On Yamalia coordination of squads was great. Didn't expect to have so much fun playing that map.
                  Btw all servers crash on Charlie Point. That's way this map is so rarely played. Yesterday was the second time when I was playng on that map. And I was hopping it wouldnt crash.




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