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Update on Project Reality v0.5

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  • Update on Project Reality v0.5

    Originally posted on the PR forums

    The team has been working very hard on PR v0.5. Yes, you heard right! Not v0.41 as we had originally planned since we’ve decided to skip a release and introduce more maps, equipment and a new revised AAS system onto the battlefield. The very first test build of PR v0.5 has been released to our group of testers a few days ago and we expect to release v0.5 in January.

    PR v0.5 will include a lot more features than what was originally planned for with the scheduled release of v0.41. Here is a list of features we are currently working on to be included in the PR v0.5 release :
    • Vehicle crew kits
    • Pilot kits
    • Officer kits
    • Vehicle systems damage (highly experimental and may be deferred to a future release)
    • AT4 for US Light AT
    • Land Rover
    • Merlin
    • 3 Type 95 variants for PLA: Type 95 w Optics, Type 95 + UGL w Optics, Type 95 w Iron Sights
    • Large collection of new sound effects
    • Global sound effects volume overhaul
    • AAS v2
    • Attack Helo audit
    • Tank audit
    • APC audit
    • New maps to explore and to battle in

    Note that when we say "audit" we mean that we've gone through the weapon systems and armor of those vehicle types and altered them to have more realistic characteristics.

    Finally some eye candy for your consumption:

    And a lil Christmas gift in the form of a Project Reality desktop wallpaper:

    You can download the wallpapers package here (3.2mb) :
    |TG-12th| asch

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    Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

    I've had that wallpaper for days :p.

    Although I don't see any fixes for the shotgun sights, everything else looks awsome!


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      Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

      I saw the title and thought 0.5 had been released. Damn you, Asch. :)
      BFCL TF2 league admin


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        Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

        It's not confirmed yet, but there may be a surprise or two in this coming release that should please quite a few TGers. That's all I'll say on that topic. :)
        |TG-12th| asch


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          Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

 or both of Kilrogg's maps are included in the next release?

          Or the flag capture logic is the same as Tacmod?


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            Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

            darn it that this title withers on the vine...nice work by the PRM team...
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              Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

              Originally posted by asch View Post
              It's not confirmed yet, but there may be a surprise or two in this coming release that should please quite a few TGers.
              The specialty kits are on the ground at certain spawns and you don't need a secondary radio to get them?!??!? Ah, nuts.

              Sure would like to know what the specialty kits are like...sigh...


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                Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                Project Reality v0.5 Media Update
                (full article)

                Over the past couple of weeks we have been working in high gear finishing up the last few tweaks and bug fixes on PR v0.5. What initially started out as a patch for PR v0.4 has evolved into one of our most feature-rich releases to date. There are some significant changes to how Project Reality and Battlefield 2 are played in v0.5, so we should be updating our player guide with details over the next few days in advance of the final release. Simply put, be prepared for v0.5 to blow your mind!

                We currently have a v0.5 release candidate in testing and if everything goes well, we plan to release Project Reality v0.5 next week. If we happen to run into any show stoppers, we will post another update on tentative release dates.

                Here are some new screenshots straight from the latest PR v0.5 test build to get you drooling:

                Click images to enlarge.
                |TG-12th| asch


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                  Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                  Thanks for the update, Asch. Looking forward to trying this out as soon as the server is updated.
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                    Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                    Goody goody! I finally got my secondary radio channel working after a little reformatting. Specialty kits, arty and supply drops here I come!

                    Looking forward to this release...


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                      Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                      Quick Peek at the new AAS/maps


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                        Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                        Now here is where I talk about the biggest new feature. The whole reason why these look so different!
                        You have your main bases, those are always going to be in red (US/UK) in black (MEC/PLA/INS/ect).
                        Then every grouping of flags will be a different color. We will use this for an example.
                        On OGT you are the british, and you start off at the red. And you have one blue, you now have to capture the other blue flag before moving on. Once both blue flags are captured you can move on to the green flags, doesn't matter which one you capture first, but you must capture both green flags before you can move on to the yellow flags. That's how all the maps are going to work. So pay attention to the loading screen because it will help you out alot!
                        Cool, they are taking out the slaughter fest that happens on AAS by dividing the struggle between two target flags. Very innovative. I'm going to have to give this a another chance for sure.


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                          Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                          (original post)

                          Originally posted by [R-DEV]eggman from PR site
                          Going to compile a change log sometime soon, but there are a *****load* of important game play changes to take note of… here’s a few that come to mind:

