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2 New Maps Testing - 14th Feburary 1900 PRT

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  • 2 New Maps Testing - 14th Feburary 1900 PRT

    Hey guys! The PR clan I'm in, [3dAC] turns 4 years old in February of this year and to celebrate they're running an event where they're testing two new maps. I managed to get my hands on White Dragon and play it by myself and it looks like a really cool map and Nuijiamaa was featured in a play test last year some time and it was a pretty good map too. Looks to be a good event, hoping some of you guys can join us.

    Originally posted by Curry-Chicken

    [3dAC], The 3rd Armoured Cavalry Project Reality Clan is celebrating its four-year anniversary this month and we would like to celebrate with all you on
    Saturday, Feb 14, at 1900 PRT!

    Together with [NEW], we are hosting a Teamwork Night featuring two unreleased maps, White Dragon and Nuijamaa, both have been created by [R-DEV]Rabbit.

    - Join us on TS -

    We welcome everyone to join our TS, to think about the early days of [3dAC] and to drink a beer with friends!

    Join us on TS

    We will provide commanders for both teams and watch the balance, if needed, we can do a !restart to give the teams additional time for preparation and briefing.
    We expect everyone that joins to play professional and teamwork oriented at all times!

    - Maps -

    - Maplist -

    Click on the maps to see the map overview.

    Nuijamaa Skirmish ALT (FRA vs RUS)
    White Dragon AAS LRG (PLA vs RUS)
    Nuijamaa AAS LRG (FRA vs RUS)
    White Dragon AAS ALT (PLA vs MIL)
    Nuijamaa AAS INF (FRA vs RUS)

    After we finished Nuijamaa AAS INF, we will run mapvotes for further maps and layouts.

    The download will be available on Wednesday, 11th of February at 19.00 PRT!

    By joining the server you agree to respect and follow the server rules of [NEW] New Era Warfare. All rules will be strictly enforced by the admin team. There are no sign-ups required!

    The server password will be released 10 minutes before the event starts! We release the password 15 minutes earlier in our IRC channel!

    Join us on IRC (@quakenet #3dac)

    See you Saturday,
    The Ducks.

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    Re: 2 New Maps Testing - 14th Feburary 1900 PRT

    Sounds fun. I'll try and be there.


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      Re: 2 New Maps Testing - 14th Feburary 1900 PRT

      Map download is now available! Community BF2 Event [3dAC] 4-year Anniversary Maptest of White Dragon and Nuijamaa - 14.02. - 19.00PRT - Page 3 - Project Reality Forums It's in the first post, there's a pw under it that might be needed in the installation.




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