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  • Heli spawning

    Are you guys a fan of this? To me it's an exploit to hover out of sight and be a spawn point and simply parachute on top of your enemy the entire game.

    I was playing Mashtur City last night and we had a hell of a time capturing and holding the Mosque because the enemy was continually parachuting on top of it.

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    Re: Heli spawning

    No we are not fans of this tactic at all. The tactic removes any kind of tactical element from the game and is essentially an exploit. I would have loved to have warned/kicked the offenders had I known who they were.


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      Re: Heli spawning

      I am glad the spec kits only have chutes.

      have a sniper/marksman team call in an arty strike on such locations and let the wet and wild splash damage do the rest.

      such tactics are piss weak. It usally works well the first wave but after that it gets nasty for the paratropers.

      Global Conflict were doing this same tactic during a scrim, but Santa cleaned them out of there.
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        Re: Heli spawning

        I'm not a fan of this myself. The only consolation I have is that only the spec ops class has parachutes. So if they are parachuting in I know what class to expect, unless of course they pick up the medic kit from my dead body. :D

        We weren't well prepared for this tactic either, seeing has how it's rarely seen on a TG server. We should have kept one or two .50s sitting back and picking them off as they floated down. We also know now not to sit and defend at the mosque. Make sure to cap the next flag so the mosque becomes irrelevant.
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          Re: Heli spawning

          I CO'd that round, and when I zoomed in on the Mosque I actually caught a glimpse of couple of them falling through my CO screen at a huge resolution. It was pretty cool. I don't think this tactic has any real merit if the team works together. Especially on this mod. I was practically begging for squads to ask for arty. With a couple of 50's like asch said, they would have had a hard time as well.




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