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  • Hello TG!

    Hey guys! I have returned to playing Project reality ever since a friend told me about 1.0, That is currently what myself (Reaper), my friend (Fitz), my dad (Redbeard), and my younger brother (David) are playing. Myself and my dad were actually members of TG years ago in the Project Reality division and my two younger brothers were members of the CoD4 division as well, back in like 2008 and all four of us are interested in getting involved in the clan again since from what I have been reading you guys are getting back into PR which really excites me. I have read over the basic rules and will point the other interested members in that direction but I was also just looking for a member to get myself and my "crew" started back in the clan.

    Yes this is a repost from the "Introduce Yourself" thread, I am just trying to get out there. We are all looking forward to being a part of TG just need someone to guide me in the right direction so that I can get the others going!

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    Re: Hello TG!

    Were you in my squad today? Your name seems familiar. In any case, welcome back to our community(not a clan). Just read up on the primer and you can put on the |TG| tags if you want(but isnt needed). Our PR server has been reopened and as soon as the 1.0 beta testing ends we'll be turning it on again.

    You can join the people that play PR in TS in the project reality section or in the IHS section Hit me up in a pm or on ts if you have any questions.




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