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  • PRMM and What I see

    You guys all know me from playing on the POE2 server. I have played the PRMMfor a few days now and I still think it needs to be toned down with regard to the realism. I really believe that only so much realism can be brought to bare on the computer screen. I understand that for realism's sake, tags for enemy soldiers is not used. However, for looking at a 19" screen some assistance is necessary.

    1. Perhaps, more differentation between uniforms could be established?

    2. I would like to bring back the (ammo left counter) and the medical bar

    3. Spawn times are long but maybe keep vehicle spawning long

    4.. Can we move these maps to POE and/or Battlefield 2?

    I know POE would be diff teams but the maps on PRMM are GREAT!!!

    As for right now, that's all I can think of. I know some of you will disagree with me and that's fine. I just think that this is NOT real life where the sounds and spatial awareness of friendly and enemy soldiers can be realized real well on a computer screen.

    However, I'll keep trying to play. Thanks for the help and see you on POE

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    Re: PRMM and What I see

    Originally posted by demyansk View Post
    1. Perhaps, more differentation between uniforms could be established?
    LOL this just reminded me of a point in the game last night when I was literally 3 feet away from a guy with his back to me, trying to click "Enemy Spotted" on him to confirm who he was (an SOP of mine in this mod, because that's "realistic") because no enemies should have been in the construction site we were defending.

    He turned around, paused to apparently confirm who I was, and then promptly shot me dead.

    I'm *pretty sure* that in real life I could have recognized an enemy's back from 3 ft. and won that confrontation.

    I think the real issue is the ~2-3 sec delay in friendly tags coming up. I'm pretty sure it's a bug they're working on, but could be wrong about that. Certainly greater differentiation between team uniforms couldn't hurt.
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      Re: PRMM and What I see


      What makes PR very enjoyable for many of us are the things you wanted to be toned down. I doubt if I would play PR if it were not drastically different than PoE2 and vanilla BF2.

      Considering the success and fan base of the mod, I am confident that PR is advancing in the right direction. It is a realism mod and it must stay like that.

      Play PR very cautious, keep your head down, use cover and concealment, be patient, stay close to your teammates but leave a safety distance between... In other words, play the mod as if you are actually there, risking your life (Rick's suggestion). That's how I and many others enjoy it... It is not for everyone, you may not like it this way and that's fine. There are various non-realism mods out there to enjoy.

      I dont think maps can be taken without the permission of map maker. And I wouldnt be surprised if they keep some of these maps exclusive to PR.


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        Re: PRMM and What I see

        hi john, you make some good points and i think a few of my suggestions would enable some good gameplay. The most realistic part of any mod goes hand in hand with the tactical server forcing squad play.. Without this small but relevant requirement, makes realism unimportant. Even vanilla games would work well if it forced squad play, commanders and a toning down of the vehicles or perhaps a real long spawn time for tanks. I like uniforms to be different and I can understand beatnik's quote. We had a game the other day and it went well on POE


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          Re: PRMM and What I see

          It's tough to break old habbits when you jump into a PR server. In Bf2/POE you can afford a quick jaunt from one side of the street to the other. PR, not so much.

          I was lucky enough to help test the first few versions of the PR Mini Mod and it's amazing to see how much has been done. There were countless posts debating the very things brought up here. Health bars, ammo counts, clip counts, death notifications ect. I think they got it right, but what do I know. Opinions are like...well you get the point.

          It's too bad this mod has not caught on with more of the gaming public then it has. A game thats not counterstrike, but has consequences for pulling a "Rambo"


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            Re: PRMM and What I see


            Nicely stated


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              Re: PRMM and What I see

              no worries on the tags gang.

              Orginaly posted by R-DEV_eggman:

              "Name Tag Issues
              Er.. well this was a stresser for us lol. We had already distributed the v0.405 client to some mirror sites. We were running through one last set of tests and encountered a Punk Buster error. We remembered that we had disabled PB during testing because it was causing some problems. And uh.. we forgot to turn it back on

              Then at the last freaking minute.. just by chance, we encountered this error again. So uh.. heh..... we worked until about 4am the day before release deducing what could be the cause of the problem and eventually found that it was some of the code we were using to modify the name tag system.

              What it was supposed to do was fade in almost instantly when you held your crosshairs over a target. This would have gone a *long* way to solving the "friend or foe" and resulting TK issues with the v0.4 release. But Punkbuster was choking on that and kicking everybody. So we hacked it out and I think underestimated the problems with name tags that would result. But it was 4am for me and 7am for Fritz on release day and uh.. we weren't all that coherent at that point.

              We're going to keep a clean and clutter reduced HUD, but we'll be increasing the name tag draw distance to help avoid the TK issues. Not hugely .. at long ranges you will still need to think before you shoot."

              They will take care of the bar issues also.

              One thing I am suprised with is that no one is really bringing up questions about the 5 min respawns on jets/choppers/ and other heavy assets.

              Due to this, the gunship will need to be played differntly. I am still waiting for a gunship pilot to make up some tactics for the mod.

              I think the jet pilot can play the same way they did in the Tac Mod, but the gunships die easily. however, they are way more powerful. Compond this with the long respawns brings about a good balance IMO.

              Off-hand all one needs to do is google: "Aphacie tatics" and cut and paste, then for good measure, document the resouce and website it came from.
              I am telling you guys, the tactics in reality would do well in this mod.
              The only problem is that the pilots in the game cannot see very far.
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                Re: PRMM and What I see

                Ahh I remember reading that now Ric. Thanks for the quotage. Hopefully they'll have that fixed soon.


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                  Re: PRMM and What I see

                  perfect looks good and thanks for the work you're doing




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