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  • Free ammo for YOU!

    Since ammo is a considerable problem I'll let you guys in on a little discovery of mine. I've been telling people I play with, but here it is for everyone. I don't think it is in the wiki, I haven't found it in there.

    The larger transports like the vodnic and the hummer (not confirmed for hummer but logic suggests it has the same abilities as the vodnic) reload your ammo, even if they are empty! So if you need some ammo just check the mini map to see if a vehicle of that type is close by.

    I find this pretty cool in the end. As a soldier you can only carry so much ammo , but I a vehicle you could stash more.

    Need your help to confirm certain things:
    1) What vehicles exactly do this?
    -light jeeps (I think not)
    -transport chopper?

    2)Do the cars refill the ammo guy's ammo bag stock?

    3)Do only friendly vehicle give you ammo, or opfor vehiclestoo?

    Plz post any additional info you have on this.

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    Re: Free ammo for YOU!

    Cool tip Al,

    Do you have to be inside the vehicle? Or is it like vanilla where ammo magically appears in your pockets when standing nearby?

    -nick 'Ale06'


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      Re: Free ammo for YOU!

      I just got through a practice session and I was experimenting with the engineer and laying down 8 mines.

      I was tail gateing on a Heavy Jeep (Corp) and it only let me have four mines.

      I waited a while, then ran over to another one and it gave me two more fairly quickly.

      So I would wager, the vehicle only gives you so much.

      Standing inside or out side the following:

      1. Heavy jeep.
      2. APC
      3. trainsport Chopper

      should do the job.
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