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Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

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  • Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

    Part 2.

    Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon.

    During the count down timer:

    I will create a squad with a name that has a function in order for the rest of the platoon to be aware of my intentions when the battle begins. Furthermore I will not stray from this squad distinction unless ordered other wise by my CO.

    I will get a commo check with new squad members that are joining in and conform their VOIP abilities.

    I will inform squad members the description of the squad and its functions when they join up. I.e. “be advised this is a infantry squad that will provide support to assaults and defenses.”

    I will get a firm grasp on the kit layouts of the squad during this time.

    I will order the squad to delay spawn so that the initial deployment will go well.

    When game starts.

    I will begin all radio transmissions to the CO with my squad number and wait for the CO to conform my original transmission.

    I will tell all those who join my squad our primary function and our current orders.

    I will make good use of the icons (attack this position) so that the CO and my squad members are aware of our current actions.

    I will tell the CO the status of my ability to function if the squad becomes compromised.

    I.e. Gunship squad and gunship blows up.
    “Squad 4 here, do you read CO?”
    CO: “come on back four.”
    “Our gunship is down, four out.”
    CO: “Roger that Four, carry on.”
    Five minutes later after the gunship respawns
    “This is squad 4, do you copy?”
    CO: “Roger that good buddy, come on.”
    “Gunship is back online and fully functional.”
    CO: “Hells Yeah!” CO then communicates next orders.
    **Note** the gunship squad could use the “requesting orders” button also if they know the CO is busy.

    I.e. Infantry Squad Leader who is assaulting and taking casualties.

    “Squad 6 here, do you read.”
    CO: “Roger 6, go.”
    “6 is taking heavy casualties, and I am pinned down, the enemy is covering the south something fierce and we can’t’ see um.”
    {Based upon the situation at hand the CO will make the call to push the squad forward or something else}
    CO: 6, keep your guys low and have some Grenadiers spawn in and saturate the enemy position with some smoke, I am having squad 8 flank around, do your read me, over.”
    “6 reads loud and clear.”
    In the mean time the CO has located the enemy with his satellite and gives 6 a icon to shoot at and put smoke down
    CO: 6, put fire on the marker, over.”
    “6 reads you, we are suppressing and smoking the icon.

    {For good measure the CO calls in a fast mover to bomb the piss out of the enemy location.}

    I will verbally report up the chain of command enemy activity and movement when defending a position.

    I will verbally report up the chain of command when the enemy engages a position I am defending.

    I will maximize my squad by effectively managing them based upon the function of the squad name, the conditions on the ground (or sea/air) and the orders of the CO.
    I.e. making sure you do not have three medics when assaulting a flag or no AT kits when amour is around.
    I.e, make up fire teams for easy coordination before things get hot.

    When in a support squad (jet/tank/other) I will uses these platoon assets in a logical manner and not risk them because I am aware of the long respawn times for such expensive equipment.

    I will report to the CO my intentions of sending a detail to a position away from my area of operations.
    Ie. Sending out two warriors to cap a flag or sabotage enemy assets. The CO assumes that all six of you are in your A.O. (area of operation) The CO then sends a lil bird to pick up a three man fire team to help back up the lines else were. This would only leave you the Squad leader to defend the position if you ordered the detail away. Oopsy Daisy!
    I.e. The CO gives air and tank support the green light to bomb and shoot the blank out of an enemy sanctuary. Your two squad mates may be added to the friendly fire kill list. Oopsy Dasiy!
    Instead, request this from your CO. There may be a jet on the flight deck warming up and ready to support your raid!

    I will not blindly obey iconic (CO commands that use the game icons) orders that are absurd. Let’s take squad 6 from above who is acting as a diversion as an example. If the CO puts down a “repairs needed here” marker down that is half way across the map, it would be wise to get a commo link to conform these orders. It is easy to make mistakes with the CO screen.

    Just as the CO did with squads, I will rotate fire teams in order for the squad members to have good gameplay.

    I will report to the CO that my mission was a success or a failure.
    {Requesting orders button good here}

    I will report to the CO when the squad is dead. {Many times a CO needs personnel to defend a position on the fly. They would love to have six guys spawning in on a heavily assaulted position.}
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    Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

    Had to bump this up...funny what you find when you check out the forums from the oldest side...yeah, I am travel.

    Great stuff here...
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      Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

      Almost all of that is still very much applies to PR 0.756. Great read for any SL.
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        Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

        that was a terrific post!

        what is your in game name Rick? u sound like my kind of player.


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          Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

          I particularly like the gunship convo. CO: "Hells Yea!"


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            Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

            Originally posted by w.WAREHOUSE View Post
            that was a terrific post!

            what is your in game name Rick? u sound like my kind of player.
            This is old, Rick has been AWOL for a loong time.

            I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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              Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

              This thread is retarded, i disagree with everything this guy is saying, because i don't like teamwork, or respect my squaddies or commander, and also I'm an idiot.


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                Re: Squad leaders pledge to his/her platoon

                The problem with this is that it would make the commanders job even harder with the extra squad chatter.

                Can't believe there is a thread without another post in it until it got revived. *Bzzzz* "CLEAR!" "Alright buddy your good to go, now go get killed again!"

                Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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