                          1. Officer Kits use the Support kit player model; this is so they can be identified distinctly
                          2. Support Kits use the Assault player model but carry an SAW
                          3. Medics no longer auto heal in vehicle operator or gunner positions, only in passenger positions
                          4. JS.Fortnight is gay because I edited this
                          5. Helicopters are faster and attack helos are much more deadly
                          6. Light AT doesn't work effectively against MBTs
                          7. APCs as mobile spawn points, they now have 8 seats.
                          8. You need to enter, get kits and get ammo at the doors of the APC
                          9. New insurgent class structure for realism and balancing purposes. Insurgent Sniper is a pickup kit. Added RPG gunner with a pistol and 2xRPG7 rounds. Renamed "Mountaineer" to "Insurgent" and tweaked the kit a bit.. jack of all trades master of none. Cop carries flash bangs, no more tear gas. Some other tweaks to, but I think those are the highlights.
                          10. Huge amounts of text chat spam have been removed from commo rose commands. NOTE this will require that players pay more attention to the minimap, particularly when localized languages are enabled.
                          11. bolt action snipers and weapons above .50 caliber can penetrate materials marked as "penetrable" (like thin sheets of plywood and such)
                          12. VIPs can join squads in xtract and have a map icon
                          13. Spec Ops no longer has a parachute
                          14. Low on ticket sound is now an air raid siren
                          15. Smoke nades now behave much more like real smoke nades and take a few seconds to build up a good cloud of smoke
                          16. Insurgents can no longer have a commander
                          17. Support Vehicles (ammo supply and repair trucks) now have an ammo and a wrench on the model and can only be operated by Engineers and Crewman
                          18. Map has 2 sets of grid squares: 4 large quadrants (NE, NW, SE, SW) and finer detail grid squares (A1, D7, etc). Map also have the 4 compass indicators (N,E,S,W).
                          19. APCs carry a huge amount of trooper ammo
                          20. Tracers reduced to 1 in 5 for most rifles, none for spec ops; tracer effects toned down significantly
                          21. Insurgents have slightly lower marksmanship skills than conventional armies (except those classes that have had formal firearms training)
                          22. AT4 is new US Light AT
                          23. Static AA cannons (ZPU4 and M167) will never re-spawn and can NOT be destroyed, only wrecked. You will have to repair these assets to regain their use. If you capture a CP you will not get an AA weapon and cannot use the enemy AA cannons. They should probably be wrecked so if the enemy retakes the CP they have to repair them before they can use them.
                          24. All static weapons and army vehicles are now team locked, so a USMC trooper cannot drive a Vodnik. Unarmed civilian vehicles are not team locked, but spawners and suicide bombers are team locked.
                          25. Marksman and Snipers are available concurrently on the same map. Reduction in the # of sniper kits to accommodate.
                          26. The RIB should be faster.
                          27. One map "Helmand Province" has buildings on it where almost all of the buildings are destroyable.
                          28. You are now revived at 13% health. Just enough time to duck for cover before the LSD kicks in.
                          29. Insurgents can't set Rally Points
                          30. Heavy AT weapons take about 30s to load a second round.
                          31. Heavy AT has multiple levels of zoom.
                          32. Medic healing radius reduced, need to be really close to heal
                          33. Supply Crates carry much more ammo
                          34. Attempted to dramatically reduce the amount of damage vehicles take form terrain
                          35. APC cannons and .50 cal mounted weapons are now much more accurate
                          36. Tanks should behave like Tanks in that they are very powerful and difficult to take out; need to be hit from the rear with heavy AT
                          37. The A10 and Su25 cannon rounds are much more powerful; A10 cannon heats up very quickly; A10 and Su25 hit points beefed up, should be much more capable of sustaining battle damage and remaining effective. You know you only have a couple of strafing runs left when the engine is flaming a bit :D
                          38. Helicopters need about a 30 second warm up period before they can be flown.
                          39. Fixed all known causes of server crashes
                          40. Removed the "SHOOT ME HERE" icons from the field dressings and ammo kits
                          41. Need a Pilot Kit to operate Aircraft and a Crewman Kit to operate driver and gunner positions on APCs and Tanks; Insurgents need a Mechanic to operate their heavy assets
                          42. Vehicles can suffer disabling damage such as getting tracked or damaging the turret **still a bit experimental
                          43. Major improvements to causes of lag on Basrah, Hills of Hamgyong and Greasy Mullet
                          44. Tanks need to be entered at the hatches on the top of the vehicle
                          45. Dirt bikes are a bit less mental
                          46. Complete volume overhaul for all sounds so stuff that should be loud will be loud; dozens (hundreds ?) of new sounds
                          47. Added some requirements that there are a minimum number of players in a squad to be able to get a limited kit, varies by kit type
                          48. Exiting moving vehicles will give you significant damage, less at lower speeds
                          49. TK'ing for kits will be bad for your health
                          50. New HUD layout for limited kits using a pop-up menu from the center of the ‘T’ commo-rose
                          51. Officer Kits are available to squad leaders. They have signal smokes, binoculars and the ability to place rally points, which act as spawn points.
                          52. Rally points can be placed outside of CP areas by Squad Leaders using the Officer kit and act as a squad spawn point.

                          Heh uh…that’s about 60% of the change log lol... which is about 30% of the comments into our code repository. There are a lot of changes in this release. Will post more detailed info once we are on the last test build (soon).
                          |TG-12th| asch


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                            Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5


                            I'm really looking forward to this...alot of cool stuff in that list. This seems like it is a perfect mix of tactical and good gameplay for TG....Why don't more people play this?? I guess the same could be said for Tac Mod though..



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                              Re: Update on Project Reality v0.5

                              I don't know. I think something new is what this mod needs to get some more ppl back to it. I love it, but it has issues on a large server. The game works better with a lower amount of people on the server IMHO. Conquest allows musical flags. AAS in the current sense causes too much of a slaughter fest on 64 man maps. I think the new AAS might cut down on some of the big head on collisions by both teams and force an even split between flags. It would be very wise tactically to take both flags at the same time.
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